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Every One Has 2nd Time

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

During my second semester in engineering, my favorite uncle married Rani, who was about my age. I was very close to my uncle who always ensured that I had enough pocket money for movies and restaurants and also actively monitored my progress at the local gym and I came to look upon him as my idol in life. My uncle, who was very handsome, was pursued by many beautiful girls in Bangalore, but he finally settled for an arranged marriage, much against my wishes. I actually wanted him to marry someone sophisticated and beautiful like Savitha, our neighbor, who he was having an affair with anyway.

Soon after a heart broken but wiser Savitha also married and left Bangalore. She and her sister, Anjali were good friends of mine, but although Anjali and I discussed and talked on this for long, it was for nothing.

Rani was fair and tall, exceptionally beautiful with an hourglass figure that had curves in all the right places and a very slim waist and I almost forgave my uncle for ditching Savitha. Rani was an instant hit at home and she very intelligent and could talk with anybody on any issue and everybody in the locality adored her. She had everybody as a friend except Anjali. My uncle also landed a job with an electric company and was transferred to Kolar, and Rani left with him. They however used to visit us regularly in Bangalore on weekends and holidays.

A year down the line, Anjali and Rani had a private showdown and a smart Rani gathered whatever happened earlier. Strangely she sympathized with Savitha and thereafter Anjali and Rani became good friends. With her new knowledge on her husband, Rani gathered enough intelligence on her amorous husband and she later confessed to Anjali that he was no better even after marriage, an arrogant and compulsive flirt. He was freely having affairs, and Rani had a showdown with him on this issue. In fact after the showdown, he became bolder; as if a silently suffering Rani had given him an “OK” to his extra marital life. Rani baceme silent and irritable. When Anjali told me this I was shocked and upset. I started to consciously avoid the couple, whenever they came home as this was a dimension I could not comprehend.

One day, during my seventh semester, I was told by my mother that Rani was to stay at home for a couple of months, as my uncle was transferred to Bijapur and he needed to concentrate full time in his new project.

Rani was happy to be at home and she everywhere with me, morning coffee to small talk late into the night and I reluctantly came to enjoy her company immensely. The three of us, Anjali included went for movies, shopped and generally freaked out our time, money spent mostly by Rani.

One day on our return from a movie, we found my uncle at home and for whatever reason he confronted me, “Did you not tell me not to marry her, now why are you roaming around with her like her pet puppy.”

I was taken aback and Anjali and I ran away from the scene as a big row erupted between the couple and my mother also joined in, the main issue being Rani was not at home in the evening after 7:00 PM. My uncle left the next day, after apologizing to me separately.

Rani came to my room and enquired, “So am I not good looking enough for you and your uncle. Let me tell you, even a sari wrapped around a stick can lift his legs.” I was taken aback with her language and I tried desperately to console her, but she was in no mood for any reconciliation.

I came to understand later, that the day before Rani had brought up the issue of his affairs with my uncle again and he had suggested to Rani that in any case she was flirting with me without success and she should respect his successes. She actually blew up at him but later confessed to him that even if she tried to seduce me, there was no chance that I would respond. He then went on to taunt her, telling her that she was too intelligent to really attract men. She then told me of his affairs and how she hated him. Weird!

Rani continued her barrage, “Sandy, tell me truthfully, am I not beautiful and desirable?”
I replied hastily, “yes”
“Am I sexy”, she asked and I replied, “No”, thinking that she was looking for that answer, but she was taken aback by my answer and walked out.

I felt really bad at upsetting my favorite aunty and followed her into the living room and found her weeping in an armchair, thankfully my mother was in the kitchen. I was genuinely confused and frightened by the turn of events and touched her forearm. I realized that her warm and fair arms were the softest thing I have ever touched in my life and instantly I had a hard on and involuntarily my fingers also started trembling.

She turned her tearful face towards me and I gushed incoherently, “Rani, you are really beautiful and very sweet, and I’ll do anything for you, but please do not cry and let mummy know what’s happening.” Somehow I felt that I was protecting myself more than my uncle.
She smiled and wiped her tears, and asked, “Anything, will you be my slave”
Without hesitation I replied, “Yes, anything”

She got up and kissed me on my cheek. The act of kissing brought her body close to mine and she accidentally brushed my crouch. She looked down in surprise, blushed and ran away smiling. It was then that I realized that I had a big hard-on which had stretched my shorts front like a tent, which she had touched and I started grinning like an idiot but her lingering soap perfume and butter soft lips had awakened something that I never knew existed inside me, In that instant, I also realized that things had changed permanently between us.

