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Fantasy By Mano

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

People talk about there fantasies and much thing for others to enjoy them. some may be just making other what they fantasies in their life and what they dream of but r unable to do. fantasising is not what we have the chances of doin or courage of doing. but telling what u have done really is very very difficult. u all be thinking that what am i saying to u start what i really had very little of thinking to do i need to introduce my self to u.i m dida (fake) name from rwp pakistan. i m 25 now what i did came to happen when i was 22 only. seeing me i look like 25 at taht time. ppl always confused bout my age n physic and they always used to say that i m lying when i told them bout my real age. the thing happened was between my chachi and me. well her name tuba(fake) she was 34 at that time was awsomely beautiful due to her large breats that i was in luv of. she had a tremendous figure of 38c 30 42.u can now imagine what she been worth of looking at,,,, well she is a mother of 2 sons and a lil daughter ;
well from this all started u must be thinking that this man is now playing with ur emotions well no i m not playing with u people emotions.. when i came in my 9th class i started to realize something happening in my pajamas..a thin stick which get stood up straight while touching to some one who is not that much clsoer to u and by seeing a nice nude body of half nude body in front of the eyes.this always happened when i was to look at some beautiful madam of our school, at those days i started seeing some nude picture through my frineds which always fantasied me… well when i came in matric as i was attracted to femine gender i was very much rightly attracted to my aunt (chachi). she was much to younger those days,as i was or others were small she never minded of hiding her front or herself with any dupatta she always use to come in front in the thin or think she was wearing. also when she was wipering the rooms and the tv lounge her down movements always gave a way to her deep planted valley n i always et erect with that… it was an awsome feeling to have see soem beautiful breast….
as the days went by i always had that felling of joy in my self and i became hungry for more n started to masturbate on her. but that didn’t satisfied me. and i started to pick her bra’s and underwear from her bath room and started to make few collected one and masturbate on them. this gave me agreat joy by smelling her bra’s and was awsome to do….i also used to take bath in her bath room and startedm masturbating on her clothes and other things which i get from her washing machine… this kept on goin for few years i think 4 or 5 yrs. until i turned 21.
this yr was a part of great joy i ever had. well as they were to shift to there new home and i never had any courage to even think of ksing her so i thought to make my move in few days. but as i started to make her feel that she is important and she started to feel y eyes on her they moved to their new place. welll now i was very worried how would it be possible for me of even lookingat her.this really made me worried…so i took her new but used Bra and a panty for a soviniour. now when she called or came to our place she used to ask that we should come to their place. well also specially to me.well i never thought of goin to her house… but well one day i had the chance of ,my life time. well my chachu was to left for karchi for a weeks so she asked my mom n pops that i could stay with them until he returns. my moms said ok he can stay. so i shifted for a weeks to their place. well they have 3 bed rooms in their house. one is for their sons. other is for their daughter and the one is the master bed room for my chahca and chachi. i asked my chachi where should i sleep ,to my amuzment she asked me to sleep in her bed room ,i asked her well it doesnot look good but she said that she donna wanna disturb her sons or daughter as they were to go to school in the morning, so i agreed with her now the problem was that how would we sleep in her room. well as she also wanted to have little talk me she asked me to turn of the lights and place 2 couches between us in the bed and in the night we can have little talk,as the night lamp is on. that was so exciting for me o be in the bed in front of my ideal woman in the world,and also alone. well many times i got the idea to try to make up to her and shou;d fuck her but i didn’t had much courage ….
now the real thing start…well she was very unusal for last few days,,and i was very much tensed what will happen in the future. now as we were to take places in the bed,,, i changed my clothes and was in my t-shirt and pajama (track pants), she went in and came back with a sleevesless nighty on her body in white color…i was very surprised becoz i never seen her wearing the nighty before.well she came to the bed and lied down with me ,,we talked for more than 4 hours till we went to sleep but nothing much happened that day except that we talked and she admired me of my muscles and body that i developed in the last few days,,, she was really impressed by that, well the day passed again and as i went to the office she called me twice as to know bout me and am i okies or not i was very excited byt this….. the next night as we went to bed she was in the nighty again, as we were talking she asked me that if i had any feelings for her, well i was confued but she told me that she have seen me watchiing her through the hole of the bathroom few years back and also she told me that she knows that i was stealing her Bra’s and panties from her washing machine, i was also scared wheni listen that she knew that i used to masturbate on her clothes in her bath room during my shower…. she asked me that i should tell her truely bout everything i was so upset but to my safety i took the