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  • August 22, 2015

Hi I am one of the reader of this erotic story sites. My friend and student call me DD. So i will also share my story with all of you friend. I am 32 yrs. Bombay guy. Working as a graphic designer with one pvt. ltd. co. and I am also teaching computer courses and graphic designing to those who contact me who is having computer with them at their home. So I am always busy in the morning with my student and i am doing job in company in afternoon time. It’s enough for intro. Now i will start my real story. I have one young students.

Her name is Bhowmika, she is 18 yr. and having one married elder brother who is same age of mine. She is well healthy and having good boobs and ass. She is not very fair but having skin like Shilpa Shetty. Medium fair. Her face and body is very photogenic. She is my very loving student. Now she is very friendly with me and with her bhabhi too. In the family they are only five member. Her mother is also a working widow women who is working with some bank. Her bhabhi is also very fair lady of 31 yr. and having one daughter. but no one tell that she is 31 and having any kid, because she look like of 24 – 25 of healthy body. Bhowmika is very friendly with her bhabhi and talking all about sex with her bhabhi sheela. Sheela ask her everything about sex and pleasure of her experience. She is very pleasant with all this talking. Bhowmika’s brother also having some XXX rated english and indian movie CD in their house. Her bhabhi and brother watch this CD on the system whenever they get chance. Her bhabhi ask all this to her. And see is very curious and excited about all this thing. As a faculty i was teaching her basic and graphic designing and other computer course. I visit her daily at her residence which is near to my residence.

So her brother and family member know me personally. Now the real story is start one day her bhabhi and brother went to marriage of her side. They went for 2 days to Ahmedabad. So for two days she is alone with her mother and her mother is a working women in a bank so she left the home in the early morning at 8 a.m. so after 8 she is alone at home and she is of 18 show her mother is not bother that much about loneliness. I am always reaching at 9.30 in the morning at her home for my regular teaching. At that day I went to her house and buzz dorrbell. She open the door and smile at me. I found very strange and mischieve smile on her face and her eye is also looking so sexy. I went in she closed the door, I don’t know about her aloneness so I went in and sit near the system which is already on and she is practicing on it, so I seat beside her chair. She bring the glass of water and I’ll ask about her brother and bhabhi, she ask that they went out for two days now she is princess of this house and everybody who is enter in this house must obey her order. So I ask her OK princess i am your servant and give me the order. She laugh and in a order style she ask me to teach how to play VCD on computer, because she don’t know. So I ask her OK princess you have any VCD in the house. See ask me it is already in the CD ROM but see don’t know how to play the CD and she look at me with some sexy smile.

So I don’t know which CD she insert in the CD ROM I start my lesson. So as a faculty I open the Xing CD player I teach her look at here how to open this CD Player and open movie file. She stop me and asked give me mouse I will do it. So i give the mouse to her and she play the CD and in a few second later the picture is on. Oh! my god it is XXX movie CD so I get the mouse from her and go to close button, she stop me catch my hand and ask please don’t stop I want to watch this movie with some gents partner who is having experience of this kind and hold my hand with her hand press it with full force. I am fix over their and my mind stop thinking what to do and what to not. Meanwhile she put my hand over her thigh and moun slowly and watching the movie. In the movie oral sex scene is on and one guy naked one woman and take her pussy in his mouth and leaking it. Suddenly she ask me DD I want to share this episode with you, meanwhile my manhood arms erected and I think to take chance in the life and enjoy the movement which is in front of me. So now I am very free of scare and ask her why you want to do copy this movie episode I am give you some good experience of your life. So she ask me see DD this is my first experience so give me more pleasureful experience I am giving my virginity to you.

So take care of pleasantness. I ask her relax baby don’t worry. Go and get some honey and malai and sugar, so she ask me why all this think i want sex from you not food from you. So I ask her don’t worry baby but not I will eat you with honey and malai. She didn’t understand my mood but she want to know what I am going to do with her so she went to kitchen, meanwhile I put off my shirts and baniyaan besides and waiting for her. She came back and bring the honey bottle and cup of malai with her and put it on the table. She smile and ask me you are having very sexy body and put her hand on my sholder and kiss me on my face. I take her face in hand and put my lips on her lips, I experience that she shievring so I hold her very firmly and get very deep kiss. Now she is existed more and move her hand over my body. I move my right hand from face to her chest and I get a powerful electric current, Oh my god what a tight boobs of 34 and I slowly move behind her and kurta’s zip take in between my teeth and sitdown on the bed which is behind my so her zip is move down and her kurta is open from behind now her black brass seen to me and i was excited very much move my hand over her shoulder, meanwhile she is also getting excitement from this game. My hand take off her kurta over her head and now she is in front of me with sexy black bra and pazama. I put my lips again over her lips and kissed her very firmly now she is moun more and i move my lips from her lips to below her ear and whispiring I love you and kiss below the ear and she put her hand over her face and shyly reply back oh my prince take everything from her.

