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  • October 1, 2015

Hello friends, I am Pooja Chaudhary. I have get a huge amounts of emails of your love and affection. Thanks a lot. As you good peoples can gues that is not possible for me to reply all those. Please don’t mind. Give me your love and affection in mails.

I am Pooja Chaudhary. I am 21 years old. I am 5’5″ tall with big breasts and big swaying ass. Fair color. I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes. They make every male look at me twice. I have good figure 36-26-36. I Have light brown color pointed nipples with big areola.

When I was at college I went for my tuitions to my Tuition classes far away from home. I used to return from the classes somewhere at 9 PM. By the way let me tell you that I loves to show off my hot little body, but I did it in a tasteful way so that my family wouldn’t really know and the friends at college too wont feel that I was doing it on purpose. Any way I had the Ok back with the incidence! That day I was returning from my classes and I had to walk about 10 minutes to my house from the nearest bus stop. The road usually was deserted at this hours and I had felt afraid every day I walked down. I used to imagine somebody comng up and raping me and the idea always made my choot wet! I don’t know why but I loved to walk down that distance in spite of the fear that somebody would rape me. And the idea always made me mastrubate in the bathroom as soon as I reached home. As I was walking with my heart beating faster, I heard a husky male voice call “here, pretty girl! And then another voice said “Hey what a nice body she has! See her walk! Ohh Sali bahoot mast hai! ”

My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt nauseous, my head snapped up, eyes wide. All those things that they tell you in self-defense class came rushing to my brain. but I did none of those things, foolishly thinking that I was perfectly safe. But I was wrong. I focused in on four of the construction workers sitting in the open place and drinking desi liquor. I looked nervously at them and continued walking when one of them stepped in front of me and said “Sali itni jaldi kya hai?”
“I have to get back to my home. Please janne do na?” I stammered. My heart pounding so hard I was sure they could hear it. I glanced over at the other three who were still sitting and were about to get up. They all were staring intently at me. I tried to side step the one who talked to me, only to have him move in the same direction and ask ” why don’t you stay and have some of this desi liquor with us?”

“Ohhh What are youtalking? Kya baat kar rahe ho? Main shareef ladki hu! Daru nahi peeti! Chalo muze jaane do!”
He gripped my upper arm, his fingers burning through my thin silk blouse and said “Sali chal daru peekar dekh! Cchal randi.”
Not wanting to anger them I said “Please muze jaane do! Muze daroo nahi peeni hai. Please mera rasta choodo!” I pleaded to them.

“Theek hai jaane ki itni jaldi hai? Thoda sa hume khoosh kar do phir chaale jaana.” The other one shouted. Ohh please!” all the while I was terrified and trying to find a way out of the situation. One of the guys brought the glass of liquor and handed it to me. I closed my eyes and just to escape the situation I took several long drinks. The liquor was sour and smeely and I felt like vomiting. But I just drank it to escape the situation. The first guy moved closer and lifted a lock of my hair that had fallen loose, “You have beautiful hair Randi, you know that?” He reached up and undid the clip that held it in place. My long curly brown hair fell to the middle of my back and I stepped back. I bumped into somebody and I looked behind. There was the second man, tall and full of solid muscles. Gasping I turned around and stood face to chest with the tallest of the group and had to bend my neck to look up at him. I’m only 5’2″, but this monster was all of 6′ 2 ” if not taller. I suddenly realized that I was not going to get out of there unharmed and so tried to plead with them. “Look guys. Let me go or else I have to shout for help. Please I beg you! My parents will come looking for me any minute if I don’t get back home soon.”(a blatant lie, but I had to try something.) “choop baith sali.Jara maaza lene do tere saath” he said. “Please, just let me go.” I turned to the leader and begged, “Please, I promise I won’t say anything. I know you guys are just making fun of me” “Oh we are going to have fun all right, and it sure as hell is going to be fun.”

“Now just relax and go with it.” He reached out and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me up to his mouth, smothering me with a brutal kiss. I pushed at his chest and clawed at his hand, trying to break free, but I was no match for his brute strength. Then I felt two hands pull my arms behind my back, the leader’s other hand moved up my body to grope my breast, the whole time I’m struggling and sobbing. “My god, you have huge tits! Sali ke mamme kitne bade hai! Dekho!” and he held the pair in his hands showing them to his buddies. My blouse was ripped open, then my bra popped open from the front, he bent down pushing both my tits together and began licking and sucking them. The big guy was still behind me holding me in place. One of the other guys came around and reached between me and the leader shoving my short split skirt up my thighs and around my waist while the forth guy kneeled down in front between me and the leader. “Damn, Sali ke pair dekho! Kitne chikane hai! Ohh mast hai ri tu! Sali Randi itna chikana kaise raakhti hai?” the fourth one said.

He then ripped my panties off in one smooth stroke. Moans and whimpers escaped from my throat and I felt as if I was fainting. I closed my eyes which just made it worse because all my other senses took over and I could feel every touch, pinch, bite, and lick that was placed on my body. Guy No 4 spread my slick choot lips (funny how they would be wet, could this really be exciting me?) “Oh hell, guys! I think our little kitten is secretly enjoying this. See how wet her choot is! Aren’t you kitty. Dekho Sali ki choot kitnee gili ho gayee hai!” I shook my head no and sobbed, “Please, stop. Let me go!” “Oh no baby, we are not going to leave you like this.” This from the leader who was still sucking and chewing on my tits, that were now red and on fire. I felt the brute rubbing a huge, hard lund between my ass cheeks and my knees went weak. He lifted me up and set me on the working table of the construction contractor and pushed his head between my legs. I tried to scramble to my feet but 3 & 4 each grabbed a leg and held me in place and when I reached for his head to push him away the leader jumped up on the table and straddled my waist pushing me back and pinning me. He started undoing his pants and I knew what was next. They were going to fuck me! Rape me! He pulled out a steel hard lund with pre cum on the tip and shoved it in my face and ordered “suck it”. Sali choose mera lund Randi!” I tried to pull away but just then the brute bit my clit and I cried out and the leader took that opportunity to shove his lund deep in my mouth. Ohhh his lund was so big and smelly! It smelled of stale piss and I felt my stomach contract and my reflex started to push it out.

