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Erotic And True

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

I stay with my wife in her house with her parents. My wife looks great but its her mother that’s driving me crazy. She is really erotic. I have fantasized about her and cummed over her mouth and over her belly numerous times in my dream. I am so crazy for her that I used to sneak in to the bathroom when she is taking shower and peep for a few seconds through the shower curtain while her face is turned away. I even hid my camcorder in her room under some clothes to see her walk out of the bathroom naked. I succeeded in that and masturbated while looking at her ½ inch hard nipples poking out on the LCD.
I was not satisfied with that. I used to take out her panties and bra and smell them.

The perfume she uses and the faint feminine smell on her panties made me cum right away and I used to rub some of it over them. I so badly want to give her a taste of my cum that I even cummed in to her lunch(lemon rice) while she was taking shower getting ready for work. I had that devious pleasure of watching her eat my cum while talking to me. She didn’t have a clue.I wanted her to see my erect penis and that was my greatest fantasy. So I made a plan. She had the habit of opening the door and walking in to her daughter’s bedroom(which is my bedroom also obviously) with out knocking. that was kind of out of character for her. I guess she must also be secretly fantasizing about me, I sense it some times the way she looks and talks to me, but it could be just my imagination.

It was her day off and I was at home too with no one else around. I decided it was the right moment to display my oversized penis to her. I heard her remove the dried clothes from the dryer and I sensed her sitting in the living room next to my bedroom folding the clothes most of which were my wife’s and mine. I knew she would open my bedroom door and walk in any moment to place the clothes in the wardrobe. She must have assumed that I was sleeping since I was behind closed doors for some time with out making any noise. The bed faces the door and I laid down on it with my head towards the door. I pulled out my penis through the opening in my red boxer and played with it a little bit. I didn’t need to do much, just the anticipation of her walking in and seeing my cock made my cock rock hard and stood 7 inches tall and fat with the pre cum on top of it. The glans was big red and glistening. I was sure she wouldn’t have seen such a pretty cock. I was controlling my urge to cum as I was terribly excited. I wondered whether I was doing the right thing but at that moment I didn’t care about the consequences. I heard the ruffle next door and my heart started pumping. She would be here in a few seconds and here I was with my red hot thick long cock ready to burst.

My mind raced and warned me to just close the show and cover up, but I didn’t have much time to react as I heard her turning the doorknob for my room. Exactly at that moment I looked up and back right in to her eyes and my cock, which had already reached its limit just, couldn’t tolerate more and exploded cum a few inches high. During those few seconds my eyes were right in to hers and her eyes were right in to my big fat penis exploding white cum allover. I saw that horny erotic look in her eyes when she moved her eyes from my cock to my eyes, which was all, like a slow motion movie for me. She didn’t know what to do. She just placed the clothes right next to the door on the couch and left the room closing the door.
For a moment I thought I did the most terrible thing in my life, but then I realized that it could be an accident only, since she had walked in to my room with out knocking.

I covered myself, put on a pant, strengthened my heart and went out to the living room. She wasn’t there. She was in her bedroom placing her clothes. I went near her and apologized to her for what had happened. She apologized to me saying that it was her mistake to walk in to my room with out knocking. I saw in her eyes the secret desire for me. Then she asked how my relation was going with her daughter. I thought this is the moment. I told her that her daughter is not that much interested in sex and I had to masturbate now and then to relieve myself. I also told her boldly I fantasize about her while masturbating. No, you shouldn’t do that, I am like your mother! She said. She told me not to mention any thing about it to her daughter and that she wants to forget it as a bad dream. My heart broke and I was so embarrassed.
Nothing happened for a few days but her behavior towards me had changed. She wanted my big cock and at the same time she was thinking it would be wrong.

The day came again when we were both alone. I was horny for her again and decided that I should have her today what ever it takes. I went in to kitchen and took out some cooking wine and added some in to soup she had made. After lunch I turned on a movie on dvd and started watching .She joined in. She was not used to alcohol and there she was very euphoric. I had a hair cut that day and my hair was sticking out on the back. She pointed it to me .i brought her a scissor sat next to her and asked her to level it. She touched my head and cut the hair. She rubbed the hair off and said there you go. I remained seated quiet near to her and apologized again for embarrassing her the other day. She said that its OK and also jokingly added that you don’t get to see it every day any way. I had a flush and I was hoping for things to proceed .I asked her; did you like what you saw?. She blushed and when I asked again humorously she blushed again and said; it’s big! I realized that my moment has come and my cock was already making a big tent. I took her hand and suddenly placed it right on my tent. She was shocked and asked me” what are you doing? But she didn’t remove her hand and it was actually gripping my penis. Afer a moment she took her hand away but by then I had confirmed it that she too wants me.

I again took her hand and forcibly placed it on my cock again. This time she kept it there and gently started squeezing it but had kept her face turned away from me. Its not right she said. I didn’t listen to her. I opened the zipper pulled out the big cock and placed her hand on it. As soon as she felt the warm shaft in her hand she turned towards it and tried to pull her hand away, I forced it there and she started squeezing it gently again. I gently held her head and forced it down towards my cock. She kept looking at it but slightly resisted. Her cheek touched my cock .I requested her to make my fantasy come true. She all of a sudden took my cock in her mouth and it was heavenly. There it was in my mother in law’s mouth and my dream is coming true. My cock was ready to ejaculate and my head was swooning with her mouth’s warmth. I pulled her mouth little out and My cock exploded right on her nose and lips. She made a frowning face . My dream of seeing my cum all over my mother in laws face finally came true.

I told her that my dream is fulfilled and asked her whether she wanted any thing from me. She said that she doesn’t want any thing. She told that it was the first and last and that we should forget that this thing ever happened. We still are living together and we are living as if all that was a dream. My wife doesn’t even have a clue.

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