That afternoon during lunch, she sat next to me, deliberately touching her soft thigh on me and rubbing her feet on mine but refused to look me in the eyes and insisted on serving me everything just as an excuse to touch me, until I had to hold her hand in protest. She dropped the rice ladle but recovered and turned to my mother and complained that I am too thin and needed to eat more to look acceptable for a girl. My mother laughed innocently but I was feeling very guilty because now everything between us had another meaning and although forbidden, it was very exciting and different. I was on a high that never seemed to abate and little did I realize then that attraction and lust is really like a drug, it leaves you wanting more.

That evening my mother went out into the garden for talking to our neighbors, just outside my bedroom window. I was leaning on the bed rest and reading a novel when Rani walked in. She opened the high window wide and without looking at me and sat down, touching me while joining the small talk outside. The window was slightly raised and she leaned outside while talking. Her sari lifted away from her front and I could clearly see her full breasts, slightly heaving with her breathing, crying for attention. While talking she slowly moved her soft hands over my arms, which I gripped hard. I responded by moving down the bed and kissing her open palms and arms and then I slowly put my other arm to encircle her smooth stomach, Ohhh… I have never dreamt that a woman could give such heavenly pleasures until then.

It was growing darker and we were getting more and more adventurous. Fifteen minutes later, with trembling arms I reached for her breasts, she shuddered but did not move and I started rubbing my hands with more and more pressure. I could feel her hard and long nipples, which I squeezed and pinched and she then lowered her chin on the ledge, giving me complete possession of the twin beauties. A little later I was massaging her everywhere, except her head which was above the window. I could feel her breathing hard and her armpits were sweating profusely.

I tried to open her blouse buttons but she twisted away in alarm and she then moved her hand over to my erect penis and encircled it over my shorts and squeezed hard, I waited in anticipation knowing not what to do next. She was blindly looking for the zipper, which I helped her to remove and before I had a chance to lower my shorts, she had slipped her hand through the side of my underwear and was holding and squeezing my rock hard penis. Her cool and soft palms moving gently over my distended member were simply too much for my juvenile body and I felt my precum gushing out. She smiled to the outside world but continued to massage and spread the oily liquid gently all over my long member, feeling out every throbbing vein with her nails.

I had in the meantime almost removed her blouse hooks, but my mother said bye to the neighbors and asked Rani to close the window against mosquitoes. Rani jumped up, closed the window, rolled over my body to the other side, wet her lips and kissed me fully on the lips, bent down and bit hard on the distended and wet tip of my penis over the underwear and rushed out.

I used to study late into the night, nobody used to disturb me after 10:00 PM, but that night I was engrossed in a porno story and could not concentrate, I was beyond the point of no return and wanted to be with her and like a male widow spider decided to go into her room, whatever the consequences society had in store for me.

It was a decision that I have not regretted for, ever in my life and I hope there are many people out here who are bold enough to enjoy their life to the fullest, balls to morals and a blind society that can never grasp true passion or the excitement of pure lust.

At 11:00PM I reached her door and pushed it gently open, quickly moved inside and shut the door gently and I inhaled her distinct perfume. I got the fright of my life when I realized that she was actually standing besides me in the dim light and before I could open my mouth, she said, “shhh.., Mummy” and covered my lips with hers and tentatively pushed her tongue into mine. I also reciprocated in kind and soon we were kissing each other wildly and pressing our bodies hard against each other, feeling out places and organs that are reserved to heighten bodily pleasure. Rani was tall and shapely and her skin was extremely soft and I was enamored by this new experience of holding a warm and responsive woman hard against my manhood. She then softly bit my ears and whispered, “The Door” and broke the embrace and bolted the door from inside.

She turned towards me and I noticed with pleasure that her sari was half on the floor, with the remaining barely clinging to her slim waist. Even in the dim light from a naked bulb on the street I could make out the tips of her large breasts pointing outwards as if, fulfilling the axiom of “like poles repel”. She pushed me gently with her fingers but my knees were weak and I almost fell back. She giggled softly and placed her cool hands over my navel and gently glided her hand easily down into my boxer shorts.

