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  • August 16, 2015

This is a really HORNY BOY from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a very big fan on this site. I have read all the stories. But I dont have any story of myself to share with you people. Because in the age of 20, I am still a virgin guy. But I can share my FANTASY with you. I have got a huge response about my earlier stories. So today I am sending my greatest fantasy – about Karisha Kapoor – to me, who is the most beautiful actress…… I am a photographer and photograph Models and Actresses. The Hot Actress Karishma Kapoor is a client and friend of mine. I have done many of her photo sessions and like all my clients, she is also impressed with me.
One Day, she called me and asked me to take some private photographs as she needed some to give her producers and directors. I asked her to come my studio next day. Next day, I got ready at the fixed time. I was setting up my studio and camera when I heard the door bell ring. I open the door and stand there, quite stunned. There was standing the most beautiful girl on earth – Karishma Kapoor – my dream. She was wearing a black tight leather short skirt and a tight white top. There wasn’t anything more arousing on earth than that scene. She was standing there with her most perfect body with the beautiful curves and the prettiest face, with her natural naughty smile and the killing look of her deep blue eyes. I was wearing a t-shirt and a shorts. My dick aroused instantly. I couldn’t think anything but how HOT she was! She asked me, “Hey BHG, wont you ask me to come in?”

That was the time my senses returned. I smiled and asked her to come in. She didn’t even sit and at once entered my studio. She didn’t even tell a word and posed in front of the camera. I took my camera and took a shot. Then she pulled down the chain of her top, exposing her bra a quite. She was wearing a baby pink semi transparent bra. I was looking at the most beautifully shaped cleavage. I was watching the two most perfect hemispheres, stunned. She shouted, “Hey, why don’t you shoot? Isn’t it enough?” Without letting me say any word, she removed her top completely. Somehow I calm down and photograph her in her bra and skirt. It was an awesome site! Her creamy fair complexion was glowing which was contrast to her black leather skirt and baby pink bra. There was not even one single spot or wrinkle on that milky body. Her figure was well maintained and very tight. Then she began to lower her bra further till her nipples are out. I didn’t know how to control myself. The light brown colored small erect nipples on those perfect milky boobs were too much for me. My cock was trying to get separated from my body and enter her like a missile.

But as she was a very important client and my career was on the line, I had to make myself calm and with trembling fingers, I push the shutter of the camera. After that shot, she pulls her bra and removes it completely. I was mesmerized. I thought I will cum right then. A pair of perfect boobs were standing with their full glory. They were full round. They were very fair and one can easily understand how soft they are, by just looking at them. She didn’t need any bra to hold them as they were perfectly shaped and were standing proudly like to white colored oranges with two beautiful nipples which were very erect and light brown in color – giving those beautiful breasts more perfect ness. She was brushing her fingers across her nipples. She was definitely feeling horny and I was tempted to hold and finger them. Karishma comes to me and asked me to remove my shirt as she was topless and as a rule I should also remove the same amount of clothes as she did. I willingly agreed and removed my shirt. She came closer and touched her lips against mine. Her lips were extremely soft and delicate, in fact they felt better than any lips I had kissed before. Her lips parted and our tongues met in a long and extremely passionate kiss. She delicately moved her tongue inside my mouth, exploring and arousing me with every movement of her tongue. For at least ten minutes, all we did was kiss in a very slow and passionate way.

We were both becoming more aroused by the moment, it was as if our lips and mouths were made to be joined. It was a dream come true for me. I had sex with some beautiful new models. But getting Karishma Kapoor was only a dream for me like any other ordinary guy. I have never thought of being so much lucky. In fact, I was the luckiest person on earth, to get the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. While kissing me, she was gently rubbing her palms over the silky hair on my chest. For several minutes she lightly rubbed me, at times spending some extra moments lightly brushing against my nipples. I reached out to touch her, but she gently took my hands and placed back on her back. She began exploring between my legs and tried to outline my cock over my shorts and feeling my hard on. Then she broke the kiss, gave me an expectant look and getting into a sitting position, she unzipped my shorts to expose my cock which was fully erect and was throbbing furiously. Her soft little hands were playing with my cock. She gripped my cock and I was about to cum right then. But she stopped playing with my cock and got rid of my shorts, making me fully naked.

