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Failed To Cure Virginity

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hellos hot guys and horny gals. First of all let me appreciate desipapa for having this terrific section. I know many guys including me and gals masturbate reading this section and regulate their lusts. It’s simply awesome. Well this is my first time pasting my story.I mm Usman, 20 from Rawalpindi/Pakistan. Am a handsome guy doing BCS from a well reputed university here in the town. I am very much afraid as the hunger for sex in this region is increasing as its not available very easily or openly. So every body is crazy about. Luckily I got a chance 2 months back, and that was with my classmate.

I have got 6 gals in my class and each of them is superb, u can say “aik se barh ker aik”. But samiya she is very much different from others. I don’t have words to describe her. She is the most beautiful girl I ever came across. I don’t know the exact figure but tell u that she has lovely boobs pointing like every thing they look like melons, her hips rounded and notably stretched. Long hairs reaching hips, brown eyes, cut the long in short she was a machine just configured for sex. uss ki body, chaal, bolna, manners I mean she is full in every thing. She covers her whole body as a typical Islamic tradition. But her poor clothes never were able to keep the secret of her assets. Well am a guy with no guts to speak with girls. So most of times am struggling at it.

In last semester in electronics lab, we were doing our practical and I got samiya with my batch. So we worked collectively. From there we I got a bit free with her. On that particular day I don’t know how, of course accidentally my hand touched her ass checks, man that was a shock at least for me, itna soft and hot, I believe, that feeling I never will forget and I still memorize it. Those were the best seconds of my life. She at once looked at me. Our eyes met, I just shocked my head in sorry she acknowledged it and we started working again. Things became normal, and we turned up into good friends hanging around in the campus, but it never means we did that all the time, not oftenly but aksar hum loog ghap shap kia kartay.

Once I remember it was Friday, she said “Usman plz apnay notes daina” she missed previous two lectures. So I handed them over to her. She got through them but couldn’t get my writing, so she requested me if I can spare some time. I had urgency on that day so I excused, on this samiya called me to come tomorrow, as its holiday in but we arranged

Our meeting on 10:00 am. I was late as ever but this time only 20-min I hurriedly said hello to her and started with the studies, even I didn’t waited her to reply my salaam. Hunnnnn I forgot to tell u that on Saturdays our campus is usually empty and we were in the corner of ground. There are some bushy trees creating a splendor environment and a bit of scracy. After some time I realized that samiya is not listening to me I inquired if every thing is ok. she nodded in -ve “meri tabiyat shakt kharab hai, aatay howay rastey main chakar aa gaye” I was very much worried maine kaha”to Doc ke paas

chaltay hain ”

Samiya “nahi itna bhi maslaa nahi hai, abhi theek ho jaoon gi”

Me “are u sure”

Samiya “hunn hunn I am, waisay raat se saray badan main thakan feel ho rahi thi, abb bhi mera jism thakawat ki waja se dard kar raha hai, aur headache bhi hai”

Me “samiya app ko rest ki zarorat hai”

Samiya “koi baat nahi abhi theek ho jaoon gi, u dont worry”

I was thinking ke what to do, I got an idea…”main app ka sar daba doon”

Samiya “nahi bahi, kaisay, app larkay hoa ur main larki”

Me “hum friends bhi to hain”

Samiya “no no”

At that moment I was a bit hot, and was desperate to touch her, and hoped ke things will go good for me. i insisted again, at that she agreed I don’t know how she dared that but she replied affirmative she was sitting on ground I sat behind her on knees, wracked her fore head in my both hands and started messaging, making sure that my body don’t touch her. Yet the warmth of her body kept sending shocks to my body. And the odor of her perfume made the feelings worst. I was a just centimeter away from her. After 4 to 5 min she got a bit relaxed and tried to put her hands on her shoulders by stretching her armpits. This made he move a bit back. This worked for me, and my pointed dick just targeted the hook of her bra, which she also felt. i was so nervous. I didn’t knew what to do. We both didn’t moved from our positions. After a while I eased my self a bit and touched my thighs with her back. She still didn’t move I got courage. Thought ke kaam ban gia. But still had to do tough.