He grabbed my head and fucked my face, plunging his hard lund deep into my throat. I had no choice but to suck that dirty thing. Then I felt fingers pinching and squeezing my tits (must have been 3 & 4’s free hands). The brute had my cunt spread open with both hands and was torturing my clit, chewing and sucking on it, each contact causing electric current run through my ravaged body. I was moaning and sobbing, but the sounds were muffled with the leaders lund shoved down my throat. brute brought me to a crashing climax and said ” Sali ko pakad ke rakho! Main uskee choot mein lund ghused raha hu!” 3 & 4 complied and brutus stepped up on the table and guided his huge lund to the entrance of my dripping choot and with no warning shoved it all the way in. He was at least 8 inches long and about 5 inches wide and his lund ripped through my tight little cunt. This was the first lund my choot had taken and that too with such a force! He must have broken my hymen and the pain was nothing before the fear.

I jerked my head back and screamed in pain, but they did not bother. I started to struggle again and they just held me tighter. The leader jerked my hands up above my head as I was trying to claw him again and held me still while Brutus fucked into my choot, he must have battered my choot for about ten minutes and I was sobbing and crying out of fear, shame, and excitement. Finally he came and shot hot cum deep inside my ravaged choot. The leader leaned down and kissed me, coming on to my body, he slid his hand down to my aching swollen choot and clit and started to stroke it.

I moved around trying to escape, but the pressure started to build again and I climaxed. I don’t know how it happened but the waves of spasm ran all over my body and my body went limp. He sat me up and then lay back again in different angle pulling me astride him and plunging his lund into my sopping wet choot. His hands on my hips locked me in place. As he was pumping into me I felt someone brush against my back, hands reaching around to grope my tits, his weight pushing me forward, then to my horror I felt a steel hard lund rubbing up and down the crack of my gaand. I whimpered and begged “Please, no.” but, like before they paid no attention I just prayed that is was not brutus who was about to fuck my gaand. I turned to see that it was guy No 4 who pushed me forward, my tits crushed against the leaders chest. The leader slowed his strokes as #4 pushed the head of his lund into my gaand. he grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and my hip with the other and plunged in with one single troke.

I screamed just as brutus grabbed my face and shoved his again hard lund down my throat and gagging me. They simultaneously pumped in and out of every hole I had. at this point I had finally given up all pretense of fighting and trying to get away. I was at the mercy of four powerful men, who used me in whatever way they pleased. My body took over and I allowed the pleasure pain to wash over me and envelop me. There were deep screaming groans ripping from my body, some out of pleasure and some out of humility. They sensed the change in me and their grips eased and became more like caressing. “That’s it Sali! Le tu hamare lund ka maaza le. Ohhh kaise maza le rahi hai!” My tits were caressed, my ass lightly spanked, someone even had a hand shoved between me and the leaders bodies stimulating my clit. I had a crashing orgasm as all three of the invaders shot hot jets of come into all my three holes at the same time. I licked and sucked every last drop from brutus lund, guy #4 pulled out of my ass and slid off the table, and I collapsed in a heap on the table beside the leader.
I had started coming out from my orgasm when I felt my legs being spread open yet again, “Please, no more. I can’t take anymore.”

“But I haven’t had my turn at that tasty choot girl!.” My eyes opened wearily and saw the face of #3 with his eyes between my legs. He kissed the insides of my thighs that were like limp log and started working his way to my dripping, throbbing, swollen choot. He licked me from the crack of my ass all the way up to my engorged clit. I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel anymore of anything from my ravaged slit but his expert tongue soothed and caressed and soon I was thrashing my body on table. The leader got behind me to serve as sort of a cushion, with my back cradled against his chest. He held my legs up and open to give #3 better access, while he himself kissed and licked my ears and neck. It took a while for me to finally climax again! it was mind shattering orgasm and I was screaming my release when #3 suddenly pulled me to the edge of the table and I slid right on to his rock hard lund, his arms under mine hooking me. he rammed his lund into my pussy, his crotch rubbing against my clit keeping my orgasm going. I was screaming loud and brutus came over and placed his big hand over my mouth, I lost consciousness as #3 came in a shuddering roar pumping me even fuller of hot seed.

I woke to the feel of a cool cloth being rubbed between my legs, bathing my tortured sex. I was curled in a hut with my head in #4’s lap, the leader was cleaning all the cum off of my body with a towel that had been dipped in water. Brutus leaned across to clasp my bra and the leader was attempting to yank my skirt back down over my hips, he helped me to sit up and slide off the table. My legs were extremely weak and I collapsed into his arms. He slid his arms around me, one hand in my hair and murmured “Kitten, I can honestly say you are the best fuck I have ever had” taking my chin between his thumb and finger and lifting my gaze up to his eyes “and I am sure glad as hell it was us who fulfilled your fantasy.” My face flaming red that he had somehow guessed my dirty little secret. He chuckled and reached down to pull the edges of my shirt together, since the buttons were scattered all over the site. They gathered up my things and walked me to the road.I had the realization that I had just been gang fucked by four guys and secretly loved every minute of it.Hey that was nice hu! Many of us ladies/girls have the fantasy of being raped but you have the fear of it unless you enjoy the gang rape as I did. To tell you the truth, they have fucked me in similar way three to four times after that till they all left for another construction work.
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