I caught her from the waist and hauled her up in my arms, crushing her tight breasts against my chest and kissed her full on her lips again, drawing and sucking her lips into my mouth probing her mouth with my tongue, engaging her tongue with mine in a duel. With one arm around her back and the other around her tight round hips, I carried her in to my bedroom, kissing and nibbling her all the way. I laid her on the bed. The lovely, real round, very firm breasts were standing out like two hills with light brown erect nipples with their crowing glory. Lying nearly on top of her, I started kissing those soft, sweet lips. Slowly, I lowered my mouth to her neck and began nibbling lightly. I felt Karishma’s body becoming moist and sweaty. Very slowly, I lowered myself to her young breasts and took a nipple in my mouth.

A soft whine came from her lips as I softly sucked on the taut tip. Karishma moaned loudly, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.” She was even pressing my head on to her breast and guided my hand on to her other breast so that I could press and squeeze it. I continued my stimulation of her breasts and also continued kissing her on her lips and her upper body. She was getting more and more hot. I reached down and unfastened her skirt belt. Tugging downward, she helped me pull them down past her knees. Her pink pantie tugged along with them. I gazed at her pubic area and saw that the light covering of hair was barely more than peach fuzz. Her frontal slit was clearly visible. As I did, I let my right hand slip down between her legs and began to massage her from clit to anus. Slowly and gently, I let my middle finger trace her crack, stopping softly at her clit and then moving back to her ass. Each time, I tickled her asshole a little, and each time, I felt the involuntary contractions of her muscles in response. It was only a couple of minutes before she was straining upwards to meet my strokes. She was moaning sexily in pleasure, “aah aaahh aaaahhh aaaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” After a few minutes, she began to sit up. Laying her head on my bare chest, she moved her fragile hand down and her cool, gentle touch on my cock almost made me come right there. I closed my eyes and felt her laying with her head on my chest and her hand caressing my cock. After a few moments she relaxed a little and began toying with me, pressing down on the head and then watching it flex back. I was having trouble standing it. “What are you thinking?” I whispered to her. “It sure is nice.”, she replied. Seeing her looking at my prick with a cute smile, I blurted, “Please suck it, Karishma, Honey.

I want to see your sexy mouth sucking my prick. I want to see what Karishma you can show with your mouth.” Karishma caressed my chest with her mouth, and licked my nipples. She bit them, sending a current through my torso. Her mouth travelled down from my chest to my stomach, teasing me with her kisses. I was very happy to see Karishma began to go down. Her luscious lips landed on the big purple head of my dick and I experienced a sweet kiss on it. A sudden shiver went through my whole body. Then Karishma began to play with my balls, massaging them and softly squeezing them. Feeling this sexy beauty’s hands on my balls, I was in heaven and began to moan loudly. She was holding a larger part of my prick outside and with her other hand, she was alternatively raking my balls with her fingernail and also massaging them, giving me a wonderful sensation. Then she started to tease me by licking my shaft up and down and all over, but avoids the head. She licked under the ridge of the head, but did not take the head in her mouth. Then she licked all the way down to the base of my shaft and took my balls in her mouth, one at a time and sucked on them softly. All of a sudden, she took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. She tightened her grip on the back of my leg trying to get a hold of herself. She moved her head in close, parting her pout lips. She pushed them down.

I let out a little gasp as Karishma’s lips touched my skin, my cock flexed again, some pre-cum was forming on the tip, my dick was aching. Karishma bent in closer to my thigh, her breasts rubbing against the inside of my shin. She was sucking hard, her wet lips pressed tightly to my leg, she pressed her tongue, felt her breasts rubbing against my lower leg. Her sensitive nipples hardened because of it. She unconsciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. Karishma took her lips away from my swollen lump, but ran her hot, wet tongue over it, leaving a trail of saliva behind. “Ohh!” She really could’t help herself, the little moan escaped from her lips as she looked over her lover’s cock. She was rubbing her hand over my bottom, feeling my ass cheeks. I ran my hand through her hair. I moved my hand to the back of her head and lightly took hold of her hair, pulling her up slightly to the level of my cock, her full, red pout lips were barely an inch away from my cock as it jerked about, waving in front of her face, the pre-cum dribbling down the front of the full cock head. She opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along my cock head, licking the white sperm from it. She raised her hand and gripped my cock shaft tightly. She tugged on it, moving her hand back and forth, more pre-cum appeared on the tip and again she shot her tongue out and licked away the white droplets. It was feeling great. Next she engulfed me shaft entirety into her mouth, deep-throating me all at once.

