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Experience By Khalid

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  • August 22, 2015

Well folks my name is khalid and i am narrating you my real story when I was 20.I looked into her window, she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Yeah, it was my big sister, 24, and the most gorgeous thing on the planet. I’d thrown the Frisbee into the tree, and as it went, it was my responsibility to get it down. From now on, though, I think it would be a privilege to come up here and retrieve the disc. kiran had been just undressing when I got to the branch that the Frisbee was resting on, and incidentally stretched right across from her bedroom window. As she took off her bra, my cock sprung to life.

I saw her globular tits, her tiny brown nipples… I climbed back down the tree where my friend Asad was waiting for me. “What the hell were you doing up there, khalid?” he asked as I reached the ground. “Um… you’ve gotta see this, man… you’ve GOTTA see this.” I led him up the tree to the branch where I beheld the wonder of my sister’s nubile young body, just as she bent over to pull off her panties. Gods, it was as if she was putting on a show just for the two of us. Her reddish- brown long, curly hair tumbled over her shoulders as she pulled her panties down off her ankles.

Now she was naked, and we could see her burnt orange pubic hairs, and below it, the pot of gold, her fresh young cunt. For a second, I looked at asad and saw him staring, a comet could have shot across the sky and his interest wouldn’t have been broken. Finally, kiran got into her bathrobe and headed next door to the bathroom for, presumably, the shower. We had each just turned 20, and this was the most exciting thing ever to happen to us. And that ended our show for the day.

asad and I climbed back down from the tree, threw around the disc for a while, and shortly went to our respective houses. When I got inside, kiran was just finishing her shower, toweling her hair dry and dressed in her white bathrobe. She walked to the foot of the stairs and looked down at me while I came up, a sly grin on her face. “What is it?” I asked, wondering what her grin could have been alluding to. “Did you and Asad get a good show, preview?” she asked. She turned around to go back into her room, and while doing so, flashed me a glimpse of her bush as the robe turned up. I couldn’t believe it.

It seemed as though she was giving us a show, and she was! But was she pissed at me now? I couldn’t tell… I followed her into her room. She was sitting on her bed, pulling on a clean pair of panties. “Close the door,” she sneered at me while struggling to stand. I went to close the door, and she turned her back to me, dropping her bathrobe to the floor. She bent over, and I caught a glimpse of the rounded edges of her full breasts as they fell loose in front of her. She grabbed a bra off her dresser, put it on, then turned to face me. “Well, did you and Asad have a good time up there in the tree or what?” Was she being serious? What was the point of this?

As confused as I was, my dick obeyed its own code, springing to life at the sight of Kiran in her white underwear. She noticed this and smiled, withholding a snicker. “Yeah, I thought so,” she teased. “So… what do you want? Why’d you follow me in here?” “Um… I… I… I don’t know,” I answered truthfully. It had just seemed right at the time… “I think I know. I think you wanna see a little more of you hot sister, don’t you? Yeah… well… I wanna see a little more of you, too, little brother. So let’s play a little show and-tell… You show me what you got, and maybe I’ll take off my bra again. How about that?”

She looked at me with a sly look across her face, her long wet red hair hanging down in front of her, resting on top of her bra-covered breast. This was too exciting for me to handle… boy, what I would be able to tell Asad tomorrow in school… Needless to say, I quickly pulled off my sneakers, followed by my jeans and t shirt. Soon, I was standing in the middle of her floor, clad only in my jockeys. She walked around me, scoping out my skinny frame. Not too impressive, I wasn’t much too look at. “Okay, little bro, off with the underoos.”

With that, she grabbed at the rim of my jockeys, and pulled them to the ground. I was pretty startled, and fell to the ground hunched over my groin. I went soft almost instantly. “Up, up, up, I wanna see what my little bro’s packing these days…” she said, and I followed her direction, humiliated as I was. I stood up, and she looked closely at my dick. Tentatively, she reached out one of her athletic arms and touched my rapidly re-hardening dick. “Hmm… not bad, little bro. Not bad at all. You’re hot for your big sis, aren’t ya, little bro?”

I nodded shyly and tried not to look in her eyes. “Okay, you’ve played your part, I guess it’s time for me to ante up, huh?” she said with a grin. Her green eyes sparkled with delight. And once again I was blinded as she took off her bra. She bent her head down to get at the hook in the back, and her still-damp hair fell teasingly in front of her. She smelled nice. When she raised her head and pushed back her hair, I nearly came. There she was, a cute smile on her face, and her creamy white breasts just hanging there, just a foot from myself.

