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Fearing Hot Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

This is my second story . after my first story I got a mail from a girl from baroda. As it did not work the first time I had sex was with my girl friend that was a year before but at that time I was little bit shy guy. So I think I dint satisfy her completely .

Let me tell me about my self iam a sikh boy of 22 yrs old at present and I have very passion of having sex but could not get a girl or any aunt . so I used to maturbate 4- 5 times a day.i forgot to tell u a thing i live in hyderabad. A.P INDIA.

Till recently I met a girl her name was madhoo and she found me very handsome and she says that she likes my smile very much.and my physiche which is ok. My height is 6 ft and ok muscular body. So as soon we became friends it was converted in love and on my first date I planted a kiss on her lips which replied very passionately. After a few days I invited her to my house. She came and was on the exact time she said that she will come.we were siting in my room and chaating suddenly I started kissing with in few moments I made her half naked and was sucking her boobs her nipples she was enjoying a lot .then I proceeded and started to undress her from below . but she stopped me after little more kisses and sucking her booobs she agreed to remove her lower one when I saw her cunt I was shocked it was so neeatly shaved then I took her salwar completely she was naked lying then I was kissing her stomach she was moaning in pleasure oooooohhhhhhhhhhh I was getting more courage and I slipped more downwards and my face was near to her cunt I thought I wont lick it but the fragrance of her cunt made me go very near to her cunt and of suudenly I started licking her cunt lips she tried to stop me with her hands she was holding my head and was moving it away from her but ias like a mad dog licking and licking her cunt then she left my head and was moaning heavily

With pleasure my tounge was very deep in her cunt .after few minutes she gave herself and there was a liquid flowing from her cunt I thought I wont lick that but I dint expect this from myself and all of a sudden I started to lick that she was shouting in pleasure after a good 20 25 min I came back to her face to face she held my face with her hands and saw in my eyes and started to kiss me on lips I aws shocked the way she was kissing me she then pushed my side wards and came top of me and was kissing me on my chest and she was slowly going downwards when she reached near to my penis and she took my penis in her mouth and was giving blow jobs I was in senenth sky at that time two three min I cummed in her mouth she drank little of it. Then we both slept for few min then she started caressins my balls and I was exicted she was went down and started licking my balls and I was out of control by this time my penis was completely erect I went top of her and widened her legs and started inserting it went but with much difficulty and she was screaming in pain but I stroking her hard and hard her finger nails were harming me but there was no moment to stop I became merciless and was fucking her very hard and hard after 10 12 min of stroking I cummed in her and I slept on her after 2-3 min when I removed my penis is saw my semen coming out with blood I was so frightened to see the blood coming from there then we both went to bathroom and took bath.

There we had sex again that story afterwards after bath and sex she went to her house and I could not see for a week after that everything was ok. We had sex only that once she is not agreeing me to have sex after that she is frightened that she may get pregnant. But iam willing to have sex.

Is there someone to whom I can have secrets of my life only girls and decent aunties can contact me on my Mail I.D plz maintain secrecy bcos Secrecy is the Best policy.

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