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Experience With Sita

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  • August 19, 2015

I am a regular reader of Desi papa and some of the readers known to me Hello horny and cool gals, I am back again Again i would like to introduce my self for the new readers i am from Hyderabad a software engineer working as a system admin and i am 6Ft in height, well built this is my second experience, first one I wrote my experience with Parvathi and this incident happend with Sita about Sita she is very fair and white in color.

She is 21 and doing her medicine in Hyderabad, she had a pony with black hair, her smile is so cute, and the guys once see her smile never forget the smile my colony guys will watch her from top to bottom she is very slim and medium size breast but very well shaped, she likes pink color dont feel bore, I am narrating the complete story, ok feel free, enjoy and experience it its sankranthi festivel time nobody are in the Sita’s room including parvathi all are went to their native places because of long vacations its friday evening, and time was around 6’o clock my mother went to temple, my father had not came from office i made a call to Sita, but she was not lifting the phone.

I thinked she went to market or shopping i came out and see the door, but its not locked, ia m thinking what she is doing inside again i made a call, there is no response, then i decided to go to the back side to their room to watch what she is doing i jumped in and went to the side of the house and watched in to bedroom nobody are in, but fan and light are on, then i went to the back of the house, but i am not getting any thing, i went to the other side of the house, the tv is off but the tape is on recent movie songs were playing. i came to bedroom side again, i am thinking that she may be inside the bathroom for evening bath. exactly its hundred percent right, after several minutes she came from the bathroom, its quite opposie to the window where i am watching from. as usual she came from the bathroom, as nobody in the house she simply wear the towel aroud her breast and came out side. she was not observed me, as the light was on, i am looking her completely, water was dripping from her fore head she stands infront of mirror and she laughed seeing her beauties from top to bottom, she took small turkey towel and cleaned her face and hands. then she removed her towel from the breasts, its so lovely view from the side, she again smiled by seeing her naked body, she made small massage on her body with some body lotion.

Then she wear pink color panties and matched bra, over that she wear a t-shirt and a jeans pant. at the time of wearing, i went to the main door and pressed the calling bell, she came and opened the door, she smiled me and let me in, i asked her what u r doiung i made a call for several times, there is no response, she smiled and told that just i came from shopping, and went to bathroom to make fresh, i asked, can i see the thing what u purchased she given me the bag, i saw that a beautiful dress in pink and blue color combination, she get that dress for sankranthi. and i opened the complete bag, when i find some lingries from bag, she smiled and took that pockets and kept those pockets in cupboard. i asked her for those pockets. she refused to give them. we both went to tv room and were talking some other things, she was very free, and she knows about the relation with parvathi very well, parvathi told me that she is very interested on me we both are sitting on the same sofa i slowly moved towards her, she was not observed even though there is a gap between us again i slowly moved towards her and i took the remote from her hands by this i am very close to her now, and i observed that she was bit nervous i told her be cool, by telling this i patted on back of her, she smiled and she stood up and wants to moved to other sofa, but i stopped her by taking her hand in to my hand, her hand is so soft, but she is trying to remove from my hand but i packed her hand tightly. and i forcedly pulled her she immediately out the balance and falled on me, and now she is on my lap, this is only the time.

I rounded her waist very tightly and kept my head on her shoulder and watching her feelings, she closed her eyes, and telling that no venkat i will tell to parvathi, she will scold u like anything, then i smiled and said that parvathi told about ur proposal with me, after telling this she was seeing towards me very seriousely, i kept quite she smiled me and kissed my lips very passionately, we kissed for several minutes mean time my dick was boosting from my pants, even though she was not leaving me, my balance was out and i falled back on the sofa, then also she was kissing me, i am not getting the breath, i pinched on the buttocks then she removed her lips, to make me control it took some time, but she was smiling like anything. i got angry, and i went to washbasin to pour some water on my face, to cool my self. she gave me napkin to clean my face. then she told that parvathi told to do like this i got angry on parvathi, at that time she made a call to parvathi to her native place, she told the incident, both the girls were laughing and parvathi was telling something, i took the credil and heared something, but Sita told to parvathi that i took the credil, parvathi stopped to tell the thing, just she told me enjoy and have a nice day. i told to Sita that i will come after a halfen hour, my parents may come, i went to my house and after ten minutes mother returns from temple, i told to my mother that i am going to my friends house i wont come in the night.

