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  • September 16, 2015

This is Arshya again. Readers must be remembering my earlier stories. This is my next story which tells that how I started enjoying my sex life. After completing my graduation, unfortunately, I lost my father. So My brother called us (mother and myself) to Islamabad as he was working there. I was always sad due to the tragic events of past.

There was a young girl of my age in the neighbourhood who started coming to our house on one pretext or the other. Her name was Sameena. In a few days, she developed friendship with me. She was living alone with her mother who was a working lady, so all the day she remained alone at home. She was tall, beautiful, fair, bit bulky girl. Usually after asking my mother, she took me to her home to spend some time. There we often spent our time in listening music, reading digests or used to chat on different topics. One day the topic turned to sex and suddenly all the past events came before my eyes. This made me too sad which she instantly felt and asked me what is the matter. I was not ready to disclose anything of the past but seeing my sadness, she became suspicious.

So on her too much insisting, I disclosed my secret to her. On listening all that, first she felt sorry for me, but on the other hand said that you are just a fool. I was astonished on her comments and asked, why she said this. She said that those bastards kept enjoying on your body and got all the pleasure and what did you get. You just got pain, cursing and anger. You too must have enjoyed it. If you would have been a wise girl, you would have not only enjoyed the sex but also black mailed those bastards. I said that leave it, it’s the matter of the past and I don’t want to discuss it any more. During the discussion I became more sad and tears were running from my eyes. She tried to console me and put her hand on my back, hugged me and kissed me. When I relaxed, even then she didn’t stopped hugging and kissing me. I was bit surprised and tried to get away but she didn’t let me go and said that we must enjoy our life.

Always try to be happy and enjoy whatever happens in the life. In a few minutes I also started enjoying her hugging and kissing. When she felt my enjoyment, she started sucking my lips and pressing my breasts. I was now unable to resist her so she kept proceeding and in a few minutes, she lifted my shirt and started sucking my nipples. When was fully lost in pleasure, she lowered my shalwar and started touching my pussy which made me jump with pleasure. She started fingering me and now I was unable to stop her so she continued her job and when I regained my senses after some time, I was discharged, for the first time in my life. This gave me so much pleasure that I developed urge to feel that pleasure again and again. So I kept visiting her regularly on one pretext or the other.

One day she asked me whether I needed some more enjoyment. “Yes, but how”, I asked in astonishment. She said that she had a boy friend whom she calls whenever she needs some enjoyment and relaxation. I flatly refused as I didn’t wanted to repeat the past events. But she said, nothing to fear, he is so gentle, loving, caring and kind hearted person and you will love her company. Though I had the urge to enjoy the sex but I refused. She kept insisting it and atleast after a week I hesitantly agreed. She was glad to hear this and told me to come next day. She suggested me to wear tight and sexy clothes so that when he looks me, he may get the impression of a sexy and romantic girl. I kept thinking on this matter during the night but the pleasure to which Sameena introduced me was great and the pleasure which was about to come next day, was far better than that I was already enjoying. So I decided to meet her boyfriend. When I visited Sameena’s house next day, I was wearing a skin-tight shalwar qameez which clearly revealed all my curves. I wore light make up and was looking really sexy. There I found a young man of about 27, tall, handsome, fair, light moustaches, decent looking. His name was Khalid. They were sitting in the bedroom. Sameena introduced me to him and three of us kept chatting for some time after which she left both of us alone and went out of room saying that she is going to prepare tea for us. He then got up from the sofa and bolt the door which made me nervous but he came to me, took my hand in his hands and made me get up from the chair.

Now we were standing facing each other. He was saying gentle and lovely words in my praise and this made me calm. He took me in his arms and took me to bed, both of us lay on the bed and he started touching my body here and there while kissing me on my lips, eyes and cheeks. This made me hot and I start responding him by kissing and touching his body. Now he made me sit and told me to remove my shirt but I was so  shy to do anything. So he did it himself and I let him do it without any resistance. I was now in my bra and he was kissing and pressing my breasts. I was now too hot and when he saw my condition he removed my shalwar, panty and bra. There was nothing on my body. He kept his hand on my pussy which just made me jump and it became wet instantly. So he kept rubbing his finger on the lips and during that his lips remained on my breasts sucking my nipples. Suddenly he left my body and got off from the bed. I cried and asked him where is he going. He smiled and said, be patient, I am not going anywhere but you are not responding properly to me. I said, what should I do then. He said “I have removed your clothes, so you must remove my clothes in return”. So I also got off from the bed and immediately started unbuttoning his shirt and removed it. Next I removed his pants and then underwear, and what I revealed from the underwear just shocked me. He had a 7” long and very thick tool. Being now in our natural dress and again laying on the bed kissing and touching each other. Now instead of fingering he started licking and sucking my cunt and my body was shaking on the bed.

Again he left me and complained that I am not responding properly. I asked what do to now, he said that he is sucking me and I should suck him in return. Though I had never even kissed a dick but today I was in such a hot mood that  I at once held his dick and took it in my mouth begging him to resume his sucking. Being a big and thick tool it was difficult to suck it properly but I was doing it anyway. Now we were enjoying each other in 69 position. In a few minutes I felt that I am going to explode and in the next few seconds I got a huge orgasm which I had never got with Sameena. But his mouth didn’t leave my cunt and kept sucking. This made me more hot and then he pulled his tool from my mouth and left my cunt, came between my legs, lifted and spread them wide and kept the tip of his tool on my cunt.

Being so much wet, there was no resistance at all and he pushed all of it in a single thrust. His enormous size and mighty thrust produced a scream from me but then I adjusted and started enjoying the first fuck with my own will. It lasted for 10 minutes after which I felt a hot fountain shooting inside my pussy. This made me explode instantly and my body start shaking but the grip of his strong arms was so tightly that I was unable to move. When both the explosions finished. his body fell on mine and we kept laying relaxed. We were laying in this position for some time when we heard clapping sound. It was Sameena who was watching us from a window. I asked Khalid why didn’t he checked the windows to which he laughed and said that it was planned by both of them because Sameena wanted to watch me get fucked. During my next visits to her house we also did three somes, but my next story would narrate my anal experience with Khalid because Sameena has told everything to him and he was now eager to enjoy my ass. So readers, bye till then. Comments, if any, may be mailed to  

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