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Family First – The Beginning

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

This story is written with extreme passion, this story is not for people who just want to jerk off at everything and anything. This story is meant to feel. So feel your dicks and your pussies, treat them well while you read this epic saga.

Namaste, my name is Shiv, yes just like the alleged God who has the title of “The Destroyer”. I am a normal student just like any of you. Going to college, meeting people, making friends and exploring the world. I first learnt about sex at the age of 16, yes I know that it is too late but well, better late than never. I actually got to know about it from my first girlfriend, she was a really simple girl and loved me too much. Unfortunately, we split up before I had the opportunity to have sex. I was then introduced to Masturbation and since then, it has been my entertainer each night. I turned 20 this march and I am still a virgin, such a sad life eh? Now enough about me. Let’s get to the task at hand.

I live in a beautiful home with my Mom (44), Dad (50) and my Sister (24). We are a happy family and we do well for our self, better than the average Joe. My father is a businessman and my mom is a home-maker. My sister is currently pursuing her masters, my family being as open minded as it is, hasn’t forced her to marry someone yet. I think they will give her time till she finishes her masters. My Mom, Sunnita, is a really busty woman. She has this voluptuous tits that I am proud to have sucked as a baby and an ass to die for. Well those were the only tits I have had sucked till now at least. She is fair, has long hair and is of average height. I am unaware of her bodily stats, yet. She is not the subject of this incident anyway. As you would have guessed it already, it is my Sister, Natasha.

Natasha is not the hottest girl in the college, but the one that catches the eye of men every now and then. She is like a Greek Goddess of beauty who’s beauty goes unnoticed by the normal human. If one sees her, it would take time, but one is sure to be mesmerized by her beauty. She is like a younger version of Sunnita, just that she doesn’t have the voluptuous breast and the huge ass. She has firm, big enough tits that a guy would love to suck and hold on to. Her ass is just the perfect size. All-in-all she has a great figure.

It was a mundane Monday, I was feeling the Monday blues just like everyone else. The city was facing power-cuts every now and then. At times there was a power-cut for hours at a stretch. It was one such day, Dad didn’t go to the office as he was supposed to go for a business trip the next day. Mom would have been working around the house the whole day completing chores, at least that is what I thought. I left college after lunch and reached home. And as lady luck wished, there was a power-cut. It was hot already and now this, what could get worse? As I entered the house, the silence was a bit suspicious. It was all silent. There was no sign of my mom or my dad. I assumed that they would have gone out for something or the other.

As the silence grew on me, I could here some distinct voice. Not very audible though.


A loud bang, that is what I needed to get my curiosity go and search for my parents. It was coming from the guest room that was on the top floor, near my bedroom. I climbed the stairs and went over to the room to see what created the noise. The door was ajar, there was a small crack. I could here faint sounds of a woman moaning, I suspected it was my mother’s voice. I peeped through the crack inside the room. What I saw next made my dick stand up straighter than a ruler.

My mom was on her all fours, she was leaning towards the floor. My dad was fucking her, fucking her hard from the behind. I couldn’t figure if it was the ass or the pussy as my mother’s ass is just too big. As my dad was pumping his dick, my mother’s tits were jiggling up and down. This was more exciting than any porn that I have ever watched. I think he stayed home so that he could have sex before he sets off for the trip. Anyway, whatever decision he took sure made my day. My mom was being fucked so hard that she was running out of breath every now and then.

Suddenly, she got up, and lay down. I skipped a heartbeat for a moment. She gave a signal to my dad, I didn’t understand what in particular. My dad then sat on her stomach, place his dick in between the two melons. My mom pressed her breasts together and to my surprise, my dad was now fucking her tits. I only could have imagined being in between the two soft voluptuous balls of heaven.

I wouldn’t deny that I have never fantasized about making love to my mother. I used to fantasize about her now and then, but never felt like ruining the auspicious mother-son bond.

My dick was now throbbing, it was on heat if there was something like that. I went into the adjacent room, my room. Took my pants off, set my 6″ hard on free and let my right hand do my job. I cummed twice in the next 10 mins. I hadn’t cum so much since months. Your dick gets used to your hand if you masturbate everyday.

Anyway, it was the best ejaculation I have had recently. I was so tired after that, that I slept there without realizing that I didn’t have my pants on. Imagine that session now. I woke up late in the evening, and went down. My parents were surprised seeing me there. My dad asked me “When did you come back from college?” with a tensed voice. “I got back a while ago, I figured you guys went out as there was no on home.” I replied evasively. The day was saved and I believe that they didn’t suspect anything.

We all had an amazing family dinner, my mom had made my favorite food for once. I couldn’t figure out for what joy but well, who cares, it was my favorite food. My sister had also come back from her college a while back, must be while I was asleep. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She was looking amazingly beautiful all of a sudden, I don’t know why. She suddenly had this sexual aura surrounding her. Maybe I was just too horny after today’s incident.

It was now night time, everyone retired to their own bedroom at around midnight. And guess what? Another power-cut. The house was completely silent again, not a single sound. I got up to open up my windows and my door so that there was some cross ventilation and I don’t have to die in my own sweat.

To my surprise, again, for the second time today, I was hearing the moans. God knows what had gotten into my father. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see anything in the dark but my curious dick wanted a view of my mother anyway. This time, the sound was coming from their own bedroom, the one adjacent to my sisters.

I climbed down, I checked, my sister was fast asleep, I wondered how can she sleep when it’s so hot.

This time I adjusted my eye to the level of the keyhole that was present. I did get a decent view but all of it was in silhouette. I took my now throbbing dick out of my boxers, and started giving it a slow and steady massage. Up and down my hand went holding my rod. It was all getting hotter than ever. I was getting hornier and excited with each more I heard. I ejaculated within the next 10 mins. “What an amazing day!” I thought to myself.

I was so engrossed in the action of my parents that I decided to stay there for a while. I was paying more attention to what was happening inside than I have ever paid in my classes. My boxers were still down as I was hoping for the dark knight to rise again.

And then, a miracle. I felt someone touching my dick, a soft hand, something that my dick had never felt before. My dick was up in an instant, I looked at my hands and wondered who could this be now? If my dad and mom are in the bedroom and I am here. Could this possibly be?

Yes, it was Natasha. She held my dick with one hand and shushed my lips with the other. She stroked my dick slowly…

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