I was really excited but I just stayed just like that as my whole shaft was inside Karishma’s mouth. I started to moan as she slowly started to lick the head while it was still in her mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering at the pee hole. Then she started to move towards the top and suck gently. She slowly moved my thick cock in and out of her mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots which I liked best. I started to grow even bigger in her mouth. She was sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I was tuning her nipples. “Ugghhhh!”, I moaned as Karishma ran her tongue along the shaft and back again. Karishma started to lick the head, probing my pee hole with her tongue in a sensual way that really turned me on. She was now vigorously licking my shaft, cupping my balls in her free hand. She had taken the full shaft into her mouth and was concentrating on the top of my dick. She moved slowly at first then quickened the speed, using her hand at the base of my shaft. I was fully wet with all the saliva that was dripped down my cock and from Karishma’s constant licking and sucking. She then started to move her hand up and down in pace with her mouth, giving me a hand job and blow job at the same time, exciting me even more. I pushed her head towards my dick. She opened her mouth wide and took my huge cock into her mouth again. She felt it hit the back of her throat almost and she started to suck on it extremely hard, her hand moving back and forth as she did. She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it. “Uughh Dear! Suck It”, I urged, my dick pulsing in the mouth of the most beautiful girl on earth.

I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn’t thinking about anything else but sucking my cock. She gripped my cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me. I looked down, watching Karishma suck on my hard meat. I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft. I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. “Karishma! I’m gonna cum!!”, I moaned. I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk. Karishma moved her hand from my ass, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin as she took hold. “Uuughhhh…..!”, was all I could say as my sticky white cum shot out the tip of my cock into Karishma’s waiting mouth. I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my throbbing cock with both hands as I rocked my body in orgasm, “Ohhh…That’s it!”, I cried out. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she felt like she was on fire. My condition was not different. I didn’t go limp at all. Moreover, I was more hot. My cock went harder and warmer. It was throbbing even more. Then I made her lay on the bed again. I looked at her. WOW!!! What a beauty!!! I was again thrilled to see the most beautiful figure. I was looking at that perfect figure as if I was looking at it for the first time, as if I have undressed her for the first time. I forgot that I have just finished eating those magnificent boobs before getting the greatest blowjob from the sexiest girl. She was so beautiful that I just couldn’t meet the thirst of my eyes. I sucked those wonderful boobs, pinched them and made her cry louder with pleasure. Again, I started kissing her lips. She was moaning in pleasure, “Aahhhh aaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” and was jerking her body against mine. I turned her around.

Her back was beautiful! Smooth and creamy. I pressed her down on the bed with my body, kissing her back, shoulders and neck passionately. Her ass was beautifully curved and round. It was soft, smooth and D shaped. I patted a few times on that perfect butt. She gave a sigh of pleasure, “Ohhhhhhhhh… Hmmmmm.” I put my lips on her but cheek and a sudden shiver went through her body when I kissed there. My lips drowned in the soft mound. I put several passionate kisses on that perfect pair of butt. Then I placed a hand on Karishma’s butt cheek. I began to massage those beautiful tender butt cheeks. Karishma started to moan in a louder and more urgent voice, “Ummmm… Hmmmmm… Aahhhh…..”. I parted her ass cheeks and saw her beautiful asshole. I put my tongue there and began licking. She couldn’t hold her ass still. She began to shiver. I was massaging her butt while licking. Then I moved, licking all of her smooth creamy back. I turned her around again and grabbed her by her neck. I kissed her on the lips, so passionately, that she wrapped her arms round my neck and pulled me tightly against her. My tongue explored her mouth. It was a very nice feeling and I didn’t know how long we were kissing each other. I wanted to do it very slowly, as I had the luxury of time. I started kissing her cheeks. I kissed her throat and bit her ears. I started slowly caressing her breasts one by one. I was kissing on her neck and shoulder while my hands played with her breast. I closed my eyes and started enjoying. My fingers were gently caressing and pressing her rose-buds. Then I started tickling her nipples. While doing that, I made her rise her arms over her head. Now her wide soft creamy armpit was infront of me. I wondered how an armpit can be so beautiful. It was so clean shaven that it seemed that no hair has ever been there. I got my nose near her left armpit. It had a devine odor there. I inhaled the killing sexy fragrant of her and went crazy. I began licking that armpit of hers. It felt so good! I kissed and licked her both armpits in turn. She was mesmerized in pleasure. Then I started to squeeze her breasts with my palms, caressed her nipples with my tongue, and made them wet with my saliva. I sucked Karishma’s nipples, taking one nipple in my mouth at a time.

