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Experience In Mithibai College

  • desipapa
  • September 15, 2015

This incident happened when I was in SYBCOM in Mithibai College , Mumbai. As usual I was exposed to sex at the age of 15, but nothing was so exciting like this one which I had when I was 19yrs of age and studying in SYBCOM at that time. I was too much into party stuff and really like getting screwed with plenty of people and few of my fav proffesor. I was real pet of all my friends they use to be with me all the time, I was so sexy looking that I had never paid for any lunch or dinner or movies or disco.

My friends use to spend on me just get hands on my beautiful boobs and then u know where very well. Well I never disappointed them later, Becoz life is give and take and I had sex with all the guys which gave me time and spend money on me and did shopping for me. But that dosent mean I am a whore, we girls have sex needs and we fulfill it with guys need for a consideration. I never had sex without a condom, I always took precautions of aids and pregnancy. Few of my friends and one prof Mohandas were expert, they never fucked me with a condom. As they promised and they are really perfect in timing, they never came inside me, they always took there dick out of me before shooting there sperms. Well other then fucking there is something which girls really find odd and guys like it and I tried it to make my bf happy. Couldn’t tell him no becoz it was his birthday, but I agreed only on one condition that, he wont shoot in my mouth. But didn’t knew he had another plan for me. He had purchased Strawberry flavored condoms for me.

I didn’t knew what he had planned until he told me about it, he told me to roll the condom on his dick and removes excess lubrication with a tissue paper. Hello Ppl this birthday gift wht I am telling I gave him in his care rite behind my college. Then after I remove excess lubrication he told me to give him a blowjob. He had inserted his hands in my jeans and right inside my panties and was playing with my butt and I was playing with his dick.At first I hesitated to give him blowjob, but as I had promised him I took it in mouth. No one would belive it it was really wonderfull experience. First thing was sex in mind with my bf playing my ass and his dick in my mouth with strawberry flavour. It was as good as I was licking a strawberry candy. It was so good that it didn’t even take him 3 minutes to shoot his sperms in condom. But that was not over he romved his condom and made me clean his sperms all over his dick with a tissue . After I cleaned him up, he had roled another condom of the same flavour, I thought my gift was over but no wonder he liked it and wanted it to continue. This went on for a long time say 15 -20 minutes where I gave him really good blowjob and got real expert on in. After secound time when he shooted his sperms he rolled his underwear and pants up and didn’t even care to remove the condom. He thanked me for wht I gave him and he told me that he never got this from anyone.

After I went home I felt realy bad at wht I did, it was really fetish should I really do this, I thought to myself. But anyhow I thought I enjoyed it so lets not regret on it. After we days we met again and this time at his home when no one was there, were he again told me to give him a blow and I excepted instead that he would lick me till I come. But he told me its dirty and I told him wasn’t it dirty wht I did. Just becoz he wanted me to give him a blow he agreed on a condition that I should be clean shaved. Well I had not shaved for 3-4 days so there were small black jungle. I though of adding some excitement and told him to shave it for me. We went in bathroom and he made me sit at the end of bathtub and did the work for me. I couldn’t belive it he was so good in it that I felt like I never had hair grown down here. These guys really know good to shave, but for surprise he not only shaved my cunt hairs but my ass hair as well which I never did and never able to do it. We proceded to over foreplay where he started licking me, guys and girls it was so wonderfull its really very very difficult to describe it. If any woman has not done it, do it, get your pussy licked it feels great and specially if he inserts his tounges little bit inside and hits his tounge on the clit.

Well as decided I gave him a blow with a condom on and again a flavoured one, but choclate flavour this time. I like the flavour of choclate but not the colour of condom, becoz it looked really dark and was hiding the colour of my fav pet lol. The Dick. Anyhow after I gave him blow for sometime and satisfied him and he satisfied me in return we got exhausted and left for the day. I didn’t expected wht happned later, my bf went and told all his friend that I blow him and I am too good, in it. Well as I had sex with most of his friends, so these people started calling me and asking for a date. Well very strange that on all the date with all his friends they were insisting me to blow them. But I had just refused and told them I am not a slut. I really felt bad on how these people were asking me to blow them. Anyhow sex was going as usual when christmas eve came and we all planned to go for party in mud Island In Suburbs of Bombay. If I am not mistaken it was either of the two hotels resort or retreat. Well I was quiet excited and dressed and prepared for the day with my smallest mini skirt. And tube top with no bra inside. It was quiet cold as well so I put a jacket on myself to avoid cold while travelling. We all went there in group with lot of girls and guys. That time I had told my parents that I would be late from the party. As I started dancing and enjoyed every moment of the party with loud sounds and music and was giving each of my friends importance. Things went on we were really enjoyig.

