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Family Doctor Seduced Me

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi,my name is Mishal and i belong to Peshawar city of Pakistan.My family lives abroad.I m studying in Peshawar University and lived with my Grand father and Grand mother.My Grand father is a retired army officer and thats why ,we lived in a clean and popular  area of the city.We are Patthans,but as i lived abroad,it was difficult for me to settle here.

Now come to the story,its my real and true story.I m 23 with good muscular body,and also having big fat patthan’s tool(8”).I love to drive my grandpa new car,and i always use to wash it some times, when servent not at home.Our frontdoor neighbour is a Doctor.He has a sexy daughter of age 17,name Sana.Sana’s mom died 6 years ago.So doctor uncle married again with Naz aunty.Naz aunty is well built woman of age 36 now,and her figure is 38 -30 -38.She always watch me form her window,when i came back to home in car,or play in lawn.She came regular 2 our home and i was also so free with her.But i was interested in Sana.Who was a sexy bomb,i was mad abt her,her figure is 34 -24 -36.

One day Doctor aunty (Naz,i call her Doc aunty)calls me,when her hubby went for the clinic.When i reached there,she welcomed me and take me to the drawing room.She sat on the nearest sofa.She was wearing shalwar kameez,but no duppatta.Her upper button of kameez was open n i can see her white body.Her maid came with tea,she told her to ga back and she bent down to make tea for me.As she bent down i see her white boobs.Sudden i feel an erection.she gave me the tea with a naughty smile coz i was still looking at her boobs.I feel so ashamed and bent my head down.Then she asked me freely ,that how many girl friends i have ,i told her that i m virgin and i wants to be virgin for my future wife.She laugh loudly and told me that i m missing the greatest fun of this world.I ask what’s that fun.Then she smile and  told me,that come some time and i will tell u.After few days,she called me at 8:00 pm.When i went there she told me that Doctor uncle went to village with servent for some urgent work.She told me that she is alone with Sana,n that will b good if i stayed there for the night.Then i told her that u better ask my Grand parents abt this.Then she calls my grandma and she gave me the permission,coz these two females were alone in home.

We done our dinner ,and then Sana went to her room for sleep.I was in the kitchen with Doctor aunty and was helping in washing and placing the plates.I was standing close to her.Her back was towards me,sudden she bent down for someting and her big ass touches my dick in my jeans.I feel her soft ass so good,that i got an erection.My face was red and i cant spoke a word.She stand again rubbing her ass with my dick hardly this time.My dick was harden,n i was standing frozen there.Suddenly she take her back close to my front side.My dick was touching her ass now.She rubs her ass on my dick, n sudden she catch my dick in her hand.I was cold and frozen,she says,”Well well,what v have here”.I was speachless,she turn towards me and said,”Did u like my ass touches ur dick”.I nobed Yes.She come close to me and kiss me on lips.I was so confused,but i was enjoying this.She frech kiss me,and open the zip of my jeans and take my cock out of my underware.Her lips were on my lips,her hand was on my cock and my hands were on her Ass.Then she comes down to my cock,and said,”Mishal,tumhara lun toh doctor say bhi bara hai,kia main issay choos sakti hoon,(ur dick is bigger and thicker then ur Doctor Uncle,can i suck it)”.I said ,”Doctor aunty,its all urs”.She told me to call her Naz only Naz and she take my dick in her wet mouth.she was hungry for the cock ,bcz she suck me so badly,she was playing with my balls too.Her tongue was circling on the eye of my cock and her lips were taking my cock deep in her mouth.I grab her head,and push her head in tro n fro direction.I was enjoying Mouth fucking her.I told her i m near to cummmm,she ordered me to come in her mouth.I came in her mouth with big load.and she drank some cum,and some cum was coming out from her beautiful lips.Then she stand up and wisper in my ears,” that this is the correct time for fun”.Then she took off my shirt and jeans and also my underware.Then i remove her Kameez and shalwar.She was in Black Bra and Panties.I was shocked to see her beautiful body.She walk a little and then she take her bra off,n throw it on me.I grab her and kiss her big boobs.I laid her there on Kitchen table and climb on her.I suck her boobs and lick her erect nipples.My hand goes in her panty,which was already so wet.i put my one fionger in her pussy and she moan AAHHHH.I kiss her billy and then i come to her naval.She take her legs above in air and i easly removed her panty from her long legs.Then she widden her legs apart and i come close to her beautiful shaved pussy.UUMMMMM i smell her pussy,which was sainted with pure womanhood.I put my lips on her pussy lips and take my tongue deep inside her wet hot pussy,she was moaning UUMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHH AAOUCHHHHHHHH.My tongue was goning in and out fastly and hardly,she covers my head from her legs and push my face deep in her pussy,UUMMMMMMMM,she was moaning loudly AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH  Mishal I M CUUUUUUUU MMMMMMMMM II NNNNNN GGGGG.And she came in my mouth I tasted her cum and that was great.Then i placed my tongue on her Ass hole n make it wet with my tongue.She starts soft moaning again ahhhhhhhhhhh.i gave her a finger in her tight ass hole and she spread her legs wide open.Then i came down from the table,she kiss me hard and take me to her bed room.Wow her bed room was so good with a great double bed.she laid me on her bed n takeout a spray from a drawer,I ask. what is this?she told me that this will make u come late and u will enjoy more.I said ok n she spray it on my cock and on my balls.then she came over me and take my cock in her hand ,she then directed it towards her pussy hole.My cock’s cap was on her pussy lips,I was laying on the bed and she slowely slowely take my 8” dick in her pussy hole.when my dick was half in she starts moaning,AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.she told me its enough big for her to take my whole cock in her pussy ,so she starts up and down on my half cock,but i was mad at that time ,i took her in my arms lay her on the bed,and with a power full push i inserted my whole dick in her pussy,and she shouts AAHHHHHHHHHHH ,MMMMAAAAAAARRRGGGAYEEEEEEEE, SLOW SLOW PLZZZ,But i was mad and i was pumping her hard and hard,suddenly her shouts converts in her moaning,she was enjoying this pain now.and she was moving her hips in my direction.UUMMMMMM U SOOOO GOOOOOD,FUCK ME HARDER,TAKE UR WHOLE COCK DEEP IN MY WET PUSSYYY,FUCK ME,FUCK ME HARD.

