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Farzana’s White Wet Outfits

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Well, I don’t know what to call it but I must tell you it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Before I begin this story I must tell you about my self. My name is Sahil Khan and I am highly educated young man not very handsome but with very strong sex drive with an average of 30-45 minutes sexual stamina that at occasions has lasted for 90 minutes. This story begins in New York City.

It was summer of 1987 and I was enrolled in New York University completing my Masters in Political Science. With me there were some Indian and Pakistani females. We all were good friends and used to help each other. At occasions we visited each other houses and had lot of fun together. It was a beautiful relationship that we all enjoyed with each other. There was always an aura of respect among us. In our group there was this very attractive and young Pakistani married female by the name of Farzana-beautiful figure 36-26-36 big black eyes and very fair complexion. Always elegant looking. Her winsome beauty was my focus of attraction. She came from very rich and educated family. It was one July Sunday rainy afternoon when I heard a knock at my door.

When I opened it and found Farzana in front of me I was kind of delighted and surprised both at the same time. Since it was dark out and weather was little pleasant, I had a beautiful room with very little lights on. She was wearing white bra with white shirt and sharlwar outfit. Since her outfit was kind of wet from some places and her body parts were revealing. Her firm breasts with pink nipples were stunning. A part of belly and thighs were showing a perfect combination of her figure. Her butts were slightly wet too and the white shirt was sticking to her butt curves and showing the part of it and she was truly a walking Goddess. With my kind of sex drive I was determined to take her to my bed. I made my self and her two glasses of Gin and Tonic and she gladly took one. I turned the music on- I remember it was pink Floyd. She had had a little fight with her husband and looked very upset I sat next to her kind of close so we were rubbing shoulders. I held her hands and started talking about life and its conviction it was a philosophical talk that went on for half an hour. I noticed her hands were sweating and I firmed my grip, she was breathing heavy just about that time I changed my position and sat in front of her on the carpet. A little later I kissed her forehead and eyes, my body pressed her breasts when she embraced me with her both arms and I also held her tight in my arms. I whispered in her ears her shirt was wet and she might get sick. She requested me to remove it, which I did. Now she was in front of me with the bra on.

I got up and turned the lights off. Now it was dark and this goddess was all mine. I removed her bra with sophistication and she was lying on my love seat. I sat next to her and started kissing her mouth slowly it turned into French one and then my tongue was inside here mouth and her was in mine it continued for at least 15 minutes when I gracefully removed here shalwar. Remember she still had her panty on. But I never touched that area of her body. I was kissing her all over and she was moaning. I started sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts she was holding me tight and requesting me to remove my shirt which she unbuttoned it, she started kissing my body too and it was that time when she asked me to remove her panty and now she was totally naked lying on my love seat. I again bent over and started kissing her eyes and sides of her neck while playing with her nipples with my hands-she was asking for more and more — I knew it was becoming unbearable for her so my next move was to remove my pants. She wanted me on top of her but I resisted that so she held my dick with her hand and started licking the head of it and I was massaging and licking her breasts.

Her love juices were flowing inside of her thighs and she was becoming very restless when I slightly moved my head towards her jewel box and started kissing it and moving my tongue around it when she put her both legs on my shoulders and requested me to do more than that. I slid my tongue inside her and started in and out process while in the middle biting her clit with my lips ’cause I didn’t want to hurt her there. I never force any step unless I am asked for it. And then she asked me to standup and she started sucking she really had a deep throat. I was in heavens with this beauty that wanted me to give her all the way —— she was dying for fuck and I was reluctant but she could not control herself. I was on top of her and teasing her when she burst out and said ” Fuck me now you Son of a Gun” and I complied with her request. She was so wet and juicy that next second I was inside her and fucking so hard that she was crying in joy. It was so intense that she came within no time with so much force that she started crying loudly and was sweating.

It was her first Orgasm but as I said before that at occasions I could go on for 90 minutes and it was one of those days. But she was tired and very weak and didn’t want to continue. So I took it out —— she did masturbate me until I came and she went to sleep and I covered her with my bed sheet. She slept for an hour or so. I took shower and had another drink. In the mean time she also took shower and I helped her in wearing that white shirt-shalwar out fit. Then she wanted to say good bye so we came at the door and she said that that was her most beautiful day of her life and that she had never had such a wonderful sex. She thanked me for that — and left. She and I continued meeting in the University but she never came to my house and we never talked about the encounter and never had sex again.

I always kept her secret with me. What you read today is with changed identity. Now ladies all over the world but in particular of Karachi i am requesting you to write me on my e-mail address about your reactions. I would love to have your opinion on this encounter. I am very curious to know if Farzana had so much pleasure with me why she never turned up again and had lot more pleasure that I was ready to give her but could never force her ’cause, after all ” I am a gentleman.” Please contact me at

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