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Everyone Succumbs To Class

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

HI to everybody. first of all a big big thanks to desi papa for publishing my true love story which is my most precious possession. people, who had missed reading it, can see it on desipapa story no. 1448, titled Bombay to bglore.

I would now place b4 u my lust story which happened b4 my love story. remember, i have had just 2 affairs in life & this is the other one. i have nothing to hide or be dishonest abt it as u could see in my earlier story. here it goes… in my bachelor days, i used to play a lot of sports like volleyball etc, jog a lot, morning walks etc.., i used to be in tshirts, shorts mostly. i stay in a posh area in bombay.& so lot of girls, aunties also used to take daily walks. now , apart from my-age girls, a lot-lot of aunties used to give me long stares whether i was playing or jogging. i could easily make that out, so could my friends. they used to abuse me bcos i was not going ahead.

All the time they would say that if they had such looks they would have screwed left right & centre. but i was modest & apart from that had a very good classsy choice. i couldnt just jump into bed with any woman just bcos she was lusting 4 me.

I was a virgin myself & had a equally gr8 desire to have sex. there was this woman named TINA , a gujju aunty,tall, wheatish, long hair upto her bums, big eyes short on the likes of dimple kapadia. she used to take walks with her husband. the way she stared would make any man cum in his pants. she was a sex goddess. my friends had seen all this and said she is besharam yaar & nothing is left now to judge. she wants u rajiv. i also knew that but how to approach house was just 6 bldgs away from hers & i dint want to get a bad name for myself. after about a month, it was 6 in evng., i was taking my walk, she was behind me for abt 20 mts. i decided that i had to do smthg. i just took a turn & went to a store on the pretext to buy smthg.if she was after me, she would follow me, which i swear she did yaar.

While she was talking to the shop owner to buy some oil, i took out a paper & wrote my telephone no.when the shop owner went inside to get it, i dropped the paper on the ground. ithought she would pick up, but she didnt. man,iwas scared now. but i needed a yes or no at any cost. i gathered guts & asked her.. u want my no.? she didnt say a word & took it from my hand & kept in her purse without looking at it. i asked for her no. now & she gave me & said, dont call today, tmrw at 3.00pm.& she left. the next day , i called her. she was so happy & excited that i made a move at last. she told me that she couldnt do anythg more than staring at me & wouldnt have taken the first move. after all iam awoman, she said. i know eveythg about you, your name,that iam a punjabi , what i do etc she disclosed. this info she had taken out in past 6mths as she was staying nearby only. i was stunned. after talking to her for 2 hrs, everythg was open now. she couldnt belive that i was a virgin, which i was. since she was also from a rich joint family we had no place to meet.

After abt a week, she told me to meet her in a building which i knew where she was taking her son for tutions. after sending her son, we used to meet on the staircase & just couldnt do anythg except holding hands. now , i was getting mad with lust. she had a holidayhome on the outskirts of bombay, where her inlaws used to spent 3 days in a month. after 2weeks my day came when the inlaws went for their vacation, husband went to factory, now only the servant remaining. i gave her the idea to send him to get a english movie ticket from sterling so that it will take him 4 hrs.tina just did that. i requested her to wear anythg in black. at 1.00 in afternoon, i reached her house & got stunned to see 2 things,1st.. a marvellous huge, richly done up house & 2nd.. tina.. in a black nightie upto her knees, sleevless, her hair open & boobs pointing towards me. she cant wear a bra in that nightie & i was right. i asked whether she wore this always & her reply was… this is the 3rd time iam wearing this in my life. my husband is not crazy for love making & we did it once a month, that too on her persuasion.she made me sit on the sofa in drawing room & offered a cold drink. i asked her… can u kiss me first tina? y she asked. i told her that since this was my first time, i want the woman to do it to me.she said all her life guys were after her as she too was conscious of her looks but never did she give a lift to anyone. after all she also wanted someone of her taste. and that she sais she found in me. she threw her hair back & put her lips on mine. i was in heaven. i held her bums as she was standing & i was sitting. the touch of her lips & my hands on her satin clad nightie gave me a instant hard on. i took her with me with the kiss on, & lay on the sofa & inserted my tounge in her mouth. believe me it was like ..

WAS I MAKING LOVE TO DIMPLE? oof what resemblance man. i now picked her in my strong arms with my one hand on her naked thighs as her nightie had gone i went towards the kithchen , she told me her room was on the other side. i had become virtually crazy holding a sexy housewife in my arms.i lay her on her bed , her eyes remained closed & her heart beating heavily. i took off my entire clothes & lay upon her. she hugged me & began kissing my chest.i now took out her boobs & with other hand started rubbing her pussy over her panty.i was having a gala time doing that without removing her nightie.she then asked me whether i want to get sucked? i sid yeah,& she started giving me a blow vigourosly. my dick went red. it was so huge that she was sure iam going to be the MAN of her life. i couldnt hold now & took off her panties & put my finger in her hole. the way i was moving round & round in her & at the same time sucking her boobs made her moan loudly. she began banging her bums up & down heavily. aaaahhhh aaaaaahhhh was coming in my ears as i was sucking her nipples.she asked me to fuck her urgently as she said .. i cant wait now rajiv.. without removing her nightie, she guided me, a novice in her pussy. man, it slid straight inside.

I started pumping her with my thick hard iron rod. the pace with which i was fucking made her amazed. she said , i cant think of or heard of any incident where a woman could get non stop 40 mts of fucking & that too coming from a debutant. at last, i came inside her with her willingness. i spurt out so much cum that after i withdrew from her, i had done her thighs sticky. she loved it all.she thanked me for all this, which infact i was. we dressed ourselves & sat in her bedroom with my head on her lap for half an hour.after that we met 3 more times as i had to go abroad to pursue my management studies. still after 10 yrs now ,after i came back, i still bump into her while taking our walks. but we just smile at each other slyly as we know of our past, but have got nothing to do in present as her kids are grown up now. give your comments on my e-mail ………. thanks…..

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