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Family Cousin Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hello readers of Desipapa I m Rajat from India it is my first story for the site I hope you will like and tell me how was the story. I was 22 year old at that time. My fathers cousin baby was gorgeous lady with a huge tits and wonderful boobs really she was able to kill any man with her killing look she was always wearing a low cut Jumper. We were neighbor as she was staying with my Uncle. She was 35 year old She was very friendly with me always laughing and smiling unfortunately she could not get a boy to get marry a lot of boys came and gone but none of the liked her most probably because of dowry demand her marriage could not be settled.

One day I have been sitting with her on terrace watching TV programme ( TV was kept on the terrace because of hot summer days and to accommodate a lot of people as there was a single TV in the neighbor hood.) Baby was just sitting behind me on chair I had no intention of doing any thing to her as I was always afraid of my relationship with her although I always liked her boobs and masturbated in her name several times. I was keeping my hand behind my chair all of sudden I felt that my hand is touching babys thigh I just pressed her thigh just to tease her but she came closer to me that gave me courage and I pushed my hand further inside her Jumper I felt She tried to cover my hand with her Jumper I got a sudden erection and my Lund became hard. Everybody was busy in watching film on TV but I was totally lost and pressing her thighs with my hands She came further near I pressed hard she came closer and I got her wet pussys lips in my fingers she came more near and I made a hole in her Shalwar from my finger and pushed my Index finger in her pussy her pussy was very clean there were no hairs. But she was so wet. I could feel her breaths in my ears. I kept my finger moving in her pussy and She was unable to moan because a lot of children were watching the film along with us.

All of a sudden there was a news break and everybody got up I also took out my hand from her Pussy. When everybody went down I told her thank you Baby aunty She said sorry I shouldnt have done it with you I said nothing is wrong in love. You can assure that I m not going to tell anybody this thing it is between you and me. Can you come in my room in the night? She said please Rajat this is not fair I m your aunty I told her ok Baby aunty I wont force you but if you think I can satisfy you than you may come in my room in the night when everybody sleeps. (We had a way from the roof to get excess to each others house) I told her Baby I will keep open the way of terrace if you feel we can meet we can have fun in the night please come I will wait for you.

In the night I was unable to sleep and waiting for her at almost 2.00 am I felt somebody is coming from the next roof. My heart started beating like a drum I got up and came out of my room ohhh it was a nice sight Baby was there in a night gown I ran towards her and hold her in my arms She told me not to make any noise we quietly came in the room she was looking so sexy her nipples were hard and one could have seen from a distance my Lund became like a Iron rod I was having only a Jangia and she was having no bra no under wear I started kissing her on her lips she also pushed her tongue in my mouth. I started pressing her 38 size boobs and removed her gown from her body she was totally nude than I removed my Jangia and Banyan also she was looking at my Lund sitting on bed I asked would she like to kiss my Lund she did not say anything but kept her lips on my Lund than she touched her eyes with my Lund there were tears in her eyes and she was rubbing my Lund on her eyes. I was pressing her boobs with my both hands. I asked her Baby tummerey saath doctor doctor khelogi yaa chudwana bhi hai usney merey munh par haath rakh diya

Meiney kaha baby darling is liye pooch rahaa hoon ki mein tumharey saath koi kaam tumhaari marzi key bina nahin karna chata. She said mera man to tumharey is ko anadr leney ka hai lekin dar lagta hai kahain bachha na ruk jai .

I told her not to worry about pregnancy as I will not pour my cum in her pussy. Meiney kaha aao jaan phitr to bas choodney ki aur chudwaney ki tayaari karoo who boli please yeh language acchi nahi hai meiney kaha key achha jo tum kaho she said bas hum tum mohabbat kareiin aur ek doosrey key andar utar jayein.

Meieny kaha achha pehley mere Lund chooso aur mujhey bhi apni choot chateny do she said nahi yeh gandi cheez hai aur phir mera haat apni choot par le jakar boli yeh dekho kitna bura hall hai bas ab kisi aur baat ka time nahi aur jhat sey bister par late gai meiney uski choot par laura ragra to who sansana gai itni bheegi hui choot dekh kar mera khud bhi bura hall ho raha tha bas meiney jhat sey Lund andar pel diya usney taangein uthaa kar mujhey zoor se daba liya aur booli Raja poora andar Daal do meiney ek hi baar mein Lund uski choot mein piro diya. Baby masti mein ohhhh aahhhh ki awazein nikal rahi thi aur mein uskey mummey choose kar usko behaal kar raha tha .

Phir meiney baby sey kaha ki tum merey opper aa jaao who jhat sey opper aakr merey laure sey apni choot ragarney lagi. Phir usney poora luara andar ley liyaa aur khoob zoor zoor sey choot ko opper neechey karney lagi. Meiney kaha mein discharge honey waala hoon usne mera lund jaldi se bahar nikal kar apni choot key lips zoor zoor sey ragarna shru kiye to masti key marey mera bur haal hoo gaya aur merey lund sey white color ka volcano bahar nikal para uski to aur buri halat ho gai won meri mani ko utha utha kar apney doodh par malney lagi phir thori der hum doono ek doosrey par hi parey rahey. Bad mein who apni nighty phean kar chali gai. Yeh love making jab tak chalti rahi jab tak ki meri shaadi nahi hoo gai. Meri shaadi key baad baby ney mujhey kabhi choodney ka mauqa nahi diya.

How waas the story tell me please female openion is welcome boys may also send their reactions on my mail bye Rajat

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