Unable to restrain myself, I reached out a hand toward her beautiful tits. And she let me touch them. She was suddenly quiet, no more of her little comments, as I held one of her large breasts between my fingers. I had dreamed of this for years, and now I was inches from the moment of my dreams. I squeezed her breast, then pinched her nipple. It was truly like a dream. Hesitantly, I reached out my other arm to touch her other breast. As my fingers made contact with her skin, she pushed both of my hands away and said, “Enough for tonight, little bro. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you do a little more… if you bring Asad with you. How about that?” Anything to get back to where I just was, “Sure. I’ll tell him he can sleep over tomorrow to Saturday.” “Good. Sweet dreams, little bro.” With that, she bent forward, giving me a tender kiss on the lips. She turned around and put back on her bra while I bent down, pulling back on my underwear and jeans. She walked over to her bed and started brushing her hair. All I could do was watch… held at the mercy of her beauty. She gave me a quick look, smiled, then shooed me away.

Asad could hardly contain himself as we walked back from school that Friday, his sleeping bag held tightly underarm. “She said I could come, too? I could watch, too? Shit, khalid, this is TOO cool! Goddamnit, Kiran is HOT!” I had been listening to his ranting all through the day. I made him promise that he wouldn’t tell anybody of my sister’s illicit offer, and I think he kept his word, even though he blabbed about it incessantly while in my presence. “Yeah, Asad, she said you could come, too, but PLEASE don’t act so immature, I don’t want her to change her mind.”

“No problemo, khalid, my man… God, I can’t WAIT.” Kiran wasn’t home yet when we got in, so we took the frisbee out again and threw it around until we saw her walking up the block towards the house. She was wearing a black shalwar Qameez (white bra clearly visible beneath it). She had a wide smile on her face as she came closer to the house, waving to me and Asad before entering through the back door. Asad wanted to go in right away, but I told him that she would tell us when she was ready. He just couldn’t wait.

Neither could I. At 7:00, we were called in for dinner. Kiran seemed in a good mood, as were Mom and Dad. After dinner, Asad and I went back outside to play some basketball, but before I left the house, Kiran whispered into my ear, “Come to my room after Mom and Dad are asleep.” She put her hand on my crotch and gave it a good squeeze, making me instantly hard, then ran upstairs to her room. It seemed to take forever for the ‘rents to get to sleep, Asad and I played Nintendo until they did at 2AM.

Almost as soon as their lights were out, Asad and I RAN up to Kiran’s room, where we found her waiting in her bra and shorts that she was wearing earlier. She motioned for us to enter her room, and she shut the door behind us. “Hi, Asad. Hey, little bro. I’ve gotta take a shower, and if you guys can control yourselves, I’ll let you watch… how’s that?” she asked with a grin. We were silent, and she walked past us into the bathroom. We followed.

She turned on the water, letting it run for a few seconds before pulling off her bra, jeans and panties. Asad was almost drooling. I tried to act cool, but it was almost impossible, Kiran was just too beautiful. She motioned for one of us to take a sit on the toilet seat, which Asad did, and I took a seat on the floor. She stepped into the shower, letting the lukewarm water fall down her breasts and stomach, then letting it fall over her hair and face.

She made the soaping of her body into a tease, rubbing and caressing her body, her hands taking special care and time on her breasts and pussy. Her hands rubbed over her large breasts, squeezing them, pinching the nipples. Every now and then she let out a soft moan, letting us know that she was enjoying it as much as we were. She brought out her special strawberry-scented shampoo, working it into her long red hair, and then into the bush of pubic hair, rubbing it hard. Finally, she rinsed, letting all the suds out in the stream of water.

And it ended. She turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and started drying herself off. Once done, she put on her bathrobe and led us back into her bedroom. This time she made no pretense of putting on her underwear. “So, boys, how was the show?” she asked with a smile wide as a cat’s. Asad and I were speechless, still in awe of the spectacular show put on in the shower. My sister was a beautiful girl. “Cat got your tongue? No problem… but I believe it’s your turn now, boys. Off with the clothes, I wanna see what you’ve got.” A bit startled, Asad and I were frozen for a few seconds, but then quickly removed our clothing, including underwear.

Again, both of us were soft by the time our tools reached the air. It seemed that he was only marginally larger than me. “Heh. Hey, khalidl, Asad’s got a head on you… I’m impressed, Asad. You could hurt a girl with that,” she said while laughing a soft, cute laugh. “Okay, little bro… tonight you get what you want. You can touch my pussy, if you want. Do you want to touch my pussy, little bro?” It seemed as though I couldn’t move, but I managed a curt nod.

