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Experienced Touch – 2

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

It is the second part of my story on experienced touch. I got alot of mails from all categories most of them are working singles .But all of them highly appreciated this.Iiam thankful to them.

Second part continued like this. Next day it so happened that I started for my office slightly earlier with a view to see her in the house itself, as she had badly controlled my mind. When I reached there the land lady told me that Rani had a high fever in the night probably she was effectd by hot summer Loo .She could not go to her office. When I entered in to the room of Rani I found she was lying on her bed but seems tobe tired. I told the land lady leave her & I will take care of now. I just closed the door and sat beside her and enquired what has happened. she told me that her whol body is paining and she got high fever in night. specially her vegina has been swollen she was not able to pass urin even. I consoled her, saying that it so happens for the first time.She smiled saying that though it is very much enjoing but pain full. I kissed her soft lips, her eyes,her cheecks and whole face. She forgot about herself,her pain and enquired about me,how come you came here,I was just waiting to call u in your office and so many question. I told her how could u become so affectionate to mm e in one daythat made me to think so much. I saw she was wearing a white very soft nighty and boobs are visible from the top .I fondled her boobs and all over her body.her body was very soft and silky.

With the touch of my hands she started quivering and enjoing. I could manage myself beside her on the and started soft massage on her hips, backbone, spindles, pussy lips boobs nipples & so on.She was very much delighted and tried to press her whole body on my chest. I could feel her body going into nostalgia again forgetting all her pain.I started pressing her pussy. She was feeling pleasure.She told me your magic touch again making me wild. She cought hold of my lun and started forward back ward motions.Kissed all over my face chest etc. between the cries oh ah and all.she was getting hot again. I found her pussy geting wild. I felt the heat from her pussy and my fingers stopped massaging her boobs and started exploring her wet cunt. Her cunt lips slightly swollen and inside of her pussy was pink. Gently, I inserted half of my middle finger in her wet pussy and I started massaging her clitoris with my thumb & fore finger.Ritu’s body shook and trembled. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. She then pushed herself forward to have my middle finger fully inside her wet and flowing choot. She tried moving her body to get some rhythms but was finding it very difficult. Her body was now sweating and her cunt juice smell made me go crazy. Her moans were getting wilder and wilder and I judged that she was close to an orgasom I asked her to show her choot how it was unable to urinate. She opened her legs. In the meantime she had opened my paint .

I got up from the bed to see her pussy. My lun was also whispering at full force. We are not aware of the morning time .I inspected her pussy it was swollened . I kissed her pussy and she was delighted like any thing. Then i touched my tongue to her clitoris .This made her horny, her hips jumped and said still there are so many things of heavenly pleasure.I moved down to her waist, lifted her gown completely up and gently kissed her pussy. It was emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out, licked her lovely cunt top to bottom several times. played with the clit with the tip of tongue. She pressed my head on to her pussy, pulling my hair moaning at a very very low pitch I canot hold my self. she thrown the chader on her, and asked me to enter this mota(holding my lund) in her pussy saying so she put my lund into her mouth and started liking.this blowjob turned me mad and it ached my croch and nerves. It was so pleasent that if I continued for a longer time I have to blow in her mouth, so I taken out. I asked her, should we go for a fuck now. She turned furious and told why then you fired my body you have to quench it now only. I could feel she had forgotten her all pains by now.I came between her legs started giving jhatkas one after another. Ah..Ah Ahhh mujhe Mar dalo.Ish chodai me kitna maja hai.Aurat sali isilia murd se dur nahin rahti . Murd jitna vi sataye lund to deta hi haina bolne lagi.jis murd ke pas khada lund nahi hai us se aurat khus kaise rahegi. Bolne lagi chudai me umer (age) se koi matlab nahin . Apne to mujhe oh chise diya jo bahuton ko nahin milta.I really adore you.Never think Guilty of me. and fuck me hard now.

Oh I am Coming Please Do fast fast.. oh hold me Oh Oh Oh It is gone. On the otherhand I was ramming her like a horse. For me it was a rare occasion.I stopped for a while allowing her to breathe. Her heavy breathings were lifting & lowering her boobs which were veruy much erotic.I started her pumping again. she was enjoying. I had drained several times since yesterday, which is not normal so i could hold my discharge a bit longer.After 3/4 minutes our climax were seen and collapsed with a bull fight. our bodies were torn.I took out my lund from her chute and spread me bucket of sperm on her flat belly boob and some fell on her face even.I told her massage all these harmones all over body and face which are good for skin. This makes the skin silky.Europeans buy this to maintain the glaze of theire skin. lastly we laughed and slept for some time fully exhausted. We were in sleep for at least 2 hours. and got up on hearing mobile tone from my office.We got up & feeling hungry.We took glasses of pure apple juice.Now she started to keep juices as i donot like cola drinks . Then We went to a hotel took our lunch and I left my little wife at her residense to her satis factio.

She was quite cheerful now. After a few days I came to know that she has lost her anger, depreession,irritant behaviour and converted herself into a gentle and sober lady.She was appreciated by her seniors,she remained pleasent always.Though she is very strict and deciplined same as earlier but harshness was not there.She speaks to her friends that a mahatma has changed her life.It is almost 6 months we met but no body is aware of our affairs. I also got alot of advantages.Iwas careless earlier.Now she takes care of my nutrition .

Once she requested to satisfy her very close friend married a year back very beautiful looks similar to Ritu Bery but without any additional weight any where in her body.I will narate this story latter on. I have adviced her to search a good boy as her partner.My little wife is very happy. Readers please mail me at and beautiful young ladies, singles, unsatisfied wives leaving away from their hubbies,college students please contact me on my mail for theire needs. ok, in the next.

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