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  • September 9, 2015

I am 20 years old boy, now attracted towards both male and females. I used to be a straight guy some 4 to 5 years back. This transition occurred in me coz of others treatment to me..Well my name is Sumit, I once went to my cousin’s place. He lived about half an hour from us in USA. He lives with his younger brother, mom and dad in that house. His name is RAJ. There r four bed rooms in their house. In one room his parents slept, in other his younger brother and one was used by while, while one was vacant, generally used by guests. But I always stayed with RAJ, he is 6 years elder to me. I was around 18 at that time and as usually shared the room with him. He was like elder brother to me. I mean to say is that I used to give him respect and obey him. One night i noticed in sleep that I was lying very near to RAJ, I got a bit conscious and then I realized that it was RAJ who cam to my side on bed, so I again slept. But after that I continuously felt that as the time passed by our body parts were touching each other tightly, except our dicks, both of us bulged our asses out behind while we faced each other on bed. None of us were able to c each others face coz of the darkness in the room. But I didn’t ever have any evil in my mind coz I always thought of him as my elder brother. So I always tried to sleep again. So the night passed by and by the time I got up I noticed that RAJ had already left for work, but as I was on vacation I was lazy and got up late, and passed the day by watching TV and reading novels.Again he came back in evening and v sat together and had a chat on day’s events. Every thing was normal. We had dinner and again went to sleep after some time. This time again at about mid night I noticed that RAJ was on my bed, he had wrapped me in his arms, while this time again I was lying on side but this time my back was facing him and as usual my ass was bulged out, he was as close to me as much he could, I guess there was no room for even the air to be between us. This time I felt that his long fat dick was a bit hard and was trying to tear my shorts to lick my ass crack, I was stunned, but didn’t knew what to do. So I just kept lying. Gradually

I felt his hands started to rub my chest, my nipples, my thighs, he pressed my thighs towards him so that my ass was pushed against his dick. His dick was getting more and more hard gradually. I was very nervous and sweating, but still I don’t know why but I had a hard on too. Then I felt as he was kissing softly the back of My neck, then in no time his lips caught my ear and he started to lick my ear and simultaneously moved his dick back and forth against my ass. By this time even I was getting a bit aroused. This was getting quite intense now. It seemed that now he doesn’t worry about if I got up as he was putting immense power in everything he did. His dick was pushing really hard against my ass. So even I couldn’t now pretend that I was just in sleep. So I finally decided to move out of this. I then moved away a bit and lied down straight while facing the ceiling now. He got dead still for a moment now. But he was so much horny now that nothing in world could have stopped him. He again moved his hand no my chest and then moved it in my t-shirt from the bottom and fondled my nipples and then slowly his hand opened the knot of my short and started to enter my shorts, I now instantly resisted by holding his hand with mine. Then his lips came near my ear and licked it then he said softly “Nothing will happen Sumit, u will enjoy it” and then removed my hand and started moving his leg over my legs while his knee portion was teasing my semi erect dick, at that time I felt that even my dick has secreted something wet. By then he again moved his hand inside my shorts and my undies. He straight away got hold of my dick and started shaking it, in just seconds’ time it was fully erect. Now I was enjoying it too. I

No way could have resisted to it by now but still I was not the one to do anything, I was just lying, it was RAJ who was the in charge of the moment. He then started removing his clothes, he was left just in his boxers. Then he laid on me while I was facing the roof and he was on me. My legs were inside his legs when he was kissing me everywhere on my face softly, then he showered kisses on my neck and then sometimes he softly bit my nipples from over my t shirt. He then removed my t-shirt as well, and lied on me. Now his bare chest was rubbing with mine. I was enjoying it all very well but still something in me was always resisting all this. In that position I was trying to remove his body from mine by pushing at the sides of his chest, so he then caught my hands with his near my ears while my elbows were bent. He then slowly brought his face near mine. He tilted his face a bit and he held my lower lip with his pair of lips. And then he pressed my lower lip with his lips only. By that pressure my lip came out of his lips, he instantly sucked my lower lips again while he was also moving his dick back and forth against my shorts as if there was some pussy there. Both of us were moaning a bit too. He then started to suck my both lips at a time with his lips, then he started to bite my lips with his teeth softly. I was enjoying that a lot. I never had kissed someone before, neither someone did that to me. He kept fucking my shorts slowly. He then entered his tongue in my mouth slowly; I was not ready for this kind of stuff with a guy. So I closed my teeth tightly, so as to block its entry to my tongue. He rolled his tongue over my teeth only. This kept going for around 20 minutes. Now I was open for this too. My tooth barrier was open now. So his tongue was traveling long distances in my mouth and our tongues loved each other, some times his tongue was in my mouth and other moment mine was in his mouth. This kept going for long time as well.