Sudden door opens and i saw Sana came to the room in her nighty.Both of us were shocked to see her.Sana’s mouth was wide open.Then she told her step mother,that,” haramzadi,tuh meray Dad kay janay kay badh yeh sab karti hai,Randi.Aanay day Abba ko sab bata doongi,(that i will tell dad all this,that what u do when he leaves the house).Naz went towards her,n begged for mercy.that plz dont tell ur Dad ,she will do whatever she say.Sana told her to repeat her words three times,that she will do whatever she said.Naz was her slave now.Sana was the misstress now.She takes her nighty little up,and told her Mom to suck my cunt until i cummm.Naz and i was shocked to see that she is not wearing any panty.Naz began to lick Sana’s little pinkish pussy.Sudden she told me come here and suck her boobs.This was my desires to suck her boobs.I was sucking Sana’s boobs and Naz was on her pussy,she shouts and came with her 1st orgasm.Then Sana take us to the bed and ordered Her Mom to be on her knees,Naz comes in doggy,Sana told me to fuck her Mom in her Ass,as this was her punishment.I then placed my cock on Naz ass hole,but my cock was not wet,sana smiles at me and take my cock in her mouth,UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM,that was too good.she sucks my cock for long time and then make it wet and placed it on her Mom ass hole.I pushed my cock in her ass but she was virgin from her ass,so she shouts,as my half cock goes in.Sana kiss on her lips and locked her shouts,i push slowly and slowly and then i was pumping in her ass,UUMMMMMMM,her ass was tighter than her pussy.My cock was going full deep in her ass now.Now Sana take her pussy close to her Mother mouth and Naz begain to lick her daughter’s pink pussy.Sana was enjoying this and sudden she came in 69 possition with her Mom,Naz was sucking her and she was sucking her Mom pussy and my balls.they both came at the same time.Then sana takes my cock out from her Mom’s Ass hole n lick her open ass hole,then she takes my cock in her mouth again.We all were covered in each others sweets.

Now it was sana’s turn to b fucked.Sana was little scared,Naz takes some gell from her bed drawer n put it on Sana’s pink pussy.Then Naz placed a pillow bellow her back n this take her pussy towards my cock direction.Naz open her legs wide n i placed my cock’s cap on her pussy lips.Then Naz told me that slow n calmly insert my cock in her pussy.I was doing as the same as my profesional Naz Aunty was saying.Then something resist my cock in Sana’s pussy.Now Naz ordered me to push little hard,as i was jerking little hard Sana’s eyes were full from the tears,thn i sudden insert my prick inher virgin tight pussy with a powwerfull push n she begans to shout.Naz close hr mouth with her hand,n i was now punpming my cock slow in her pussy.after few minutes sana calm down n now i was doing my job good.I was fucking her pussy,i saw blood on my cock n on her pussy.Naz congragulate Sana’s that now she has become a complete woman.I fuck her slowly but now sana was enjoying this n told me to fuck her fast n hard.I increased my spead n she was shouting,Oh yeah ,fucccck meeeee harrrddddddd.She came twice.But i was still hard,I told Naz that i also wants 2 cum,then she told me ok.She makes Sana’s pussy n my cock clean with a piece of cloth,n tell Sana’s to b on her four in the bed.She was in doggie.I think that i might take her virgin Ass but,Naz told me that fuck her daughters pussy,coz it will b so difficult for sana to losse her both virginity at the same time.I took my cock in her tight,pink,wet pussy n she was moaning this time.I feel that i m in heaven.Her hips was shaking with me rythemelly.Ummmm that was greeeeeeeaaaaaaat.Na zstood up in bed n take her boobs towards my mouth ,i suck her badly.n then she goes towards my back.Her hands were rubbing my ass now.Sudden Naz bent down n lick my ass hole.It was strange but i was injoying this.I was Fucking sana n Naz was licking my ass hole n plays with my balls.I was in heaven, n i was feeling that a stream is coming out of my body.Sudden i shouts ,that i m near to cum,Naz told me that cum inside sana’s pussy.I was jerking n pushing fast n hard this time,n finally i came with a big load of stream in her pussy.I was soo tired Naz takes my cock out from sana’s pussy n begins to lick it,there also i came with a thick semen.Both Naz mouth n Sana’s pussy was full from my thich semen.Both mother n daughter laid me on the bed n begins to play with my cock n eachothers body parts.

It was too late,v dont remember when we all fall in sleep.My eyes opens with a Phone ring.Naz attend it after 7 minutes.This was her Husband,n he told her that he cant comes today n he will come tomorrow.Wow.What have v done n all that day n on that night is another story.I will tell u that if u wants 2 listen.

I luv Naz n Sana.But bcz of Doctor Uncle i got few chances.If any lady wants to share her experience with me,or wants to make friendship with me ,plz contact me on ( & know i luv teen coz teen is clean but i m also mad abt oldy coz old is Gold,So all kind n age of girls n woman can contact 2 me.U will b satisfied n pleased by guarentee.Bye

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