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  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hello desipapa fanz itz eddy(obviously ma fake name) here.well thatz ma 1st story to all of u .in past i have been reading these stories since year or so.and here iz ma personal experience which i had few dayz back n i thought i shud share it with all u rockin guyz !!! lemme describe u ma self 1st ,i m a guy with height of 5,10 normal build ,over all an average guy livin in gulshan-khi n doing computer engineering n belongz to quiet strict kinda family….n before this incident i waz just kept on dreamin about sex n i had no idea wether ma dis dream wud come true or not.n no offense sorry 4 ma english datz typical chattin english 🙂 n da chatting iz the thing which opens a new door to feminine glorious lustfull heaven for me.
Well the story just started when i chatted that girl 1st time. we met at irc n dan came on msn (as usual)….we had a quiet frankness among us since from our very 1st chat but it waz a casual friendz frankness nothing more than dat actually i m not dat kinda guy who starts over thingz 1st .and same thing happened with dat girl az well .we were very close friendz we share our every thing our daily routine we chat every day.

1 night we had a quiet long chat from 11:00 pm till 8:00 am during that chat we discussed different topics our future plan etc etc and at around 3:40 she asked me about ma clothes.she asked “wht r u wearing rite now dada(she us to call me)” i waz in a naughty mood said “batadoon?” she said” haan haan ub mujh say bhi chupao gay kya” ..dan i said “i m naked” after sometime she said “howz this possible” i said it iz darling, i m havin ma own room n itz 4:00 “she said “ok” dan i asked “wht r u wearing sweet heart” , she said “nighty” dan i asked “only nighty” she said “yes wht else” i said “soch lo nothing else” she said “yes” dan i said “u must b lookin hot widout ur under-garments dadi” she said “do i make u feel hot” dan i said “wel dats dependz how u look like in real” she uderstood ma point and asked me”wud ya like to meet me” i said “sure why not” dan we decided to meet next day az she waz havin off from her institute but no 1 knowz about it in her house . ….well guyz how dat day spends i just cant tell u…..i waz just continusly dreamin n thinkin about dat girl dat how wud she look like wht wud i talk to her wht she wud say n blah blah blah…….well at last the time came and i reached “copper cattle cafe” where a girl wearing sky blue short sleeves shalwar kamiz waz sitting all …

I waited there for 5 min i roamed here n there but no 1 waz in the cafe xpect we 2…dan i gathered some courage n went near her i asked her n she replied positevly i just said hi n how r u dis n dat……n some casual stuff….dan she herself comes to the point and ask me “wht do ya say now DADA” i said “i shud have answered ya there at chat dadi” she asked “why?”i said cuz here itz quiet difficult to control ur flowing heat” she said “rehney do baatein naa banao” than i dunno wht happened to me and i hold her hand n said “dadi ur really very beautifull gorgeous n hot n itz impossible to stay away from a girl like u”…she said “itni juldi kya hai we wud have lotta fun” i just cant tell u guyz wht were ma feelingz when she said deze wordz…..newayz she asked if i had some plcae where we cud spend some time properly with eaze…n unfortunately i dun have ne so i replied negatively with a real grief on ma face….but next moment she put her hand on ma cheek n said “dun worry dada ive a cure for it az well..letz move to ma place” i said “what???!!!” she said ” yes i lied u..dere iz no 1 at ma home rite now n dats why i came here to meet u otherwize dat waz not possible” i kisses her on her handz ad we moved to her home..within 15 min. we were there …we went to her drawing room i waz about to sit on sofa when she said “why r ya sittin here letmme show u my bedroom”i just took her in ma armz n said “no TODAY lemME show u ur bedroom”she just blushed in a way dat took ma heart……i just cant 4get that her blushfull naughty smile.