She whispered, “Ahh… My darling inexperienced apprentice stud, let me make you a man” and so saying she dropped on to her knees and pulled my elastic shorts and underwear down in practiced ease.

My distended member sprang out and she examined it thoroughly from all angles and said appreciatively, “you are endowed with a real monster, big and thick. How did you hide it from your loving aunt for so long”, and so saying she opened her mouth wide into a perfect ‘O’ and sucked me in.

She started by stroking my member gently, to and fro and I could feel her mouth filling with saliva, which started dripping down her chin and my thighs. She sucked hard and sometimes a slurping sound escaped from her mouth, which was strangely very erotic and very soon I detonated into her mouth. Seamen and saliva were everywhere and it was dripping profusely into her cleavage. I had enough of passiveness; I held her by her breasts and wet armpits and pulled her up. I kissed her mouth and I could taste my own come in her mouth and I roughly pulled blouse which popped many hooks and I ripped the rest off. Her heaving breasts covered only in the brilliant white and netted cups were a treat for any man above puberty and I was as randy as a bull near a cow in heat.

I tried to open the brassier from the front and back without success and she impatiently removed all the hooks from the front. Impatiently I slipped off the straps to expose the twin beauties that stood out into the night proudly. They were big and round, slightly curved upwards and as I expected the nipples were long and straight. I pulled at her sari, latched at the waist and it gently slithered to the floor. She was only in her panties now and I could make out her upturned breasts and exquisite figure in the dim light, I squeezed one breast and pushed my hand into her panties. She was soaking wet and while I wrapped my hands over her mound she hugged me tight and placed her mouth again over mine. I slipped my mouth over to her breasts, biting each extended and hard nipple gently and kissed my way down towards her crouch.

I bit her netted panties and tried to pull it down, but I in the process I tore it in the front. I could smell her fresh cunt juices and her rough pubic hair and I impatiently pushed my tongue inside the tear. She lifted her leg and kept it over my shoulder, giving me unrestrained access to her seat of pleasure. Her clitoris was long and slimy and I lifted her clitoris from under and plunged my tongue deep inside her moist cunt. She groaned and rubbed her mound over my face hard and I had to hold on to her waist to keep possession of a fruit, I had to have. She was withering in pleasure and her come was smearing all my face when she almost lost her balance and I had to lean forward to help her gently to the floor.

I moved up her body and pushed my arms under her armpits, held her shoulders and pulled up towards her face. I reached for her succulent lips and her tongue entwined into mine in practiced ease. At the same time, I felt my erect head, touching her cunt and I involuntarily pushed forward but I could not gain entrance.

She then whispered into my ears, “Gently my darling, your destination is actually a little lower”.

I then lowered my thrust as she lifted her hips to meet me and in one motion I was lodged half inside. Both of us stifled our screams, pleasure for her and pain for me! I realized that I had ripped my foreskin and although it was hurting like hell, my body refused to disengage.

She urged me on,” Go on, push, you have stretched my hole like never before, I want you to fill every inch of my body with your manhood. She kissed my forehead which was covered in sweat and whispered, “Darling, you are so big! I can feel every vien of yours, massaging my insides! Ahh.. What a feeling! I have never experienced such contentment and we have not even started”

Still deep inside, “I murmured with obvious pain, it’s hurting like fire”
She replied, “Mmm… it’s like that the first time but please do not stop…please darling” she pleaded.
Against her request, I decided to pull my manhood out and gently pulled back until only my dick head was inside her thick cunt lips. Something inside snapped and I pushed in again, as if the pleasure of her cunt was an anesthetic. It was an act of no return!
I just plunged in and out of her now sloppy cunt in machine precision, as I relived the plight of a male black widow. Her body was responding in kind by meeting me half way and I could feel my balls smashing into her crouch. I was going deep and my strokes were long and the sound of raw meat against each other filled the room with a squelching sound. Her breasts were bouncing like a ball and she was moaning in pleasure. She then locked her legs around my waist and pushed me down on my back and without disengaging sat on me. She moved up till only I was just inside her cunt and fell back impaling her fully, holding onto my chest. I removed her falling hair to gain access to her bobbing breasts. She paused and rolled her into a bun and started rotating her hips in a circular motion, clenching and unclenching her cunt muscles. After a few minutes I felt my balls expanding and my dick became as hard as rock , I turned her around and plunged deep and within a few long strokes with a loud involuntary groan, I detonated my payload into her waiting womb, as she dug her nails into my flesh, arched her back and exploded almost simultaneously.