Her boobs were firm, yet they were so soft in my hands. The mounds of her boobs filled my hands and overflowed. I said, “You are so beautiful, Karishma! I love you. I love your boobs. They are so beautiful.” I could feel her nipples hardening and growing erect in my mouth. Karishma really loved to have her nipples sucked, and she was emitting moans of pleasure, “Ahh, ahh, suck my nipples, BHG.” I sucked, squeezed her boobs harder. I joined the two boobs toghether and took both nipples in my mouth together and sucked. “I love it”, cried Karishma. “You are my whore, Karishma”, I said, and then I bit her boobs and her nipples. She cried with pleasure and pain, “ahh, ooh, ooh!” I buried my face between Karishma’s boobs and she clasped me closer to her. She moaned as my lips clamped on her turgid nipple and drew it into my hot mouth. I sucked wildly, bobbing my head back and forth between her breasts, laving the tits with my raspy tongue. Then I began moving downwards, licking all the way. I slowly caressed the soft, smooth skin of Karishma’s stomach with my lips, grabbing her narrow waist with my hands. I licked her deep navel and the smooth skin around it. I kissed her navel, tickled it with my and buried my face in her midriff. I probed my finger in her deep navel and tickled it. Karishma squirmed. My hands went on her thighs, gently massaging and kneading the smooth creamy flesh while licking the beautiful flat belly. Her voice got a little louder, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, babyyyyyyyyyyyy”, she moaned, her eyes close and head going from side to side. My fingers began to play between Karishma’s legs, massaging her pussy until my middle finger slid into her hot, moist hole.

Karishma moaned and her legs involuntarily parted further to allow me even greater access to her cunt. I began probing her cunt deeply with my finger while using my thumb to massage her clit. Karishma’s body began to respond as if she was trying to capture my invading finger deep inside her. I could see her pussy getting wetter as I was kissing, sucking, licking, nibbling her beautiful flat belly and the big deep navel of her. I slid a second finger into Karishma’s glistening cunt and she wantonly spread her legs wide apart, moaning and rolling her hips in a fucking motion as my fingers sawed in and out of her. Occasionally I would pull my wet fingers out of her furry hole and rub them rapidly over her clit, bringing lewd gasps from Karishma’s lips. Then I started using my fingers like a piston, hammering faster and faster into her silky wetness. “That’s it, baby. Do it just like that. You’re getting me so hot. You’re going to make me come,” Karishma cried, her hips rising completely off the bed as my fingers squished in and out of her gaping pussy. While licking her belly, I parted her legs with my hands and then I moved down. I could now see all of her genitals, and the hairless pussy looked beautiful.

The inner lips were folded around her entrance which looked pink and virginal. I bent my head closer and could smell her feminine scents. I was crazy! I finally kissed her pussy carefully, and she sighed, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.” I removed my finger and kissed her again. Placing myself on my stomach between her legs, I got a wonderful view of her sex. I moved her knees up and outwards until she was completely spread. I almost came just from the sight of her now fully open cunt and I planted my lips between them. Licking her like this, I could really taste her, and she tasted like nothing I had experienced before. Her juices tasted lovely and I felt really happy being between the legs of this beauty. She was screaming, “AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UUMMMMMM OOUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” I tried to bury my tongue between her inner lips, and it slid in a bit.