step which let me to the wonders of the world. u be guessing what i did… as she was saying all this my mind told me to gtrab her and i should rape her doin this would never let her black mail me,,,, i never knew wht she wanted until idid this…. as she was telling me this all i stood up as i knew the door was closed i by surprise caught her hand and pulled her to me. as she was not expecting that she immediatly was pulled to me.. as i did so i grabed her and started to suck hjer lips she was so surprised that wanting this all by her self she started to hesitate ,,but as i had a very firm grip she was unable to get her self free,,,, and i put my toungein her mouth i was sucking her like the hungry child suck the bottle,she was very much surprised by the reaction she got from me… well as i was doin so i put my hand on her breast and started squeezing them this was more new for her as she was not expecting it from me…. now she started enjoying my things which i was doin with her,,,she felt very horny and started to place her tongue in my mouth and started sucking my lips as i got the reactiin from her i stopped and i said to her that i wanna see her nacked once again as i used to watch her through the hole…she smiled n closed her eyes this was a green signal from her and i slightly moved back and in a hungry look started to kiss her neck down to her breast over the nighty ,she was very surprised by this and asked me that what i am upto well i told htat i wanna make her thristy for me so mucht that she will tore me of my clothes ,she was astonished by it and well closed her eyes i continued doin this as i wanted to make her more and more horny and also my self thirsty like a dog, as i was doin this all my 7″ tool was straight and as hard as a metal rod she got the touch on her belly n near her cunt,, during this she very quietly got hold of my cock i was very surprised and happy ,as she started stroking my cock i bent down and kissed her lightly she openned her eyes and told me that i should continue and she will play with my tool as till i will be in the form to enjulce ,,,well i kept on doin that and moved down from her breast to the cunt and started to lick her belly than her cunt and went to the thai’s and the legs in the meanwhile her hand was still holding my cock as she due to horniness started stocking it hard behind my pajama as i was on my ful i tored her nighty and wow what was waiting was a real big red melons as i always wanted to view them …… as she saw me toring her nighty she pushed me backwards and suddenly tored my pajama and got my nacked tool in her hand she not even gave me a chance to wait and by surprise took my tool in her mouth and started to suck it like a hungry baby sucking the milk from the bottle as i was in full n was bout to enjulce she bited my cock and i screamed in pain and she said that i will make u feel the best as i was about to cum she took mouth and hand away from me i was really in shocked and asked her she said let it sleep again n she will start again as my cock got settled again she started to suck it again now it was ful to n fro motion with full power and strenghth i with surprised pushed her backk with my cock in her mouth and closed her nose so she can;t breath and started to move in n out her mouth it really made her cryu and in a play of 3 mon i shooted my cum in her mouth with full power and asked her to drink it 1st she was hesitating but my power n due to her less breathe she did whati asked….. now i wanted to make her feel exciting i came to her cunt tored the panty and started to lick it with my tongue she was in heavens than and started enjoing it to the best it only took her 2 min to enjulcate on my mouth i was really on fire now…. i went to my bag and brought out the wait cream and applied that on my penis so that i can last long as i was doin so she was playing with my tongue and her mouth…./ now i lied her on her belly she didn’t know what i up to i asked her that i will fuck her ass first than anything she said no she will not let me do that but i didn’t listen to her i spitted on her ass’s openning and started to insert my tool in her ass…. due to pain she started to shout a lot so i placed a cough and put her face there so that no one can listen to her cries…it took me 3 minutes tp fuck her ass she was virgin by her ass but after the starting pain she enjoye it the best and right after that she took my tool in her mouth and made me fall on my back and gave a hurting blowjob now we were too hot for each other i immediatley took control of her and put her legs on my shoulder and inserted the cock in her wet pussy n in 10 minutes of too & fro motion i fired my cum in her pussy.. as i was tired after 4 cums i took a lil rest while she played with my mouth n tongue by her self… after half an hour i made her in to doggie style and fucked her hard but my favorite thing was my last item for her ,,,i took my stand over her belly n that with mer bra tightened her breats she was amased what am i up to now that i took my penis and inserted it through the openning in her breat and started to mave too n fro between that valley of her’s i was so much excited that i kept on f\doin that for 7 or 10 min and than shooted my cum in her valley she was really surprised to see me doin that ,,,,, than i took my place with her in the bed and started kissing her hungrilly … we than stopped fucking each other and kissed and talked the whole night… this continued regularly with little intervals all the week i used to fuck her once in an hour and all the 5 days i kept on doin so,, i had a very strick effect of this on my self also but i didn’t enjoyed it 40 times or more in a week ,,,, after that i until now enjoy fucking her once or twice a week when i get time… so any one means women who want to have a good fucker from 18 to 50 of age can contact me ….

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