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Experiencing Ramu’s daughter

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

I am a married 28 yr old guy currently in the USA. This experience is from my last trip to India. We have a flat in India which is basically empty most of the time and for use by my family when we visit India. I was there for 3 weeks this time. My wife had gone to visit her parents and hence I was left all alone in the flat. Now, we have an old and faithful servant in India, who looks after the flat and also works during the day. It so happened that after I arrived there, my servants daughter 22 yrs old came to vist him. She used to stay at the flat with her father whenever she used to come and also used to help with the household chores. I can tell you she was from the village but she is one of the most sexiest females I have seen in my life. She is much much sexier than my wife. She was 34c 28 32 or so and was very very attractive. If she actually was to wear an expensive salwar kameez and get her hair done she could pass off as a well educated modern girl. Anyways, since I was on vacation I was mostly just relaxing. She was cooking for me and life was fun.

Then, the second day she was cleaning my room and I was sitting on the bed. Right then I noticed her nice boobs and was aroused that I was almost wet. She was probably not doing this on purpose (or who knows maybe she was?). Anyways, I kept staring at her boobs and it seems she noticed my stare but did not react. Thats when I thought that I could try and seduce her. So I decided to go and get a blue film from the nearby video store. The next morning the same routine: cook breakfast, her father leaves for his job and we both home alone. She again starts to clean the room and the situation is as before. I try to make small talk with her. Are u married, where is your husband, etc…. She says that indeed she was married at age 14 or something and that her husband was in the village and she would be forced to marry him even though she did not want to. I asked her why and she said “ab kya bataye aapko babuji”.(What should I tell you now?). I became more interested and then she said that she was not having fun with him. Anyways, things ended there and I gauged that she might be interested as she was giggling and enjoying my talking to her. In the afternoon, I put on the video I had bought and purposely kept the door wide open. I knew that she would definately watch tv if I switched it on.

Now the bed and tv are arranged in such a way in the room that someone could stand right outside the door and watch tv ad the person inside would not know. I took advantage of this and noticed that she was watching the video thinking that she was not being seen. I was easily lying down on the bed. Then, during a blow job scene I got up in a flash and she noticed that I had seen her watching. She virtually ran from there. I called her and she was crying and said “please dont tell my father or else he will kill me”. I said I wont and after a lot of assurance she calmed down. In the calmind down process I touched her shoulders and stuff and she seemed to be fine with that. Then, I asked her what all she had seen and it seemed she had been watching for a nice half hour. Then I told her that I would not tell anyone is she told me what she had liked the most in the movie. She said she liked the guys dick and the doggy position. Now I could make out that her tears were gone and she was kinda excited. I asked her have you tried that position before and she said that her husband was useless. At the same time I started messaging her neck and shoulder.

She seemed to be relaxed. Then, I moved my hand slowly over her hand and told her that she probably did not know how beautiful she was. She was blushing and was very embarassed. I told her not to worry as no one was home. Saying this I planted a small kiss on her lips and she said no no this is not right and got up. I caught her hand and just pulled her slightly towards me and this time to my surprise she did not resist at all and we started kissing profusely. Then, I slowly moved my hand over her breasts. Trust me, her breasts were so soft, yet firm and her nipples were as hard a rock. I played with her nipples for a while while kissing her and soon she was all over me. Then I took off her salwar and to my surprise were the sexiest breasts I had ever imagined. I started licking her and at the same time kept telling her about how sexy she was. She seemed to enjoy my comments and with each comment the love making became more intense from her part. Then, I slowly kissed her whole body and moved lower.

I undid her pajamas and then revealed her panty. She was dripping. I started to lick her and she said, what r u doing? This is so dirty. I told her just wait and see. It seems she had never been licked and hence did not know what that meant. I must have licked her for atleast 20 minutes, tingling her and she must have got atleast 3-5 orgasms. I also came once but I continued. Then, I asked her if she would like to suck my dick as in the movie. She thought it was dirty but then took it in her mouth anyways. Ahhhhh. I cannot believe the blow job she gave me. She sucked it completely dry. After this I asked her if she wanted to try the doggy style. She was just speechless and bent down. HEr pussy was really tight and I had trouble getting my cock in her to start with. She was moaning with pleasure. Then, slowly and steadily I eased into her and had the fuck of my life. She was tight and completely wet. Soon we were both exhausted and lay naked flat on our backs. Her body was shining beautiful. I wish I had a camera handy to shoot her lovely pic. I kissed her on her lips and asked her if she had had fun and she held my neck and kissed me back passionately.

Well, it was now evening and her father was expected soon, so we cleaned up and dressed up. After dressing I had her sit on my lap and talked to her about how she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She enjoyed it a lot. We njoyed this for the next 4 days and tried a bunch of positions. She liked the missionary position a lot and was highly aroused by that. The last day I offered her money for her village and she refused to accept it. I told her that I did not want this relationship to end and that she could contact me for any help at any time. She was very happy at my offer. This is my first time writing about my experience and to be honest I was inspired by the other stories to put my experience on paper. I would love to get feedback from you guys. Also, if there are any females in the US (single, housewives, etc….) I would love to hear from you on I would love to make friends with broadminded women here. And keep in mind secrecy is 100% assured and guaranteed. Discreetness is a must. Thanks for your time.

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