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  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hi this is suresh from chennai. i am a regular reader of desifantasy. i would like to tell you my experience i had in the city a few months back. well her name was pushpa whom i met in one of the local town bus. the bus was very crowded that day and i had no option but just stand behind this lady, my dick positioned just between the crack of her ass . as there was no space between us, my cock started rising immediately on her soft ass cheeks. i was a bit worried what she might say but she gave me a gentle push back with her ass. that gave me courage and i slowly took my hands and placed it in her hip in the area between her blouse and her petticoat and slowly touched it. she turned towards me and gave a quick smile and started looking outside as if nothing happened i slowly caressed her belly for a while and moved my hand inch by inch towards her perfect round shaped boobs. her pallu was covering my hand and no body except her knew what was happening under her pallu. i started massaging her left boob slowly but swiftly she started grinding her ass on my dick and that was a wonderful experience getting aroused in a place with lots of people around you.

I enjoyed every moment of it. i slowly tried to remove the bottom hook of her blouse but it was difficult sensing this she herself helped me by unbuttoning the last one of her blouse and pressed my hand to her breast. that was a direct signal from her and i become more daring . slowly i inserted my two fingers through the blouse and started moving it in circular motions to all corners of her breast she started pushing my dick ferociously and as if adjusting her pallu from the back she put her hand on dick and gave me a passionate touch and started pressing it hard. by this time i had started pinching her nipples in between my two fingers and she gave a slight moan but luckily due to commotion in the bus no one heard her moan. she literally was on me and i slowly brought my hand lower towards her belly button and started fingering it.

Then i took my hand and slowly put it on the saree above and cunt and softly squeezed it she spread her legs a little and gave me good support to continue on . i removed my hand and put it inside her saree from upwards she sucked her breath and allowed access for my hand she had her panties i massaged her cunt from the top of our panties first with one finger and then adding one by one and finally with my whole hand. the place had come where she had to get down. she removed my hand from her saree and gave my cock a gentle squeeze and told me to get down and follow her. she started walking with me following behind her. after 5 minutes walk she reached her house and went inside.

I went in and found the door opened i hesitated for sometime but her voice greeted me saying come in and sit in the sofa till i refresh myself. the house was very beautiful. she came in ten minutes and told me you are a very bold guy and asked how could you do that . i told her i couldnt resist on because her butt had me mad and i was unable to control myself. she asked me am i that beautiful . i told her yours are the most beautiful pair of boobs and ass. I also told her that i enjoyed the whole journey. she told me that her husband was working in a mnc company and was to come only at night and we have 4 hours left to enjoy. she told me that she had not had sex with anyone except her husband but today she was forced to because of my fondlings and she burnt to have sex immediately. saying so she started kissing me on my lips and i welcomed it running my hands on her breast it was so soft and i could feel the nipples as she had removed her bra and was in her nighty.

She put her hand on my lund and started squeezing it heavily. i opened her nighty and started to caress her nipple. i removed my lips from hers and got it down on her lift nipple and sucked it with a thick sound she started to moan lightly i started lapping her nipple with my tongue fast and steadily which she began to press my head on her breast and i could hardly breathe. her one hand slowly released my zip and her hand snaked down into my brief and took my 6inch tool out and started pulling it to and fro i licked her whole body down to her belly button and licked it for 5 minutes and then steadied down to her cunt slowly licking her outer lips slowly her mound was hairless and smelt great. i parted the lips and entered my tongue and started a good licking . her moaning grew wild aah ooh that s great lick me lick me clean until i cum.

You assole i want to drown you with my cunt juice saying this she started pressing my face very hard and came heavily which i drank gratefully she was exhausted but i still had my erection so she put her hand and dragged it toward her mouth and started sucking . that was the best blow job i had ever had. after few minutes i released my cock from her mouth and replaced it on her cunt. my god her cunt was so tight that i struggled to enter her. but she opened her thighs so shamelessly and let me pierce in we enjoyed for nearly one hour in three different styles and once again i licked her clean and she reciprocated the same and said that she had the best sex in her life and thanked me. i told her that i am also the one benefitted. she requested me when i was about to leave, that let this be our first and last meeting as she didnot wanted herself to get into trouble as she is leading a very calm life. i promised her that i would not trouble her and this would be my first and last but assured that i would never forget her and left. hope you all enjoyed my experience. girls, aunties and ladies in chennai interested in friendship with me please mail at thankyou

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