One of my friend Rahul he told me whether I am thirsty and need something to drink and I said coke would do and he got me a drink. As I never paid for drinks so I usually avoided to go to take it myself. When he brought it for me I drank it, I didn’t realise that I had something in it, becoz its taste was same and nothing new. But after somewhile he felt like peeing , becoz of cold and my short dress. Well rahul took me towards bathroom , but there was a long line for the ladies loo. I was not able to control it so rahul suggested me to pee behind the tree. This party was spreaded over the lawn which was not full of lights and was really dark everywhere. I really was not able to control so had to pee behind the tree. Rahul was standing inf ront of tree to tell me if someone is coming . before I even finished me pee rahul came in front of me and started looking at me peeing. I felt really ashamed but couldn’t help it. After I finished it rahul actually came and caught me and started giving me kisses here and there. He started pressing my boobs and in now time he removed me tube tanks, as I had not wore any bra my boobs were out on his disposal. He started pinching my nipples and succking it real hard and gave his sensations which gave fire to my cunt. As we were somewht far from all friends and in dark place rahul removed his dick and gave it in my hand to jack for him, while I played with his dick he was sucking and playing with my boobs. The thing which he had added to my cola started taking it colours. I was really turned onn and jacked rahul without any shame that we are in a party. After rahul came and all his cum in my hands, he told me to wipe it with tree leaves as we didn’t had any tissue or handkercheif and didnt wanted to use our clothes and make them dirty.

But in no time rahul was real hard again and he removed a condom from his pocket and gave to me and told me to roll it on. Well when I did. He slipped my skirt up and panties down and while standing started giving me shorts. I was really enjoying every moment of it he was giving me from behind and pressing my boobs with his hands. I was so onn that in no time I came and my thighs were wet. I was so tired that I was not even able to stand so I thought of sitting there. While as rahul didn’t come secound time and was till onn he wanted to fuck me and I was soo tired, on my refusal he told to give him a blow, I refused him for that too. He told he is leaving and going to the party. I told him wait and let me come too. But when I actually tried to pull my panties up, I saw my legs were wet with my cum and I cant go in this condition in front of anyone. I asked him to get water for me so I can wash my thighs. But he refused and told me to blow him first. Well did nt had anyother option so I satrted to blow him, again with flavored condom onn but this time not wiped with tissue and was more luricated with my own liquids ( I mean the condom he used to fuck me) well it tasted great my own juice and his strawberry flavour. In about 15 -20 minutes he came and he thanked me and told me to wait while he gets water for me to clean my legs. I waited there but didn’t see any sign of water. After about ten minutes I saw him coming with a bottle of water till he came near me I saw it was not rahul but my another friend neeraj, I was shocked on how did he come to know that I am here and I need water. But he told me rahul had told him to take water for me. But here again he refused to give me water and told me to blow him first. Or else he will empty the water on ground.

Well they were taking advantage of me and I had no other option I started to give him blow and make him cum, but before I can complete me job I saw all my friends were there and all those bastards need a blow from me. It was a very shocking night for me where I had to blow 9 friends of mine in a party. Well all of them had a great time and I enjoyed it as well. Its was 3am when we all decided to leave and cyrus whoose the most innocent in my group and didn’t make me blow him, told that he will leave me home. As I proceded to his car, I was hardly able to walk. God knows wht did they give me in my drink. Anyhow with help of cyrus I reached near car. He made me sit and made me comfortable. After we started to move towards home most of the cars were full of guys and girls and were going home from the party. I asked cyrus , y he didn’t tell me to blow him. This guy felt shy. I felt so pitty for his innocense. I put my hands on his dick while he was driving and tried to make him hard. When he looked at me I gave him a smile and pulled my tube top down showing him my breast. Well that was the limit for him as soon as he saw my boobs he stopped the car and like a hungry animal started with my boobs. When I asked him did he ever seen a girl naked or seen boobs he said no. This guys was really turned onn. He was so hot that he wanted to had sex with me, well we were not at a suitable place to have sex so I told him that I will blow him. And he agreed, but after I opened his pants and removed his dick.

He had closed his eyes. I saw it was real hard with 7 inches long. I aksed him to give me and he said take it, but I said where is it, he said wht its in your hand. I told him I am talking about condom he said I don’t have one. I said well I cant blow without it. He felt said and told ok lets leave well I felt sorry and told him ok and continued to blow him without any condom. Though in start it was tastless but after sometime when his precum were in my mouth I felt it was more tasty to blow without a condom. And I gave him a real good blowjob which he might never forget. In no time he came and that too in my mouth. When I said wht did u do he said nothing I just came. He told me he never got a blow from some one nor did he fuck anyone so didn’t knew how to control or remove the dick in time to avoid sperms in mouth. However I took all of it in my mouth and cleaned his dick. Girls try blowjob, sperms really taste good , somewht salty flavour. Then we started out car for our way to home, while we were reaching home on ouy way we saw a pan beedi shop open, and I told cyrus to get me some drink as to rince my mouth with it. Because I cant go home like this.

When Cyrus left to buy a drink and car came next to our car and it was Vivek Oberoi. He used to study in same college and we were somewht hi hello friends. He wished merry christmas and hugged me. While he hugged me his hands reached my butt from behind and his hands were rite in my panties and playing with my butt. Well this is an another story which I will post in a day or two. For the time being have a great time girls and guys. Any girls and guys interested in sex with me mail me at As I run my own modeling agency I don’t mind if girls send me the vital stats and pics to start with something new. Guys need to send me full length photograph. Bye take care.

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