“thanx baas karo”. She told me…

I backed off she then put her both hands on her back and applying a little push. I understood “back bhi daba doon (with a naughty smile I said to her)”, “never abb hadh hoti hai har cheez ki” listening this I thought ke sara kaaam dump ho gia, I will never be able to do this in my life.

“Usman thori pyaaas lagi hai, pani na pii aayin”, she asked me, my answer was of course in “yes”. We started moving towards the main block where the water cooler was installed. Meanwhile I was having trouble hiding my bludge. I guess she saw it, as she was smiling all the way through corridor. Uss ne thora sa pani piya.

Samiya “Ander kissi class room main heater ke neechay na bhathain”

Me “haan theek hai, chaloo”

I again started dreaming, I led her to the most unreachable room, that was near the stores. How to lit the heater. as there would be no one around with match box. She didn’t know that I smoke. I hesitantly took out my lighter, “tum cigratee pitay hoo”, she cried. I was answer less. And keep littering the heater. “No”, was the only word I could speak. But she was not convinced. But a bit relief, sat on the main desk, and eased her back lying down on her back, legs still hanging down the desk. Man I can’t tell u the scene I watched, the boobs just pointing to the ceiling. I came near to her, “are u alright”, she placing her hands on fore head “plz Usman phir se sar bada doo, I am not feeling well”, I got over joyed. This time I played a technique, that is I started messaging him while standing at her side as she was on the edge of desk. During the message I kept on decreasing the distance at last my elbow touched her mount, hmmmmmmm I sighed in a nervous condition, and either was she. Those little touches made both of us at full, she at once turned around and now she was lying with hips towards me, “Usman plz back bhi daba dooo,” in a slow voice she managed to utter these words. my heart was pounding out, every thing was so unexpected and in that much accidental manner ke I was not believing myself, but that’s per sure, all this was badly required. I put my hand on her back, her gursy still on, it was hindering my way, and she got it and pulled it out. Now she was in only her outfits, which were tight showing every curve.

Her qameez was silky of light blue color, not that much thin stuff but her black bra could be seen under it. I started the proceedings. I set my hands covering every inch of her back but the boundaries are set for me. Even after all that I was unable to make any move. I was working between the bra trips to the end of her hips. At last I decided ke this time I will go bit down but i am so stupid when I felt the mound I creeped back. Samiya was just lying there calmly. While returning to the upper back I slipped my hand to the front part of her body just touching the roundness of the boobs. She still didn’t have any sort of reaction on that. I was with a bit courage until now. This time I entered the crack, yes I did that at last samiya with heavy breath looked behind just smiled and then closed her eyes. I got the signal I was looking for so long. My one hand started moving there in the crack approaching towards the asshole, and shifting her leg a bit up in air while other hand forwarded to the front thighs, covering the women hood of this great goddess. She was hot now. Laid her straight back and opening the legs apart for my access to the private area.