It was then that I realized that my penis was hurting like hell. I gently eased my still erect and bleeding dick outside and went to the bathroom to examine the damage. My exposed dick head looked OK, and I found that the foreskin was now moving up and down with ease. I washed it with water and foolishly applied dettol. My god, I was hopping around in pain and rushed to my room. In spite of the pain, I slept like a log.

The next day I missed my gym for the first time I could remember in recent times. I had a very stiff back but Rani was a changed woman, very chirpy and at my side the whole day, but I could not meet her eyes. I was feeling guilty as hell but I knew that I had crossed the threshold into an adult for good. In many words she explained that I was the best thing that had happened in her whole life and she wanted me to fill her with my sperm to last two lifetimes.

That night I did not go to her room.  The next day she brought me coffee in the morning and I enquired, “Where’s mummy? One look at her and I knew she had been weeping, and I was nearly in tears myself. she soulfully looked at me and replied as if she had not heard me, “We are in this together sandy, I have never felt so alive and positive before, and I am smart enough to realize that you are special and I am not going to lose you on any count” so saying she left me.

I was so scared of the consequences, if we were caught that I started to avoid her like the plague in the house and went every night to my friend’s house for combined studies, but I could never get her smell or her soft feel out of my mind and I ended up day dreaming all my time making love to her and was I became disoriented for days.

A week later, my mother went out for purchasing groceries for the month, Rani did not join as she was planning on an elaborate bath. The moment my mother left the gate, a freshly bathed Rani rushed into my room, deliberately and sensually lifted her dress, exposing her long and smooth legs and while I gazed in fascination at her black and naked and glistening pubic mound, she slipped on to my lap. I was already day dreaming about her with a massive hard on and had not worn any underwear and I could also feel her pubic hairs caressing my crouch, as her wet slit sandwiched my penis. She put her arms around me and gave me a long and lingering wet kiss drooling with her saliva and I felt her wetness, leak onto my underwear. With trembling hands I held her warm body and my inhibitions for sex broke down and I responded savagely by squeezing her full breasts, resting on my heaving chest, reliving a week long tension that had built up inside me. She screamed and bit my lips hard and I gathered her face in my arms and kissed her mouth violently and I felt her moaning with pent-up desire as her smooth tongue slithering into my mouth. I squeezed her breasts gently and rocked into her mound, as she reciprocated with heaving hips and the chair started creaking, unable to handle our amorous gyrations.

She stood up and pulled me up on my feet and then she dropped to her knees and kissed my shorts which were by now distended like a circus tent and drenched on the front. She pulled my shorts down gently by the elastic and my erect dick jumped out, with the foreskin already partly retraced on account of my first copulation. My penis pushed out to its full length, thick and glowing with a drop of clear pre-cum, gently making a drop at the tip like honey. She caught the drop on her tongue and sensing my fear of painful sex, she gently rubbed my penis against her closed eyes, cheeks and nose before she put her soft fat lips on my dick head, just covering my dick head, and sucking on it very gently, while rubbing her tongue tip against my bald penis slit.

Ohh, the feeling was something amazing!  Her soft lips on my dick were soon gently easing my loose foreskin back and forth, but I did not feel any pain, instead I wan in the sixth heaven of pleasure. She started by sucking just the head and slowly and soon my foreskin had moved back to completely bear the pink head in full glory but she continued steadily, swallowing me more and more and soon I was feeling myself go deep inside her throat and I again experienced a familiar volcano building inside me. I touched her bobbing head and said, “I’m coming!” She imprisoned my hands and continued sucking hard with loud slurping noise and I felt my whole being sucked into a vortex of pure ecstasy. It did not take long, I ejaculated a heavy load, which she not only swallowed whole, but literally sucked me dry.

