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Experience With Friend Umma

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Once I had to attend one marriage in our area (Coimbatore). Since the marriage hall is far off from our residence, I stayed in her house on that night as I have to leave early morning to attended the marriage. My husband was not coming with me as he is in US. Umma called me to the kitchen I went there and found her nighty. She looked very beautiful in it. She looked quite sexy in that dress. For a moment I was attracted by her good and attractive looks. Actually, I was getting bored, She asked about me, how is my life was going and what kinds of friends I have. After knowing her interest in me, I also asked how she spends time, what her husband does etc.

She seemed quite dissatisfied type as her husband was always busy with work. She said, “He keeps travelling a lot and mostly comes quite late to the house”. It appeared that she was not having good sexual relations with him. When she started talking freely with me, I tried to ask more about her, she said, “My husband loves me a lot. But, somehow, he does not spend more time with me. Because of his hectic job and tension he even does not satisfy my sexual urge. In fact, when I am alone, I keep fantasizing about having nice time with good looking men.” Since, her words were exciting I thought of knowing more about her likes and dislikes. So, I expressed my astonishment and said, “Oh is it ? What actually you fantasize?”. She said with a smile,” I fantasize, an experienced guy taking me in his arms and love me till I am fully satisfied.” “Wow, that’s fantastic. Is it only a fantasy or have you experienced it?” I asked with a smile.

She smiled at me, and said NO as she is afraid of having sex with a male as it might spoil her families respect they have in that area. I asked her whether she is interested in and told her that I have such an experience in having a sex slave with me and that if she would want it desperately, I shall make all the arrangements in my house. She was very happy with it and asked me to arrange it immediately. I promised her to do so. She felt happy with my words. Then I asked, “If your husband does not spend time with you, then how do you satisfy your sexual urge?” “As I told you, mostly I fantasize. While doing so, I also used to mastrubate and satisfy myself” she said. “Do you get satisfaction?” I asked her. “Not fully. But, I get some pleasure at least” she the way, what do you do?” she asked. I said, before getting my sex slave (Shiva), mostly I fantasize a lady I like who is dressed in see-through type sari in sexy style and would think of having lesbian sex with her. I also thought of appointing a beautiful female servant to assist me and then have sex with her. She asked me, whether we shall have sex now? I was very much happy as Uma is a very beautiful female and I agreed immediately. “Wow, that is lovely. You are also very erotic. Do you like me to be your ‘that fantasy girl’ for today?” she asked. I said o.k “Okay, then you wait outside. I will dress as per your liking. When I am fully ready I will open the bedroom door and then you can watch me.” she said. I went out and sat on the sofa. After about half an hour she opened the bed room door. I could not see her fully. But, she had dressed in a saree and was looking fantastic. I went near the bed room.

The door was partly opened. When I peeped through the door I could see that she was standing near the mirror. She saw me, yet she pretended that she has not seen me. She was dressed in light green coloured sari with a sleeveless blouse. She had used make up. Since she had tied the sari below her navel she was looking quite sexy. I could see her voluptuous figure through the saree she was wearing. She had let her hairs loose. And with the light coloured lipstick she was looking really stunning. She looked at me through the mirror and smiled. As though not seeing me she started making erotic moves. She stood before the mirror, and put her hands in her hairs and made erotic and sexy moves. She had good bust. Suddenly, I could see, her sari ‘pallu’ slip and fall off. She then slowly removed her saree and stood only on the ‘petticoat’ and blouse. She looked very sexy. Slowly she started moving her hands on her waist, navel, breasts and on her hairs. She slowly unbuttoned her sleveless blouse. I could see she was wearing a black nylon bra. Turning her back to the mirror she removed the blouse and threw it on the chair. She continued moving her hands on her body and on her hairs and continued making erotic moves. Slowly, she turned her back to me and looked at me through the mirror and with a smile she winked at me. I also returned her smile. I was getting excited by her sexy and erotic moves.

My breast was hardening inside my blouse. She slowly put her fingers to her back and unhooked the bra. After that, she made the straps of the bra to slide to the sides and suddenly when the bra slipped she held her both the breasts with cupped hands and kept caressing them. After couple of minutes, she removed the bra and held her uncovered boobs with both the palms. She kept on caressing her boobs. I could see, she had shapely and firm breasts. Sometimes, she tweezed her nipples with the fingers and made sexy moaning sounds. I could realize that she was a ‘hot’ lady. After few minutes, she untied her ‘petticoat’ and dropped it to the floor. Peeping through the door I could see her standing with the black colored nylon panty. She had a fair and smooth skin texture. She kept on moving her hands on her body and kept caressing her boobs.After a while, she looked at me and called inside the room. By this time, I was also fully excited. I went inside the room and took her in my arms. She started kissing me. I also returned her kisses. Soon both of us were fully excited. She dragged me to the bed and fell on it making me to lie on her. She also kept on kissing and exciting me. She moved her hand on my breast. When she felt that I was sufficiently aroused, she removed my blouse, bra, pettycoat.

She could not believe her eyes seeing its size, as I had nearly 38 breast size She started caressing my breast by her hands. I took her in my arms and gave long and passionate kisses on her lips. I also kissed her boobs. she also started responding to my acts. She also kissed my chest, neck and lips. Both of us kept on caressing each other’s bodies. Then after a while, I slowly removed her panty. I was delighted to see her small and pretty looking pussy. She had shaved her pubic which looked great, the sight made me crazy. I said, “Uma , you have beautiful pussy.” “Is it ? Do you like it.” she asked. I said “Yes I love it.” “You like to suck it ?” she asked. I said, “Yeah…with pleasure!” and I slowly bent my mouth on her pussy and started moving my quivering tongue on her pussy. When I started moving my tip of the tongue on her clitoris, she became mad with excitement. In return she took my breast in her mouth and started sucking it like sucking an ice-candy. I could see, the breast could hardly fit in her mouth. However, she kept on moving her tongue over it and kept on biting it softly. I liked the act and made moaning sounds like ‘o..o..h., a..a..h.’ when she bit my breast. I continued moving my tongue in her love pot and was digging it deep inside and relishing every drop of juice that oozed out. I liked the taste of her ‘love juice’. Feeling the pleasing pain she ‘moaned’ and said to me to be ‘soft’.

Once I was satisfied with sucking her cunt, I turned back on her and kissed her passionately. She licked my tongue which had seen the depths of her love pot. I then pulled her on me while I lay back on the bed. I started kissing her lips, neck and her tits. Soon we were in 69 position. We had sex in almost all possible positions. Then she asked me whether I would like to have shower. I said “Yes.” “Should we have shower together?” she asked. “Okay, I don’t mind” I said. Then both of us went to the bathroom and had a superb shower together. While having shower, my breast got harder, I sucked her breast again in the bath in the standing and kneeling positions. She enjoyed this very much. After the shower we dressed and relaxed. She prepared nice coffee and served me. The hot and tasty coffee rejuvenated my body. I thanked her very much for giving such a pleasurable moment. She also thanked me for giving her satisfying sex and asked me to keep visiting her regularly. The soon, I asked Uma to come to my house and introduced to my sex slave (Shiva) and we had three-some too. That is another story. Shall send you later. Send me your comments to

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