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Experience Full Of Lust

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi, my name is Dev. I want to share my experience with you. The foreground of this episode was started when I was sent to my uncle (actually my mother’s brother) in 11th class. But the background was developed when I first saw her. Oh my god! What a lady she is? She is such a flower whose qualities cannot be described in words. She is Anju, my aunty. But I never surmised her so. I always assumed her mine.

Well, she was always there in my dreams. She is in my arms and kissing me, I am fondling her, she is ruling me, and I am serving her, I am licking her and a lot so. There is an endless list of my fantasies with her. Concisely I can say that I started attracting towards her gradually. I never take it as my blunder because she is such a lady that anybody who see her, will have to pay some of his attention for her. In my case I saw her bare boobs when she used to milk the infant. Oh my Lord! What an amazing tits she has: touchwood perfect. To suck her boobs is my greatest fantasy even today. She had broken my individuality.

She has dwelled in my soul; I come to know this fact in the midterm of my 12th. Generally the matter that happens had not supposed to be happen. In a same manner some unpredictable happened with my one sided love story. I have never perceived any soft corner for me in her heart. Circumstances never be the same, they always go on changing. That calm evening came with great news for me. On the next day my uncle has to go to Mumbai to attend a three weak seminar. My school was off on that day. He departed at 8 am . She was looking very-very hot that day.

The whole day passed like a sweet dream. She talked a lot with me. I was feeling very comfortable in the absence of my uncle as she was paying more attention to me. On that eve, there was an invitation of dinner. I and the child were ready for the party. She was inside her room and was dressing up. I send the baby to the car and was waiting for her.

Then the moment came, she came out clad in a metal chiffon sari of red color. Her low cut blouse was making the situation hotter as the two rising mountains were peeping out slightly. I don’t have words to describe her. She was looking an angel. Suddenly a very sweet chuckling voice broke my attention; “Should we move dear?” I felt a little embarrassment and shook my head positively.

During the whole party, I used to gape her. Such a beautiful angel. Now I was feeling jealous to my uncle’s luck. I can bet that no lady or girl in that party could stand against her. She was enjoying the party and I was enjoying the pleasure of watching her.

We returned at 10:00 pm from the party. The baby had slept till then. I came to my room and changed my clothes. Then I went in the bed. At 10:30 my door was knocked. I said “Yes! Come in.” and she came in. She hasn’t changed dress. She was looking extremely sexy. She asked me to give her a company at drinks. I astonished because I didn’t knew about this aspect. She said, “I am not a chain drinker. I drink occasionally, mainly when I am very tired. I am not forcing you. It is totally your will. If you please than you are most welcome.” I said OK and she said, “Then come to my room.”

I was in vest and half pant. I got of and went to toilet. Then I washed my face and moved towards her room. When I reached there I again surprised. She was not in the sari but now she was in a one piece. The blue colored one piece and OOHH GOD what she was looking SEX GODDESS. I was not feeling well. My breaths became irregular. She was enjoying my odd state. She smiled and said, “Please come in dear.” I went in like I was controlled by any machine. I sat on the bed near her.

This was the first time when my attention goes below her graceful face. A perfect figure, fair complexion like milk, nice long arms like a healthy ‘AZGAR’, and of course husky, long, hair free, milky legs like the stem of a banana tree. It was very difficult to me to control myself. My breaths were coming and going very quickly. My body was sweating heavily. She laughed at me. Oh my God! What a sweet laugh? I was certainly not present there. Her laugh was ringing in my mind.

Suddenly I realized that someone is pushing me. It was Anju. She was saying, “Where are you? What is happening with you? Are you not feeling well?” I said, “No-no. I am OK.” She said, “Then why don’t you enjoy? Come and have a great night.” And her ‘AZGAR’ like arms rounded me. Again I felt like my breath is going to stop. But she was very expert. Very smoothly she put her mouth on mine and started licking my lips.

Now I was feeling well and I started enjoying. I also licked her lips and certainly they were excellent. Then she slid her tongue into my mouth and we two were licking one another’s tongue. Then her soft hand started caressing my legs. My dick became hardened. She held my dick over the half pant. “Wow, nice shaft” she said and removed my half pant and vest. I was now in underwear only. She then picked a glass filled with neat wine and finished 33%. Then she put the glass to my mouth and I finished nearly half and then she cleaned the glass.

Now there were clouds of lust and passion diving in her eyes. Also there was desire inside me. It was a pretty tough exercise to me to control myself. She was ogling me lecherously. I was not able to make an eye contact with her and she was staring me as a lioness is keeping an eye on her ‘shikar’. Suddenly she jumped at me and before I could get anything, she tugged my underwear. I was totally naked against my goddess and she took my penis deep into her mouth.

I was enjoying each and every moment. I cum in her mouth and she swallowed all the juices. Then I removed her one piece and WOW, my eyes enlightened by her balanced body. She has an ‘apsara’ like figure. Well shaped boobs, well maintained waist, a perfect combination was there. I touched her boobs with my shivering hands. She laughed again and ordered to suck them. I pressed them gently OOOHHH they were as soft as ‘resham’. Then I started to suck them. Gradually I started to lick her body like a dog. She was now laughing at me.

Then I moved towards her slit. Hair less, smooth… I put my mouth there and started sucking. Her pussy was a source of nectar for me. I was sucking like a mad dog. She was moaning sweetly. Then she ordered me to put my cock into her twat. I got up and put my pecker at the opening of her minge which was full of juices. She was in a great desire and hence cried, “Put it inside u fucker.” I pushed myself against her and 1/3rd of my shaft was inside her. She cried out due to pain as her nooky was very tight. I started caressing her boobs. Then she felt some relax. Now she was moaning again and said to put rest of the dick in. This time I pushed myself very hard and whole of my penis gone inside her. Once again she cried, but this time she recovered soon.

Then I started the train and keep on increasing the speed. I don’t know where was I? In the heaven or on the earth? She was active and moaning too. After a few minutes we both cum together.

I slept with her on that night and continued to do so till my uncle came. Also we tried a number of new tricks. Afterwards whenever we were alone we played the games. For more you can mail me to

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