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  • September 30, 2015

Recently I came across desipapa site on erotic experiences and I felt to let you all know my true experience. I am a 47 year old gentle man well built body.One day I was browsing in a cyber cafe of Satyam info way in Delhi.I prefer to surff in delhi in satyam info way because of privacy and speed. It was a hot after noon in summer. I was involved in my job who comes or go in the cafe does not bother me.

A small(to my eyes) very cute girl probably reading in any school ,was also surffing near my system.she was perhaps a new user asked me to help her in attaching a document in sending a mail. I tried to explain but she could not do it. Then I went to her desk and practically explained her how to do it. During this process while showing the function of mouse my right arm just touched her left boob .I could noticed that she was thrilled and looked at my face.Since I did not had any bad intention I did not cared much. Besids she seems to me ,a small child where as myself of older age and is a dedicated husband. It didnot came into my mind anything erotic at that moment but I could feel that her eyes are telling something else.I could see shyness in her eyes and red flashes on her white and beautiful cheeks.I am sure she also had no such intentions while asking me for help. However some I was not much comfortable withne myself and came back to my sheat. I could not concentrate as I am old enough for such incidents. I quickly finished my job and while coming out she asked how to log off the system. I explained her and we came out of cyber cafe.

Outside was very hot due to peak summer and we came out from a well airconditioned room. While opening the door of my car I just casually asked her where she will go so that I can give her a lift. There I could feel that She is not a school going child but a bit older. She told me the location of her destination. As i was going towards that direction only I offered her a lift.Which she aggreed immidiately.Till that period I had no other feelling on her On the way when the conversation started I was realy surprised to know that she is serving in a mnc as junior manager in Hrd deptt. and staying in that house as a paying guest. She has a separate room and the owner of the house is a widow having one son.Since she was not feeling well that day so she was returning home for some rest. she seems to be well behaved and smart lady. When we reached to her house she called me up to her room and requested to share some cold drink. I could not refuse. I was introduced as her uncle to the lady of the house and we came to her room. Her room was fitted A/C and well decorated andsweet fragrance of rose my favourite, I liked her house. She asked me to sit in the sofa and requested me for a few seconds. I thought I had formed a wrong impression on this girl and sat quitely on the sofa.

After some time she appeared her dress changed. she was looking very beautiful and sexy. slim figure slightly swollened boobs which I had seen few minuts back. Dark green mini skirt thighs half nacked clear visibility of noval portion well shaped. I again confused looking at her.I thought she must be a wrong type of woman. I did not have any choice but to spend some time there. My mind was blowwing and she was also quite comfortable. She brought some cola and sat near me in the same sofa. I saw her thaighs and boobs,which brought tenssion to me balls. Normally I donot use underware as such I was unable to control my organ. when she was handing over the bottle of cola I saw green bra peeping out of her sleevless top. This very moment converted me to my youth. I took the bottle from her and said you gave me a lot of surprises to day. To this she smiled and said dont think me a wrong type of girl. Iam a virgin.I dont have any affair with any boy so far, but since 2/3 days I am unable to control my self. I left my office today due to the same reason. and ultimately I drop up in the cyber cafe. There also I could not concentrate. It was a chance that your arm brushed my chest and I felt some excitement from your male touch.It so happened that we are sitting here. I liked her bold conversation and by that time I was also in tense. I kept my hand on her bare shoulders and drag her close to me. I kept my hot lips on her soft petals. squizeed her proud boobs .She started moaning. I touched her thighs, hips, back and I was fully aroused. Soon we stood up kissing each other. She was brooding some thing which were not audible to me at that moment. I opened her top and skirt in the standing position. My lund was also jumping like a snake.

