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  • October 3, 2015

Hello to every one .i m one of the greatest fan of desipapa. Now i m going to tell u about my true and rememberable stroy.i m 20 years old with 6 feet height and normal bulit body. i live in Lahore defence .this incident took place for about a month back . Our neghbour Mrs Haroon is a very sexy lady she 30 year of age with one kid of 13 year but she extremly sexy a woman of dreems .

One Day i was alone at home suddenly the door bell rang i opened the door she was standing out there with some dress in her hand she said app ke ghar pani a raha hai i want to take bath . i said sure u can so she came in. i showed her the bath room . she said thanx and i came out of the room she put her colthes on the bed and went in .i was feelng realy horny and was planing how to get this sexy lady to my bed . suddenly i had an idea i went out and came near the bath room window it was dark out side due to which she cant see me.i saw she was standing in front of mirror and watchng herelf then he slowly removed her shirt off OH MY GOD what a sexy pair of boobs she had . she was wearing black bra . then she took off her shalwar i was realy hard by that time she was wearing same colored panty she looked great in that white sexy body in black under wears .i was holding my hard cock in my hand .

Then she opened the shower and stand under it . phir us ne apne baal koley . After that she applied soap to her body then she pressed her boobs and the nipple grew little bigger i was getting extreemly hot after pressing her boobs she rubbed her shaved pussy .i was enjoying this scean then she started puting finger in her cunt i dont know what she was doing . then she sat there and started fingering her self and started making moans . and in a gentle voice she was saying FUCk ME FUCk ME …..i rushed inside and knocked at the door she said in a load voice who is there said her that your daughter had called and say that she wanna talk to you urgent .i asked her that i have placed the phone inside the room so u can come out and attend the call i m going out i stood behind the door and put the phone craddle on the side she oppend the door . and picked up the phone . at the moment her back was toward me i put my arms arround her wet body and kissed her neck she was shocked my hard cock touched her bare ass that was the best feeling i ever had .

I whispered in her ear do u want a hard fuck fisrt she tried to push me a side but of no use told her that i have seen her fingering she was afriad . then i told her not to worry i will not tell anyone . buy sayng this i asked her to lay on the bed she obeyed my order. i started kissing her first on lips then on the neck . i placed my hand over her left breast and started pressng it . i put my lips over the boob and started sucking the boob she was laying under me and was breathing heavly then she gripped my cock which was fully grown by now she said to remove my clothes i asked her u do it . she said ok then she oppend my shirt button and kissed my chest then she reached to my pants and open my belt and remove my pants and put her hand inside the under wear. she kissed my cock over the under wear . then by hold the under wear by her teeth took it donw she was shocked to see my full sized cock of 8 inch she kissed on the cock head and put it in her mouth and started sucking it while i was playing with her hairs first she was sucking it slowly but then she ganied the speed after 10 min i shouted i m going to cum she ganied more speed i tried to take out my cock from her mouth but she held it tightly i cumed inside her mouth and she swallowed a little and the rest of it was all our her body. i asked her koti aghar sara nahi pi sakti thi to muom man dla hi kion tha then we started kissng each oher .

After about 10 min my cock was hard agian . i asked her that lay down wanna fuck your cunt she put her legs arround my hips and i put my cock head over her cunt it was hot and liquid was comsing out i enterd her cunt wow what a feelng it was . i started gving her gentle strokes she was making low moans ooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm FUCk ME FUCk ME HARD AUR ZAYADA then i told her i m going to cum she shouted plz dont cum inside plzzzzzzzzzzz i removed my cock she said i will suck it agian i said no let me fuck ur ass she said no plz dont i have never done it i said but i like to fuck ur ass plz let me do it she said nahi bahoot dard ho ga . i said ok aghar dard zayada hoa then i will remove my cock she said ok .i put my cock over her ass and tried to enter but it was tight then i put a cream over my cock and then put it over her ass then applied force and it entered in her she make out a load voice and said plz dont do it i m gona die i did not listen her and contnued to fuck her i started ganing my speed she was screemng under me after a while she also started enjoying it after few min i said that i m gona cum inside ur ass she said ok then i relised my cum inside her ass then we started kissing then she said it now getting to late i said ok then we too bath togather and she went home now we meet each other once or twice in a week when her husband go out of the city or at the day time when he is in office and i bunk from college and go to her houe we have tried many new style like in kitchen on sofa etc . any woman or gal of lahore wanna have a nice fuck so plz contact me at .plz do tell me about my story

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