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Fantasy By Romeo Juliet

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi, My name is Romeo (not real name) and I am a great fan of this site. I would like to share my fantasies with all you readers. As it is a fantasy, I would like name the girl as Juliet. Juliet is around 20 years and I am around the same. We both are from the same college. She came to my house to take some notes. As there was no one in my house, I told her to sit inside. I offered her some coffee. We used to love each other a lot.

We spoke about some films and suddenly the topic changed to sex in movies. I asked her if she had watched some X rated movie and she said “no”. Her eyes told me that she wanted to watch an X rated film. Without telling anything to her I switched on the TV and VCD player. I inserted a XXX VCD. The movie started and we began to watch. I was sitting close to her. Within a couple of minutes she got aroused, she gave a small kiss on my lips. I was a bit shocked but also excited by the same. I just hugged her and we were kissing deeply. She started mourning……….mmmmmmmm…. and I was enjoying it too. We French kissed for some time. After sometime I opened the hook of her Kameez and took it off. I slowly pulled down her Salwar. Now she was only in her bra and panty. I quickly undressed my self. I was in my underwear now. I took her in my arms and went to the bedroom. I put her on the bed and soon was on her. I again started kissing her deeply. She responded to it very well. She was enjoying it but also was a little scared because she was doing it for the first time. I slowly moved my hands to her breasts. I gently kissed her breasts over her bra.

I put my hand on her back and removed her bra. She had dark black nipples, which was now asking me to suck it. I started kissing and sucking it. Believe me, it was a great feeling and a superb experience. I bit her nipples and she gets more pleasure. While kissing and squeezing her breasts, I slowly put my hand into her panties. She was slightly hesitant in the beginning but I told her not to worry. Slowly I pulled her panties down. She was now completely nude. She was a bit shy to be nude before me, so I removed my underwear too. I told her to close her eyes. I slowly put my cock inside her mouth. She first started gagging because this was her first experience, later on it was all okay. She started sucking it and I was in the top of the world. I was getting more aroused. After some time I told her to stop and I started licking and sucking her cunt. She started moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh……oooooommmmm. Both of us could not wait. She was really wet now and I gently eased my cock inside her vagina feeling her tight resistance of hymen. Her hands fell to my bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. “Take it, take me”, she cried.

Her eyes were now wide with animal passion she hungrily kissed me staring deep into my opens eyes whilst helping me thrust into her deeply. Her muffled noise of pain & pleasure resulted in her biting my bottom lip drawing blood from it as my cock was drawing blood from her wet pussy. The kissing became the most intense and passionate as I have ever had in my life. Her hips moving in gentle tandem to mine, her hands clasping tightly against my ass, my left hand clasping both her cheeks and pushing her into me, my other hand on her breasts massaging and feeling her melons. My thrusts varied from deep penetrating long ones to quick in outs, our moans being stifled by our glued together lips. My thrusts now became more violent and I lifted her up of the ground pushing her harder against the wall. Her natural reaction was to wrap her lovely thighs around my waist her heels digging into my ass egging my thrusts on. Her arms wrapped around my back our mouths still locked together our teeth rattling together with each thrust. My thrusting became harder and deeper. My hands were pressed hard against her swaying tits and my thumbs rubbing her nipples.

She started to moan louder. Oh oh ohmmmmmmm louder and louder. My thrusting was much faster I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping my cock like a tight vice, her wetness allowing me to penetrate her deeply. Her yelps of pleasure were getting louder with each thrust of my hips. The thrusting became so intense that the wall was shaking frantically. I felt her heavy breath on my ear she kept repeating one thing over and over fuck me fuck me fuck me. I really began to pound her pussy her pussy no longer tight ever stretching with each animal passion thrust. It was the deep passionate kiss that done I have never been kissed like that before or ever since.

My balls tensed up and I shot my copious loads my body pressing her hard against the wall she began to tense up as she climaxed at the same time. Her pussy overflowed with her cum and mine mixed with a little blood. I lay deep inside her for at least five minutes still kissing. So my first experience was great. ONLY GIRLS or LADIES, Single, Divorced, Widow, in MUMBAI/BOMBAY contact me at I am a 25 year-old virgin and would like to have sex with girls above 18 and below 40. Secrecy would be kept and is also expected. Also mail me for erotic mail. Mails from MALES will not be replied.

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