Her bra and panty were dark green color.I inserted my fingers into her chute which made her mad. I opened her bra and released her choochi. I really amazed to see her erected nipple and .kissed them ruthlessly. I had forgotten to relish a young women which I had in my youth.She pened my paint and amased to hold the lund and said it is very big. she asked me whether the lun of an aged man becomes bigger compared to a young man. I repled no,and enquired from her where she had seen earlier an adult prick .Her reply was she had seen the lun of a male collegue while he was coming out of urinal. She was much aroused that day and could not sleep. It was hardly 2 inches she said. That means u have not seen any erected lun till date. I opened her panties and found her choote full of jouices .She opened my clothes kissed my lun,smelled it and she was mad with it. She took the lund into her mouth and sucked.I was in seventh heaven. The activities of girl sometimes confuses me ,perhaps she is fooling me and she is an experienced one. I lifted her and put her on the bed.She was shrp naked looking like a white pari, soberly painted lips, eyes , eye brows and finger nail. Sounds of sh,,sh,,sh,, etc coming out of her moth were highly provocating. I leaned on her body kissed all over her nude body kissed the nipples, choote navi etc.I entered my finger into her hole of love.

She was badly excited . she hold my hand to insert more but it was very tight.Then i was confirmed that it is her first time. By that time I was very much aroused,my luns top was full of pre cum.I came in between her legs, finger fucked her, she started shouting Ah— Ah— Oh– continue faster faster dont leave me etc.etc. and her first orgasome discharged. she liked it much.Again I kissed Her lips,boobs one after another and brushed my lun on her pussy lips she was very much aroused and started heavy moaning.I pressed her boobs and at the same time pressed my lun into her. It was not entering. slowly i increased my pressure but of no use.I kissed her lips and gave her a jhatka. My lun entered slightly but it was paining her.Slowly I continued ramming her she widen her legs and with a second heavy thrust my lun entered 80% and contnued ramming . I found now she was enjoing and started giving upward thrusts.Oe after another my thrusts become harder and harder , she started shouting jore se karo, aur jor se, main mur jaoingi. oh isme itna anand hai mujhe pata nahin tha, oh ishliye oi vi murd jarurat hota hai. Aur jor se karo please, meri chuchi ko chooso oH.Oh..Aur jor se. Ab mera kuchh nikalne wala hai…Aur jor se karo ..she dischaged.Oh it is very pleasent she said Mylun was inside her It was swalling. Iwas also enjoying a Kora chute and feeling excited.I started fucking her again she liked it.All the strokes she was enjoing. I continued Thurst one after another. frequencies were increaed and after a number of strokes she cried jore se..jorese and increased my climax and with afew very hard strokes she came again and Icameon her very heavily. I dont know how many liters of sperm I pumped into her chute on that day. now we were motionless I slept on her for a few minutes. Then she said Cyclon is just over. I was a bit tired slept with her nacked. she was very much contented After some time I saw Her moving to toilet nacked and came back to me again. I could not resist to Her nacked body and tried to kiss her again.I saw there were a number of scraches on her boob and cheeks but she was dam cared. Her body aroused me again. I came on her top and fondled her massaged her chuchies .My lund again erected.

Arre yeh to fir mota ho gaya . mai to thuck gai ab. Aur hath me lekar mera lun se khelne lagi. Mere lun per vi khun ke kuchh katre usne dekhi aur kahi ye to wounded ho gaya hai.maine fir usko paker ke sulaya aur uske boor me lund ghusane laga. oh vi paniya rahi thi aur spread her legs to receive mine. this chodan was very pleasent and continued for atleast 16 minutes and we both discharged at climax with lot of pleasure. I took a bath in her bathroom she also got fresh we took cola kissed each other.we didnot go in to much conversations but njoyed like any thing. It was my first sex other than my wife which changed my life.I kissed her very deeply once again and programmed tomeet her saturday next. I returned home but i could not forget her.I told her to keep everything very confidential as I am a family man.I gave a very good fuck to my eautiful wife in the night thinking and smelling the aroma of the girls body.Next day I nquired her on tele phone.she told me that she is fine and slightly tired.she will come back to home around 2 pm.she told me that she is safe with her uncle. he was fully contented with an experienced touch. Needy girls,serving unmarrieds,singles below 30 years please contact me on my Email But promise to keep every thing confidential.

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