“And Asad, you can play with my tits while Tim’s digging around down there.” Kiran walked over to her bed, propped up some pillows, then lay down. “Okay, you guys can begin,” and she let out a small giggle. Asad and I walked very hesitantly over to the bed, Asad kneeling near the head, over Kiran’s full breasts, while I kneeled over my sister’s honeypot. I reached out a hand and placed it on her dark red bush. It was damp. I slowly ran my fingers through her bush, and onto the small slit at its base.

Kiran let out a soft sigh. I looked up and saw Asad kneading her tits, then, almost fearfully, placing his lips around her hard nipple. She didn’t say anything, but put her hand behind Asad’s head, holding it in place at her tit. I refocused my attention to my sister’s wet cunt. It seemed to actually be getting wetter now. Following Asad’s lead, I bent my head down and took a tentative taste of Kiran’s wet cunt. Another moan crossed her lips. I let out my tongue, softly pressing it to her slit, finding her clit and resting it there.

Another moan. I retracted my tongue, and went for another pass. Another moan. This time I dug in, pressing my mouth into her now sopping wet cunt, my nose pressed into her red bush. Softly, I heard her say, “Enough, Khalid… Enough.” But I couldn’t stop. Her words had no effect, they only invigorated my oral search of her cunt. “Stop it, Khalid… It’s too much… Stop.” Her words fell on deaf ears as I continued eating my sister’s pussy. Her hot, wet pussy. “Oh, God, Khalid…Oh, God. Wait… Wait… Oh, GOD!!!” I continued my work as I heard my sister announce the coming of her orgasm. I was drowning in her pussy juices, but still I continued on.

My ultimate dream had come true, I was finally pleasuring my beautiful, loving elder sister. I heard my sister moan, and, finally, sob; tears of joy ran down her soft white cheeks. Done with my chore, I lifted my head, mouth and cheeks now wet with my sister’s sexual juice, and saw her grin at me from her bed of pillows. While I was at my task, Asad had climbed up onto the bed and was now lying next to my sister, his dick in her hand and his hand and mouth on her tits.

“Heh. So, Khalid, where’d you learn to do that?” she asked, the grin never wavering from her beautiful, full lips. I got up and sat next to her on the bed, putting my arm around her waist. “Give your elder sister a kiss, little brother. You deserve it.” I did as she said, bending down to give her a full kiss on the lips. You’ve never been kissed ’till you’ve french-kissed your sister (or really, my sister). “Heh. I taste my own cunt on your lips, little bro. I taste pretty good.” And with that, she broke out into another of her incredible ear-to-ear smiles. “But it’s time you got off, little bro.”

She got up from her position on the bed, and pushed me onto my back. She got up onto my lap, straddling my hips, her pussy pressed against my rock-hard shaft. “Okay, little bro, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” she said through a smirk. She leaned forward, pressing her tits into my chest, and pushed my cock into her tight cunt. She let out a grunt, then slowly moved her body up and down on my shaft. God, I had never felt this before, it was incredible.

“Okay, now, Asad, if you wanna get your kicks, you’d better get it now… Take me from behind, you stud,” she said half-humorously. Asad responded immediately, getting up over and behind her. I heard her let out a yelp as he slid his own cock into her asshole. She slid up and down on my shaft as I heard Asad shoving himself in and out of her, grunting. I smelled her hair, now falling over my face. The same smell I’ve smelled for years, now in a totally different context.

My dreams were coming true as she moved herself up and down over my hot cock. Her face, so recently in a wide smile was now bent almost in pain from the pressure of Asad’s cock in her tight asshole and her little brother’s big shaft in her pussy. I heard Asad let out a final grunt as he unloaded up her asshole. He was spent, and fell off of her back onto the bed. Kiran held me tighter to her, squeezing her sizeable breasts hard into my chest. My cock continued to slide between her strong thighs, in and out, deeper and deeper into her perfect cunt.

As I approached climax, she pushed her lips through the mass of red hair against my own lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, down my throat. In a deep French kiss with my elder sis, I came, spewing my load into the interior of her hot, wet cunt. “God, khalid. That was great. That was great. You were great,” she sobbed as she lay her cheek next to mine. Her body lay still on top of mine for the rest of the night as we slept off the wonderful exhaustion.

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