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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

This is the real incident when there were some communal riots in the city. Our house has some slums at the back where some Muslims lived. When the riot broke out we saw from the terrace fire and cries everywhere. Suddenly we heard our door banging. When we came downstairs we saw a girl in a Burqa aged about 18 years begging for help. My parents immediately brought her in and bolted the door.
She told us that her name was Farheen.

She lived in the slum where her parents got killed. My parents consoled her and thereafter she started to stay with us. She became a part of our family. There were only the four of us, including Farheen.

Now let me describe Farheen. She is a beauty with a close resemblance to Madhuri Dixit, curly hair, slim and voluptuous figure, petite breasts, and taut and fleshy thighs. She was damn sexy.
My father worked in a factory and they celebrated Biswakarma Puja. This was the day when he used to come home drunk to the throat. This year, too, he came back home totally drunk. As usual, we ignored him and after our dinner is over went to our rooms.

Usually Farheen used to share the bed with my mother. I used to share the bed with my father. However, on this day since he was drunk he shifted himself to a spare bed in another room.
Everything was going fine until at about 11 PM at night when I heard some sound. I thought perhaps some thief had entered our house. So I quietly crept to catch and crawled in the verandah. When I peeped through the window of my father’s room I was thunderstruck. My father was lying in bed in deep sleep. Farheen was standing near the bed, looking a little tensed and unable to decide something going on in her mind. She was wearing a white sleeveless but shoulder-strapped waist-length nightie and red coloured laced cotton panty underneath.

Within a moments thought, she looked here and there and finding no one (I was hiding) she pulled down her panty and climbed up the bed. My father’s lungi was already rolled up owing to the temperature and his penis is visible. Farheen took his penis by her hand and tried desperately to enter it in her cunt. However, due to the penis being in a slump condition it did not enter. When she was tussling with his penis, my father suddenly regained consciousness. Seeing Farheen in such a condition he threw her aside. Now Farheen, ashamed and afraid ran out of the room and went to my mother’s room.
When Farheen left the room my father regained his senses. He looked around and saw her red-laced panty lying on the bed, which she forgot to take with her in a hurry. Seeing her panty something must have happened inside his mind. He took the panty in his hand, brought it near his nose and started to sniff it. The pussy juice must have aroused him as I saw his penis getting hard inside his lungi.
Now my father did a daring act. With his stiff penis inside his lungi he went to my mother’s room. I followed from behind.

I saw Farheen lying on the bed beside my mother pretending to sleep. Father went near her and touched her shoulder. She shuddered out of fear that father might inform mother about her act. However, father placed a finger on his lip signalling her to keep shut. Thereafter, he took her by her wrist and took her to his room. Farheen was startled by this act, as she could not think what’s going to happen next. She expected scolding. Instead things were happening something else. Once they entered the room father took a brief look at her. She was really beautiful. And now since the lights in the room were on he could clearly see her fleshy thighs under her nightie, her milky breasts and her wet lips. Father took her firmly by her waist, brought her nearer and placed a solid kiss on her lips. Now Farheen could understand what’s going to happen as she could feel his erect penis underneath his lungi. She seemed to be happy as her expectations were going to be fulfilled.
Father now took away her nightie and threw it on the floor. He opened his lungi too.

Now both of them were naked. Without wasting a single moment, father took Farheen to bed. After kissing her juicy lips for quite some time he stared kissing her shoulders and neck and then moved on to her breasts. He licked and sucked each of her nipples and also bit them. But Farheen never objected. Now after kissing her navels he unexpectedly skipped her cunt and moved on to her ankles. He licked and kissed her ankles, her calves and moved on to her thighs. After licking and kissing her thighs for quite some time he parted them and exposed his mouth to her cunt. His tongue seemed to have darted deep inside exploring her clitoris.

Farheen was enjoying every moments with her eyes closed and her lips half open bringing out a soft moan. My father sucked her cunt for about five minutes and seeing her in the seventh heaven, suddenly placed his erect penis and gave a strong thrust. With that thrust half of his penis was already inside and finally he succeeded in filling her cunt with the whole of his penis. Farheen screamed in extreme pain but fortunately my mother took sleeping pills at night so nothing worse happened. Now my father started thrusting and pumping her in wanton rhythm and meanwhile continued sucking her nipples. I could not say how many times Farheen orgasmed but after about five minutes (which it normally takes) my father could not hold any longer and his sudden fall on her body showed that he has reached his orgasm too. Their faces clearly exhibited their pleasure and satiation.

My father enjoyed the pleasure of sex after about 30 to 40 years, which was quite evident since after my birth my parents slept in separate rooms. However, I could not understand what prompted a 18 years old beautiful girl like Farheen to have sex with a 54 year old man, my father. May be, experience counts. They lay there in that position for about one to two minutes after which my father took out his penis. As Farheen did not close her thighs I saw a thin flow of a thick white fluid, my father’s semen, coming out of her vagina. I was the only witness of my father’s lovemaking in that lonely night. After that Farheen put on her nightie and panty and quietly went to my mother’s room where she had a sound sleep for the rest of the night.

However, I could not sleep as I was worried what will happen if my mother finds out about their relation. In the morning everyone behaved in a normal manner. Mother never came to know about their relation throughout her life. Things went on usual, except that my father fucked Farheen thereafter whenever he got a chance, of which I remained the sole witness.

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