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Erotic Vision At Tution

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

The name of the characters in this story is changed for keeping it confidential , my name is vishal and i live in shaktinagar sonebhadra (NTPC) district. I was 16 at the time and struggling at school when one of my parents’ friends suggested a tutor for me.

The tutors name was Padmini she had just left University with BCom and was looking for a stable job. In the meantime she was taking tution to bolster her finances. She was 22, had long black, highlighted brown, hair tied in a bun, was about 34B-27-38, 5ft 3, medium brown skin, attractive featured face with light green catty eyes and charming charismatic smile. She wore proffessor type glasses and dressed fairly conservatively with hardly any makeup. She looked more like a bookworm than a stunner. She was definitely very intelligent and was a very strict tutor. If I raised my eyes slightly out of the books she would instantly shout. Under the hard exterior was a soft hearted passionate beautiful women. I dreamt of her regularly, her hair down her glasses off, her face made up, in a skimpy wet clinging sari with no undergarments instead of the stiff starchy serious baggy type salwaar outfits that she wore. I wanted her so badly i wanted to tell her how I felt but I did not have the guts. It was near to my finals when I knew it was unlikely I was to see her again since she had got a posting in Bangalore that I thought I’d tried to have ago.

I went over to her complex to see her about some last minte revision. Im really worried miss I said as Padmini watched over me on the exam questions I had brought. Nonsense she said you will be fine. Just follow the things we have covered and you will do well she smiled. Oh that smile melted me. As convincing as i could be I tried to look as upset as possible close to tears. I cannot take the pressure Miss as i buried my face in my hands. She came over and sat next to me putting her arms around me to console me. I moved my face to turn into her bossom feeling the warmth off her soft bossom. My cock going hard as i snuggled deeper into her tits. She held me tight. Theres nothing to worry about she said calmly. Im going to miss you miss. She gently began rocking me in her arms.

It was now over never, I placed my hands on her hip. She made no move to remove it. So I gained more courage and started to stroke her inner thigh. Still no resistance and I advanced to her crotch my other hand now firmly massaging her breast. Padmini had now started kissing the top of my head as she rocked me. My hand was now on her pussy rubbing it. I got more of an approval when she moaned her legs opening wider allowing me better access. Her hands now reached for my jeans zip feeling my bulge as she opened them. She pulled my hard cock out from my underpants squeezing gently. This made it twitch like hell rocking back and forth. I started to tongue her mouth kissing hungrily at her lips. She removed her glasses, lowering her head licking the full length of my shaft from pubic bone upto tip of the head. Oh my this was incredible, eventually she took my tip in her warm moist mouth sucking it like her favorite lollypop. I had now opened the front of her salwaar gaining access to her braless soft breasts.

The more i pulled her nipples the more she moaned. Her mouth now began to engulf the full length of my rod varying her strokes from deep to the back of her throat to half length sucks whilst fiddling with my balls and pubic hair. I didn’t think i was going to hold out much longer when she suddenly stopped. She quickly stood up pulling down her salwaar kurta and pyjamas to reveal her white panties with a damp s! pot over her slit. She stood astride and guided my hands ferom her breats to her panties and help me take them of her. When she stepped out of the panties I could see her pink moist fleshy innards of her juicy cunt as her cunt lips parted for a few seconds.

She was not as hairy as I had thought. She pushed her pussy into my face its your turn big boy as she grabbed my cock for some hand action to stop it from going limp. I grabbed her buttocks tight and ran the tip of my tongue along the folds of her juicy cunt. She moaned loud grinding her pussy deeper into my face. My hand began rubbing the nub of her hardened clit making her twitch wildly all over I could feel her climax all over like an electric current had passed right through her. My reward was a face full of her tasty juices. I gave her pussy even more attention sucking her piss flaps and lapping her juices like a hungry dog. Eventually i started entering her with one finger then to building a quick rhythm. She was bucking my fingers violently. Oh you bastard she screamed, oh you fucking lovely bastard. I was so turned on that this strict tutor spoke such foul language. She could not take my onslaught on her pussy any longer fuck me she cried, fuck my pussy. Put your hard cock in me. I want you. She straddled me gently lowering herself on my cock, slowly her pussy folds engulfing my love meat. That feeling is so amazing its undescribable.

We were both soaked with sweat. She used her full weight with each thrust down whilst I grabbed her lovely curvy bigs hips to cause my cock to go as deep in as it could. Her vaginal walls were clasping tight to my cock, her breasts at the mercy of my searching mouth. She had one of her hands on my balls whilst her other hand had reached under my arse. She moaned abuse in Hindi as we fucked, bastard, cunt, cock, pussy basically everything. She knew she was driving me crazy with her foul mouth because she was always clean spoken as my tutor even when she was angry. She was very good at rotating and grinding her hips. Eventually we came together our bodies convulsing in extasy. We held each other tight, kissing. After we got changed she saw me to the door, look you will do fine she said kissing me as the neighbours watched, I will miss you she said, a single tear running down her cheek.

That was the last time I saw her. Not surprisingly I aced all my exams and got the top marks in my class. any females interested may mail me at for sexual intercourse, or exchanging there sexual fantasy. only females may mail me. Now thats what I call an education.

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