I went to bazaar, and took some snacks, pizza and coke and went to Sita’s house, she opened the door and smiled i went inside and she locked the door we ate the pizza 1/2 and took some coke when she taking coke some drops of coke out from her mouth and going down, then i stood and i olaced my tounge on the drops nad cleaned it well, she felt some shy for this direct approach.and i sit back on my chair. i took her hands, i just touched her hands it was very smooth and later kissed on the fingures, i touched her face and kissed her forehead first, then slowly i started rubbing her face with my hands and she was just enjoying the touch of mine. her lips were shivering, i touched her lips with my fore fingure and rounded around her lips, she closed her eyes then i kissed her lips, this is so sweet, we kissed for several minutes, she was not in control, she hugged me very tightly. i removed her t-shirt, i stunned, the bra was changed, now there is a black bra, actually when she came from bathroom, she weared pick bra, but now it changed, i asked her where is the pink bra, she was little bit confused, how i know about pink bra then i told the evening edition, she smiled and told that at that time she was not shaved her pussy, after i went to my house, she shaved the pussy cleanely, its really amazing, i kissed her again passionately. i removed her bra, and freed her breast from bra. her nipples were very cute, small and round, her breast were very nice, i don’t no the size, but they were very nicely shaped.

I start playing with her nipple and with boob ,pressing, pulling and squeezing she was not resisting me ,but not playing with me she was giving sounds for my actions.she was enjoying every moment of this, i touched her nipple edge i kissed her boobs and then i licked her nipples for a moment the nipples was standing erect i was eating her nipples with my teeth and she was in a great mood and her sounds were very nice. i lifted her and went to the bed room, i lied her on bed and i removed her pant, she was only with her black panties, she removed my t-shirt and pant, she saw my bulge in my underwear, she touched from the underwear, by dick was very hot and its wet with precum, she smiled by seeing the spot on my underwear. she played with my dick, removed my underwear, she stunned to see my dick, its very hard and 7″ long cock, she had seen the couple of men previousely, but not this much of hard, mine is 3″ thick hard cock, she played with my cock for some time, its erect fully, then i removed her black panties, her pussy was shining like metal platinum, no hair on her pussy, her clitoris was visible very clearely, i put my one hand on small pussy and feel the flesh she produce a sound ccccccccc.. cum oozing from her hot pussy i placed my finger on her clitoris and pressed it hardly she jumped and make a sound like hhhhsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i played like for some time then i slightly put my middle finger in the lips of her pussy and insert a little she produce a sound uuummm i insert more ..and more and she produce more uuummmm and more uuummmmm.

Her pussy was complete wet with her cum she was in heaven and she was telling to do the same for some time. she was pressing pillow to control herself, she was making sounds like anything. i removed my fingers and i kissed on the thieghs, slowly moved up and kissed on the cheeks of her cunt, she is murming, i kiised her shining pussy, her precumwas smelling like anything, kissing her shining pussy i was in heaven with the end of my tongue i touched her pussy she was in the other world she was not in her control now she was at the end she got her first orgasm and she released her cum, i cleaned her my 7 inches cock was hard like rock. now both of us were totally nude and layed her on the bed i put a pillow under her butts and came over her i opened her legs and enter my cock in to her small pussy, its very tight pussy. she sounded ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and i stayed for some time inside her, she was moving from the bottom, i start fucking her pussy with my cock and she start moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm her such sounds make me more horny and i increase the speed of my cock, i am giving her strong and fast strokes, she was responding very nicely, she was also giving the same strokes from the bottom, we were enjoying very well, i am squeezing her boobs and stroking her pussy simultaneously, i am kissing her left nipples with my teeth and teasing the right nipple with another hand forefinger and middle finger.

After some time we want to change the position to dog style, she bent like dogy, from the back i inserted my dick inside the lubricated cunt, this time it went very easily, i am playing with her boobs and at the same time i am giving the strokes, she was enjoying more than the previous, i held the left boob with my left hand and i am pressing the clitoris wirh my right hand fore finger, and simultaneouly giving the powerful strokes from the back. when i pressed the clotoris at the same time i am stroking, she was crying with passion like anything, while i am giving the strokes her boobs are moving front and back in a rhythemic motion. i kept on stroking for some time, she came to an end, she is about to release her otgasm, at the same time i am also going to reach the final strokes, i am giving her very powerful strokes with maximum power, she was crying like anything, she got orgasm first and after few seconds i filled her cunt with my hot semen. and i fell on her, after some time we departed and laied besides her, she was smiling and kissed on my cheeks, for the better fuck, she enjoyed very well, we wnt to bathroom, she cleaned my dick , i pissed in the toilet.

I am cleaning her pussy, at the same time, she was not in control, she told me that she was going to piss, i am soaping her pussy, she releases her hot piss, it flowed through my fingers, after that we made a shower, we thinked for shower fuck, but later we changed the opinion for other reasons, we came out from bathroom, and went to tv room, took some snacks, and remained coke. she sit in my lap and i am playing with her boobs and nippels. she was having a xx rated cd’s we watched a cd and in that we found a position, we fucked in that position in the second time the third one is she bent in fornt with support of dining table and i fucked from her behind like doggie style with this we tired well and we fucked for three times in the whole night till 3’o clock, then we slept, we slept naked, we waked up at 10’o clock and i kissed her passion and hugged her tightly and i went to my home after some foreplay, i will come with the next experience with parvathi amd Sita together in my grandpa’s form house Any girl, couple, aunties from Hyderabad or from South India wants to make friendship can email me at

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