Any wayz i made her laid down on her double bed and than i just have a detailed quick look on her body ……she waz just un beleiveable flawless beautyy …….i just came clozer to her face she closes her eyez i asked”wht happened i havent touched u yet ” she said took her lower lip between her teeth…..i understand wht she iz willing 4 i taste her lips with ma toung i than i inerted ma toung in her mouth 1st she didnt responded well but after ma conitnuse sucking she started to move her tong az well and tightened her lips too she started suckin mine az well n after sometime we were kissin each other madly we remove each other cloths n in a hurry i just torn her shirt under she waz wearing black bra n black panty in which her milky cream full body waz lookin heaven !!! i removed her bra n started chewing n sucking her gorgeous 30-D boobz she just scream 1st time az it waz ma 1st time n full of dezires so i waz tottaly unaware wht cud happened, she said “araaaam say” than i lower down ma pace but still sucking n smoochin her brown nipples in a passionate manner. she waz just dying in this great pleasure with the sweet moans…and suddenly when i insert ma middle finger in her young shaved pink tight pussy her moans turned into sreamz….screamz of pleasure she waz shivering from top to bottom !! i took ma finger n tasted n her salty love juice was quiet unbeleivable i moved towardz her flat creamy milky tummy during lickin i reached towardz her love hole when i 1st tasted her juicy pussy from ma toung it gets more tighned along with her long athletic thighs…..i waz in the mood to tease her but having some unknown fear of her parents and unknown place i started to play faster i lick her thighs n area arond her pussy than i ate her pussy for 10 min.

During which she waz continusly crying n beggin me for ma tool she cummed directly in ma mouth n i drank her juice !!! than she said ur wonderfull n now itz ma turn i asked sure ….now she laid me on ma back n on her kness at the edge of the bed she took ma 6′ cock in her mouth gosh!!!!! i waz at 7th heaven she waz suckin n licking making voices of glurp slurp she waz applyng her saliva n again continues to lick it …. in the passion i grab her hairz and push her mouth more towards ma cock to increase the pace ..suddenly ma balls gets tghtened and something great waz happening in ma cock n i give ma full load into her mouth without givin ne signal ….she waz just perfect she didnt even let a drop to b waisted she drank it all….
she didnt topped at dat moment after cleaning up her face she started the 2nd roud of blow job and within no times ma dick waz standin az a rifle ready az ever to release some fire …. i laid her down on bad and placed ma cock at the right spot i tried abit but i realiz it wud quiet painfull for her n difficult for me !!!! i asked her for cream she brings the olive oil i said it wud be better i applied the oil on ma dick n again took ma position … i placed her legs on ma shoulder and entered the full length at 1 time she waz in great pain she took a pillow over her head and her moans of crying were quiet hearable the bedsheet waz ful of her blood due to her 1st sex…1st i started to go slowly with slow movement after some time i forcefully removed the pillow from her face 2 tears were still under her eyes now i start the real show coz it waz end of ma patience…i gave her full of force jerks i grabed her bouncing MELONS now she waz also enjoyin all this and waz givin me help she waz pushing her self towardz me i took her boobs in ma mouth n gradually increased ma pace she screamin like hell…..the room waz full of her screamz …….

I still remeber he moanz like …….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhh….oooooooo yaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaa same az ever happened in any triple film now i start abusing her ……maaderchod bahaut shauk tha na khulwaney kaa lay ub lay rundi ki nasal aaj tujhey khol doon gaa teri sarii garmii aaj utaar ker jaoon ga and i waz fuckin her like mad dog she waz also enjoyin all this atmosphere with her continues moans……..oyeeee maaa mer gayeeee aur zor say ruknaaa nahiiiii haaaaaan aurrrrrrrr plzzzzz aurrr haaaaaan haaaaan i waz about toe cum i told her she asked me not cum inside her az she cud get preganant i said ok she waz also near to her load i increased ma pace more she cummed thirce during this n it waz very last cum hr pussy gets full of her own jucies her pussy waz overflowin due to ma non stop movement n suddenly i took out ma dick n placed it near her mouth and i shoot ma load all over her face n breast…..aaaaah it waz so silence in the room at that time .
i laid over her in the same position for 5 min than i took out ma dick from her and laid at side she placed her head on my hand and started playin with ma nipples we rested there for few moments than she we had snakcs and jucie and than i left after givin her a word that we wud alwayz b so cloze friendz like dis…while leaving she gave me another french kiss n i again got a hard on but i had to control it some how coz it waz quite late i took ma jcket and leave…….
since after that we talk regulalry on phone and between this incident and this story we had another sex encouner !!! when i taste the pleasure of her sweet ass….thats another part ill try to pass it on to u guyz sooon……well i hope ya all like deze few moments of ma life and thanx for givin me some time to share ma very 1st sex encounter…….ne ladiez or girlz wanna have some fun can contact me on ma email address ill wait 4 ur comments and rsponses….chao !!

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