I pulled her nightdress up and she helped me to remove it fully. It was the first time I was seeing a woman naked, and with a voluptuous figure like Rani, big breasts, slim waist and flaring hips and a rounded arse, I was as hard as an iron rod, she was not shy and really wanted to flaunt her assets to me. Her fully rounded breasts were defying gravity and swaying freely and for a few minutes I feasted on them, biting and massaging them alternatively and I really enjoyed sucking on the purple nipples and then I slowly moved my hands over her flat stomach and onto her mound. My hand was soon massaging her wet and dripping cunt and her long clitoris was very sensitive to my ministrations and she had an orgasm while just standing there and in the throes of pleasure she almost collapsed was it not for my strong and muscular arms. I slipped my hands around her shapely waists and held her by her warm and rounded arse cheeks and lifted her onto my waist and slowly brought her down, impaling her cunt with my ramrod hard penis. I sliced into her cunt, stretching her cunt lips to the maximum as I guided myself inside. This time around, there was no pain, just pure liquid pleasure and I rejoiced at the sight of my love, arching her back in the pleasure I gave her.

I carried her, fully impaled to the wall and started pumping into her with all my strength. She was groaning in pleasure, calling my name and tears of joy escaped her eyes. Soon she was gasping like a fish out of water and I felt her body stiffening as she hit the roof in another orgasm.  I continued my aggression into her body, crushing her breasts and rubbing my finger gently around her arsehole, which was wet with her copious come and two more orgasms in succession, I could not hold on to her as she was soaking wet in sweat and cunt juices and my fingers were slipping off her arse. I heled her tightly around my body, took her to my bed and sucking her hard nipples continued my plugging in the regular missionary style. She was moaning with every stroke inside and reciprocating to each thrust with brute force and was clenching and unclenching my penis inside with her cunt muscles and with a fully satisfied smile, she slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed it gently, while a finger slowly frigging my arsehole. It was just too much for my juvenile body and I came inside her in a rush. The whole of my bed was socked with sweat and sex fluid from the two of us and our bodies were sticking to each other as if demanding more sex.

I said, “Wow, that was great, you are an expert and I love you”
She replied with a gentle kiss on my lips, “What for, I am enjoying it as much as you and yes I also love you Darling”

After a brief rest, she got up and her jiggling breasts with red bite marks all over and gently swaying hips did not do much in keeping my erection down. She bent to retrieve her strewn dress and I watched her open pink cunt which had stretched and bruised and the erect clitoris, all dripping with semen, in fascination. In a flash, I jumped out of the bed, held her by her slim waist and plunged my wet and ready dick deep into the waiting cunt, and in one motion I was buried to the hilt. She gasped out loud and her whole body shuddered in an instant orgasm but I continued to pump into her in slow and long deliberate strokes, full of power, alternatively massaging her smooth stomach and breasts. She was whimpering like a child against my brutal attack and too tired to reciprocate, but I was randy as hell. After some time, desperate to get her to enjoy with me, I bent forward and she pushed her hand out to reach for the wall for support and with the new gained balance, my hand reached for her wet cunt from the front and I slowly slid my hand into her fat cunt lips and touched her hard and protruding clitoris. She screamed and squirmed in my arms with another orgasm and tried to break free. I left her and she almost collapsed, but somehow picked her cloths, pushed me back on the bed and staggered out. I was left with a very wet hard on that was pointing to the air in absolute desperation. I wanted her again, badly. I followed her and found her lying on her bed and seeing me she exclaimed, “Are you man or machine my darling I am your slave for ever”

As I came near her, she rolled towards me and held me back by my hips. She then gently inserted just the head of my penis into her ever pouting lips and rolled her tongue over it all the while massaging my testis gently, she dabbed just the tip of her tongue hard against the underside of my penis head. That did it; I stood there and delivered a full load of my love juices. She was taken aback by my abrupt ejaculation and pulled her head back just in time to receive the second installment full on her face. She smiled tiredly at my shocked look and pulled me down on the bed. We kissed each other and just lay in each others arms, waiting for our bodies to recapitulate. I still had an erect penis, but soft and I gently slipped it into her ever accommodating cunt from the back with ease and rocking her slowly, I came again. Exhausted we later slept off the whole morning till my mother came back.

Of course we never wasted an opportunity from then on, having sex in all positions and in all places, until like all good things come to an end, she left reluctantly to bijapur.  I can never thank her enough for not just exposing me to a new world of wonder and pleasure but also as a teacher who taught me everything she knew on how to please a woman. If you enjoyed this write-up do send in a word at

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