Now this is the climax episode of the whole game. I was getting crazy, but kept myself calm in keep doing the things slow for best performance moved up towards belly then the melons, my dreams, I cupped them, so soft and so firm under the silky suit they were being felt more than amazing. Samiya started shifting her qameez up, still lying down. I helped her take her kameez off, and here were the most valuable assets I ever seen. Just right roundness, and were firm, packed in black bra. Now samiya was standing on floor, with a marvelous smile we locked on our lips and started shooting our tongues exploring each other, it was our first time, she told me later that it was also her first ever experience. That kiss will be remembered throughout my life. We kept on kissing for at least 10 min we both were out of this world. We returned back when her mobile rang. “Shit…” I yield and threw it away and started things as they were. This time rather on some down areas unhooked her bra; here come the boobs, pink nipples those were erect now. Sucking was delicious especially for samiya. She got very much exited within minutes lay back on desk again, I sucked those pink nipples till they were red as apple, yea they nipples changed into red from pink. Shalwar’s string, I grabbed it and pulled out. Samiya cried as she is afraid of something, but I didn’t noticed her and pulled shalwar down her knees. She crossed her legs, hiding the secret from me, I waited for a sec then looked into her eyes which were flesh I turned my intentions towards the real part. Placed a hand on her black panty. Rubbed my fingers pinching the clitoris. Samiya closing her eyes and had a deep sigh sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Slid the panty at once. The pussy was recently shaven and was clean, pink clitoris, love hole seemed tight but was wet enough. I started messaging it while other hand concentrating on nipples. Samiya’s eyes were tightly shut lips a bit parted, tongue rubbing them sequencely. Every thing was perfect and in complete silence, except of heavy breathings of ours. I kept my tongue on the love part, that was an awesome sensation, wonderful experience for me. abhi tak to main ne yeh sab kuch movies main daikha tha, but now i was experiencing it. I also started fingering her which made a bit uncomfortable bcoz of pain, she was so tight, she later told me that she never masturbated. Yet I managed to have way for two fingers now samiya was hot. Me sucking and fucking her by fingers. She got climax and loaded juices and juices all over my face. She was breathing heavily.

After returning to senses samiya looked like she found every thing, may be this point was the end of her findings. She stood up and looked rite into me and started passionately kissing me. That kisses session continued for 5 min then she undid my clothes. First shirt than the jeans and here sprang out my dildlo. She was stunned at the sight. I made her kneel down and suck it. As expected she never went for a blowjob, while convincing her I took abut 5 min at last she placed hot red lips on the head of my penis, ohhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling that was she started sucking like a call girl, so professionally that I was in heavens. Within 2 min I felt building pressure in by balls I told her she took the dick out and started stroking with hands I shoooted and shooted gallons of cum., as myself was wondering from where this cum came from. We both hugged each other totally naked. Completely sank into each other. Soon samiya felt something on her thighs it was nothing else than my tool.

Samiya “Usman dekho main ajj bohat agay chali gai hoon, but main aur agay nahi jana chati”

Me “kia matlab, abhi to kia hi kia hai…. Samiya bent down now the real thing is gonna happen”

Samiya “plz Usman I don’t want to loose virginity, I want to keep this for my husband, mujhay pata hai humaray liye yahan se wapis jana mushkil hai, but namumkin nahi hai”

Me “samiya tum kia keh rahi ho, plz kuch nahi hota” While saying this I turned her back forcefully making her bend on the desk, exposing her choot at the right height for me… At this she exclaimed “plz, “, (while tears came in her eyes, I did holded her tightly so she wont ungrip me) “plz Usman, plzzzzzzzz”

“Samiya kuch nahi ho ga u will enjoy, I assure u ” iss ke sath hi main ne apni dick uss ke entrance par rakh di, which she felt, but this time she forcibly kicked me back.Me “what the hell is this samiya”

Samiya “(rotay howay) mujhay janay do plz”

Me “accha acccha as u wish, main ne jo kuch bhi kia tumhari mwerzi say kia if u dont wanna go ahead it okay”

Samiya “(a bit relaxed) thanx Usman, thanx a lot” she came to me and kissed again. This time she hugged me so tightly I don know why but she was weeping, creasing my back and kissing me. I was amazed to see the passion in that girl. We parted our lips and I could only managed to say

” thanx samiya for wonderful time, I will never forget this day”

She was to reply

“Usman u are so nice, thanx a lot, maine bhi enjoy kia but sorry, main tumhari baat nahi mani.thanx again”

There I helped her get dressed, I was watching the secrets being buried under the clothes, thinking may be I will ever able to see them again or not. And she helped me while getting dressed. We both left that memorable room no 13 with a last kiss…

She requested me to forget this incident, which I did. Now we are just good friends. Even the bond is tighter now. Am really lucky to have friend like her and yet unlucky i just missed my destiny by inches..

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