From the ear I move my lips down over shoulder and kissed her over there, slowly more down and kissed between two very fair mountain on her chest, and I feel that her niple erected and became red and very tight. So I move my hand and squiz one and kissed on other side. Now slowly I take off her bra and Oh ! god what a beautiful scene in front of me. My six and half inch instrument in the 85° angle. Now i am on exciting mood I move my mouth from chest part to below part and my toungue moving on her chest and below chest near and around naval part. Slightly down my mouth stop and get her pazama’s nadda in my mouth and firmly pull down her pazama’s naada open and her pazama get down, and her beautiful thigh’s and her beautiful farm house in front of me which covered with red panties. Now my tongue and lips are very hot and excited so I kissed around her naval part and I catch her panty in my mouth and pull down Oh my god her panty is wet and some very beautiful smell in the air and I get excitment. Her beautiful hairy pussy in front of me, I get made and smootch over their she moun and press my head from behind and move her pussy forwar to me.

And ask hey DD I am now out of control common do it very hard. So I take her in my hand and put her on bed, now she is naked lying on bed in front of me, my instrument is also become wet. I ask her baby now I will eat you so I get the bottle of honey and take some honey from bottle and rub over her pussy and over her boobs. she ask me what are you doing all this thing so I ask her now i am eating all this thing and my tongue came out and start leaking her boobs and nipple which is covered by honey my other handget some more honey from bottle and rub over her body each and every part. and starting leaking every where and she moun and from her mouth some exciting voice came out Aaaaaaaaaaaah Ohhhhhhhhh Oouch aaaaaaaaa ohoooooooo common eat me faster DD I am going made now my mouth and tongue moving faster and harder over her body I put more pressure with tongue and squizz her every where and from bottom to top from toes to head I kissed and leaking every very. I get some malai and rubbed with honey over her boobs and firmly squizz and pressing her nipple is very tight and when I get down over her knee she pressing her boobs with her hand mouning and loudly saying common DD give me more fun I get down and I spread her legs in V shape and put one pillow below her ass her pussy now on top and in front of my mouth My tongue came out and start leaking her pussy and I spread her vagina with finger and moving my tongue over her clitories, my teeth get grip over the clitories and press it with tongue and leaps and I squizz it in mouth very hungrily like a mad dog who is waiting for food since long time.

She is exciting very heavily and her pussy part now moving up and down my tongue deeply in her virgin hole now I eat her like cone icecream I leak very firmly she is excited more and her fruity tasty warm juice came out in my mouth and I drink it very firmly like mango ripe. She is snatching my hair and push me very firmly and she become wild and move her pussy part very fast up and down I think so she is on her orgasm point. and i am right from her virgin hole more fruity tasty warm juice came out. Now she is looking very happy and want some more experience and game she ask me DD now common my turn with you and she move me up and she went below my naval part and kissing leaking over their and put her hand inner my under garment grip firmly my dick in her hand and moving her hand as same from watching movie but she ask me that this movie is not having powerful game like you so she want to play the same game with me and kiss my below party of naval and catch my under garment between her teeth and move down and she take it down now my instrument is in the air she want to eat it ilike cecream and looly pop. Now in her eye there is no fear and shyness she is very bindaas and playing with my tool and testical. I ask her to touch below and between testical and my ass hole, she doing like same and I excited more my dick head is already wet and my precum is already on and around my dick head.

She gently rub honey and malai over my dick head and around my dick and watching movie and like same foreigner lady she swallow my dick head in her mouth and she is squizzing it firmly like she squizz looly pop. With honey and my precum she take taste and ask me it is very delicious hot icecream and she again eat very eagarly and hungrily my tool I am in the heaven my instrument tight and i excited very much my body start moving up and down like I am fucking her, with the fast movement I am going to come and my orgasm point come within 10 minutes of this game I ask her darling Bhowmika my juice is now flowing what to do, she ask me don’t very I will drink it pour it in my mouth I am very hungry and I pour it in her mouth i am surprisingly she is not wasted any drops of salty juice she drink and squizz it like experience women. I ask her how it is she is put some more honey on top of dick and start squizzing and leaking and saying it is very delicious juice. With the end of this game she ask me to clean our body and we want to bathroom and take bath under shower with each other with cold water she enjoying all her experience she ask me you are very mad pussy eater, she ask me that she is virgin but now she want to break her seal with me she want all the excitement of night game with me she ask me to fuck her I ask her if she become a pregnant then.