I concentrated my efforts on the places I thought she would enjoy most and give me heavenly pleasure. She started shivering again while quiet moans escaped her lips. I could see Karishma’s face getting red and a look of lust and satisfaction was on her face. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and her head raised off the pillow. Her movements indicated that she was going to have an orgasm and that did indeed happen when I licked her clitoris a little extra. She reached down to pull my face deeply against her cunt. Her hips bucking uncontrollably, she groaned loudly as her orgasm washed over her. Karishma let out a small scream, and her slender body shivered heavily. She lay there a moment catching her breath. I moved my mouth down to her opening and caught the little extra that escaped her pussy. I licked them clean as Karishma recovered. “Baby, that was so good,” she said. I felt really good about being able to bring the sexiest girl on earth to an orgasm, and she had certainly enjoyed it. She was fully wet and ready. “I want you to fuck me with this big dick,” Karishma hissed, “I want to feel it all the way inside me.” It was time to finally show her what I have fantasized about her through out all these year. I positioned myself between her legs. I could actually see her heart pounding through her chest. Slowly, I positioned my cock at her tight opening and started rubbing it slowly up and down against her. She reached between her legs to hold my cock. With her legs spread wide, she rubbed the bulbous head of my dick up and down her gaping pink slit. Her cunt lips were peeled wide open and she massaged her clit with my cock, getting both of us more excited by the second. She moved her legs wider apart to try to accommodate me. After a few moments, I felt her relax a little and pressed gently against her. I felt her grunt a little and grab hold of my back with her arms.

Slowly but steadily I continued to exert pressure against her. She was tighter than anything I had ever felt before but before long, I felt her body give way a little and felt the head of my cock become enveloped. “Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn,” I heard her moan as I continued to press. I continued to press into her, until, with one heavy push, my cock slid halfway into her. I heard the air rush out of her and she screamed, “ah aah aaahh aaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.” She grabbed me and pulled me close to her. Finally after a lot of effort, I was buried completely in her really tight pussy. I felt hardness pressing against my cock. Karishma squirmed as she adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her beautiful young body. I began to thrust in and out of her beautiful body. Then she slowly began to move her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. I then began to fuck her with hard rapid strokes, forcing her breasts to jump furiously on her chest as I powerfully rammed her cunt again and again. Karishma continued getting fucked furiously. After a few moments, she sat upright and reached one hand behind her to massage my balls. I reached up and began squeezing her breasts in my hands and Karishma started talking dirty to me as she slid her wet cunt up and down my thick shaft. “Oh, baby, your dick feels so good inside me. It’s so big and hard. You make my pussy feel so good. I want to come all over your dick,” she chanted as she bounced on my dick. I started fucking her harder and Karishma fell forward on her hands. As I thrust my pole into her tight pussy, she flung herself back so she could take all of me inside her on each stroke. I pummeled Karishma’s sweet pussy over and over again, making her squeal in obvious delight. Suddenly I flipped her over on her back.

My dick popped out and Karishma reached down desperately to grab the slick shaft and stuff it back inside her steaming hole. Her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like waves on the ocean as I fucked her with long strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way out before driving it back into her again. Karishma reached down between her legs and began rapidly diddling her clit with her fingers as I fucked her, my balls slapping against her ass on each stroke. It didn’t take long for both of them to go over the edge. Karishma wrapped her legs around My back and pulled me to her as tightly as she could. She thrust her hips upwards, allowing me to drive my erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. I bellowed like a bull as I came, violently slamming my cock into her while I spilled my seed deeply into her belly. Karishma’s breath was coming in short gasps and she ground her pussy against me as her orgasm washed over her. “Aaah aaahh aaaahhh aaaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”, Karishma wailed as a series of orgasms rocked her body. I eventually collapsed on top of her and Karishma clung tightly to me. I was in heaven. I was thinking of how lucky I am to get such a HOT celebrity for loving. Karishma moved beneath me and brought me back to the here and now. She looked up at me and smiled. “I love you,” she half-whispered. With that she reached up and hugged me. “I love you too, hon,” I replied. (feedback are welcomed at If you want my older stories that you didn’t read, mail me.)

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