Then finally he removed his boxers as well and while lying on me he removed my shorts and my boxer at the same time. Now both of us were naked and his dick was filling the gap between my legs near my testis, while my dick was kissing his navel. He again kept kissing me a lot. Then he asked me to tighten my legs to hold his dick in between me legs, he then started fucking my legs in that position as if I had a pussy down there. While he was doing that his stomach was again and again hitting my dick, I was aroused a lot, and hence I cam there. I shot my load onto his stomach, he then went aside and cleaned his stomach, he then laid me one my chest, now my back was facing the roof, I didn’t knew what he was up to till his cock head was placed against my small tight opening in ass cheeks, I instantly got up and refused him for that, he agreed and then again he fucked my legs and came in between them, I enjoyed that a lot. Then he cleaned my legs with some clothe and we then slept that night in each others arms naked. Next morning was Sunday so he was home too. Both of us were lazy, I got up first, got fresh and brushed my teeth, while I was roaming naked inside his room and bath. Then RAJ got up and he got fresh and brushed his teeth. He then asked me to wear something coz he wanted to go out for a moment. I did as he said; he went out and was back in few minutes. I then went to take a bath, I didn’t locked the bath room as it was not accessible to anyone else but to his bed room only and his room was already locked. So I was naked taking shower, when I noticed he came in the bath room, he was naked as well. But this time I welcomed him by throwing some water at him. He joined me under the shower. We took each other in arms, kissed each other vary passionately. We kept kissing and licking each others

Body for few minutes, both of us were hard again. He then soaped my dick very well, and then washed it with water. Then he was down on his knees and playing with my dick. Gradually he took my dick in his mouth, I was surprised to see this, but in no time I started to enjoy it as he was sucking my cock very nicely. I just loved it, he then started to take the whole length in and out of his mouth. I felt as if my dick went through some hole first in his mouth and then touched some wall. I was feeling very nice at that time. Then even I started to fuck his mouth too. I was fucking his mouth at great pace and he was holding my hips. It took around two to three minutes for me to cum in his mouth, he spit all the cum in the sink. Now I knew it was my turn but I could no way suck any cock, I would surely choke if I was forced to, so I refused him that I wont suck him. He said its ok. He then wrapped me in his arms and again pushed his dick in my legs just under my testis. He then fucked my legs at great pace while we held each other tightly under water. He kept fucking for around 5 to 10 minutes my legs, then he seemed to be exhausted a bit. He stopped there while his dick was still in my legs, he started caressing my ass crack. His fingers were running up and down over my ass crack teasing my ass hole, I knew he was planning to fuck my ass, but I thought I would never give my ass. But he very patiently kept doing the same for few minutes, even I started to enjoy that. Then he slowly placed his index finger over the opening of my ass hole, I was very hot by then and was readily waiting for that finger to go in, but he did not do that, he just kept rolling it on the opening itself as if he was teasing my ass. I was dying now to get his finger inside my ass. But he was expert and he didn’t. E then rolled me over . Now he wrapped me from behind. Now his semi erect dick was pressing against my ass, while he was playing with my nipples and my sleeping and weak dick.

The water was running over our bodies from the shower. He then made some gap between our bodies and with his one hand started to role his dick head over and over my as crack. It seemed as if his dick just kissed my ass hole and went down softly and again it kissed my ass hole and then went up. I loved it like hell. Now I was open for anything, but he was not making any other move, he just kept teasing my ass a lot. He then finally bent me a bit, I thought now he ll penetrate in my hungry ass, but he didn’t, he again slid his fully erect dick up and down the crack teasing my as hole.Now first time in all this it was me who demander for something. I was bent I front of him under the shower, and he was standing behind me holding his dick with one hand pointing towards my ass and other hand on my hip. I said “come on raj now fuck my ass!!!!!, I cant bear it anymore” he said ” r u sure?” I was dying to get it in me and I nodded yes. He smiled and brought out condom from his pants which were hanging in bath room. He put the condom on his dick and made me bend on the sink while the water of the shower was flowing on my ass and his dick. He locked my legs with his legs. Kept one hand on my hips and in other hand he held his dick pointing towards my ass hole. Then I felt that his dick head was placed on the entrance of my ass hole, at that moment I felt as if I made a mistake to ask him to fuck my ass, coz I felt his dick head was very fat and his dick was very long. But it was very late now, I couldn’t even resist now. In no time his dick head was inside me. I was in pain, he held his dick there for few seconds, I was crying and trying to move away but found myself very weak in front of his giant muscles. Then he pushed his dick some more inside me, like another inch in. I was in lot of pain as if my ass hole tore apart, but

Couldn’t do anything but just cried. In few more painful minutes his dick was all in me. Now, he slowly took some part out and again in. Finally he was now fucking my ass slowly, now I was not in that much pain too, gradually I started to enjoy it a bit too. But no doubt the pain was very sharp. In few minutes time he started to increase his speed. I was just moaning, but he then fucked me ercilessly. He removed his complete 8 inched length out of my ass and then all in again. My ass was burning at that moment; I felt as if some red hot iron rod id fucking my ass. He then fucked like hell. And in 5 to ten more minutes he came, I got to know that coz he started to moan and his speed slowed and he lied on my back. Then he kept his dick in my ass for few seconds and then removed it. His condom was full with his cum. He then helped me out of bath and made me lie on the bed, that whole day I slept in his room. And in the evening I came back to my home.Since then we regularly enjoyed sex a lot. It was next time to this when I screwed his ass too. Now he is married, and still some times we enjoy sex together in bathroom.I hope u liked my story. After this incident i have fucked his ass several times, then he got married, and we three got together in bed and both of us fucked his wife, and some times his wife used strap on for us.

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