She ask me don’t worry do it with condom her brother kept condom in his bed room so know one come to know and she ask me also that now a days she cycling and swimming so if her husbund asking anything about virginity or seal she will ask that it is broken during cycling and swimming which is proved by science too. So I am now bindaas and ready to do all with her. Taking bath together we both get excitement and I lead her in the bed room again. She bring the condom and I cover my dick with it, it is very thin and extra dotted condom for extra enjoy. Again I start kissing her on face, lips, boobs and every where, her body is very cold and silky because of bath. I spread her legs in V shape and went between her two legs I kissed on and around pussy and clitoris, and then I asked her now ready to get JATKA and I catch my dick in hand and rubbed it over her pussy and clitoris she is moun aahaaa WHoooooo and asked me to put it in, I slowly put my dick on her virgin hole and press it little inside her pussy also wet I give one forward stroke and she shouted Oueeiiiie Maa Mari gai (in gujarati – it means I am died ) now I get more enjoy and what a tight pussy it is for me after a long time of my marriage once again I enjoy my suhaag raat experience show I excite more and start pushing and I slowly stroke more inside and my dick going more inside this time I am succeed in enter and after that slowly and gradually I enter fully in. she is mouning like Ooohhh aaaaaaaahaaaaaa common fuck me hard Oohhho Dear DD common make it faster I asked her relax baby now I will starting my game she ask me what game show I ask her like Amitabh Bachaan Aap Ka Samay Suru Hota Hai ! –

And I put my whole 6.5 inch dick inside her virgin pussy for what she is dieing and I take her leg closed between my thigh and I sleep over her like Surya Namaskar and My leg goes under her leg and I start stroking in the air my upper body in the air and my hand near her hand and I stroking very fast up and down and she is mouning loudly now I am in rhythem and she is also exicted and putting both her hand over her boobs and starting pressing it and she snatching her nipple like anything and she is mouning very loudly Oooohhh Oh Maa DD common doing it fast and her breathing is now very fast and her pussy now become very lust her whole pussy is wet and slight bleeding also coming out now she is getting more pain but the first experience and enjoy is kill her pain and she is enjoying her suhaag din with me in without marriage, after seven eight minutes I think so she is on her orgasm point so she catch my had and take it near to her mouth and start kissing and licking she swallow my lips and tongue and kiss me very hard.

And she catch me from behind of my lower part and press it and she also start stroking from below side in the rhythm with my stroke rhythm and I also excited and the orgasm point I ask her common fast stroke and we increase our speed and we both breathing very fast and like 1000 rpm machine tool I am stroking her she and she is at coming level she ask me about her come and I stroking fast and she pour her juice inside even if I am with condom I feel her hot juice is come out and she is mouning and full wet I take out my dick and start licking her pussy and drink all the virgin juice, she is fully satisfied with the experience she start kissing over my dick and every where I ask her baby what about my orgasm point common now it’s my turn for fountain pepsi. She ask what ? I again take her in bed and spread her leg in V shape and now this time I take her leg our my shoulder and put my dick inside her pussy start stroking and when and when time goes I get fast rhythm she is enjoying it I press her boobs and I bent her and I am total on her and stroking very faster and faster she is mouning like made doggy she is biting me and snatching me her boobs is also flying over her chest it’s movement like a free flow ball movement in little dish. Now I get the orgasm point and I am at coming point I ask her she ask me she is thirsty and want to drink all the salty water, so finally I stroke very hard and take out my dick very firmly and remove the condom and she gulp the my whole dick in her mouth and start stroking Oh ! god what blow job she is given my like very experience XXX movies heroine she drink all the pour water and not even a single drops over bed.

And then we both start kissing each other and I look at the watch it’s 11.30 a.m. where our two hours passed we don’t know anything, after 20-25 minutes again we are in the mood of one more round and now she ask me that she wants to take revenge with me of my second short and she push me back and without given me any time for condom she ask me now I don’t want to do it with condom I want full without condom and I slept over the bed and she came above me and she kissed at my dick and starting licking it and after few second it’s in 90 degree position she take it in her hand put it in her pussy and start stroking she is jump over it and Oh what a beautiful movement for me her boobs is in the air and moving here and there and she fuck me very wildly I also excited and start stroking from below side and our rhythm is match and with ten minutes time she is at her maximum level and now I clearly feel her come her pussy become very lusty and hot from inside and with my below stroking balp balp voice she excite more and start jumping over me and at her final water fall she is gone more up and my dick came out and she again jump fastly and with full force she seat over my dick and my fully erected dick gone fully inside her pussy and she pressing fastly and hot and lusty water fully cover over my dick and testical and near bed side and for my orgasm point I catch her from the shoulder and push her back now she is below me and I on top of her and starting very fast stroking her whole pussy is very lusty and it’s give me more lustness and my dick is coming out and in very fastly she is mouning anything and I start stroking very fast like dog and at the final after 15 minutes .

I am at maximum level I pour my hot water inside her pussy I take her in my embrass and we rolling over the bed and pressing each other like want to crash each other and kssing and snatching each other and licking each other I my instrument again erected I catch her and lift her like little baby and put her pussy on my dick and my dick fully inside her pussy I lift her in the bathroom and I stroke for few more minutes and we take bath over their after bath we both are fresh and I look at the watch Oh! My god it’s 12.45 p.m. I asked her now I am going for a job she kiss me and take promise for more game for the next day and she thanks me for becoming her women from the girl. Next day also we enjoyed very much. And after few day she ask me that she asked everything about her experience to her Bhabhi and her bhabhi wants to meet me. – So story with her bhabhi next time. Any Bombay girl want to share my experience or want to enjoy with me email me at

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