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Enjoying With 2 Sisters

  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

Hi all you story readers i m also a very gr8 fan of these stories.My dream gals are two sisters (not own but cousine).First some thing bout me i’m VINAY JAIN 18yrs 4m a college student and i met the two sisters in my college.There names are SWATI JAIN and VINITA JAIN.
Now something bout Swati she is a very sweet gal with very big boobs and an ass with a nice round cut ,and now bout vinita she dosent have big boobs or a round ass like swati but she is thin with a very good figure unlike her sister swati who is fat. Previously i didnt used to talk with them but one day i saw a little part of swatis bra and the other day i saw vinitas panty(while she jumping arund in the class).and both the days i helplessly masturbated.Then i used to see these things almost daily and i daily masturbated .then slowly slowly i came closer to both of them they used to sit with me in the class.and sometimes i used to touch swatis boobs unknowingly they were as soft as a jelly. F rom many days i was looking 4 a chance to do something with both of them but i was not able to find the right time. but god was with me, our school is situated across a river and we used to go by bus.but after somedays they used to go by a ship and aftersomedays i also started to go by ship.there the gals used to stand on the top floor and i used to look at there panties everyday ,by this time the idea of having sex with them became my dreams and i was not able to concentrate on studies too.

Then one day i got a was the time of daslakshan(a religiou ceremony in marwadies).we used to go to a bhawan 4 having launch.there i met them and they were alone there(without the presence of their parents).i offered them to come to my home they agreed.i took the keys 4m my mom and took them to my home in my car.when we reached home there was no body there and then i thought that it was the right time to to tell them bout my feelings.i switched the t.v on to f tv.there we saw the naked modles and the gals didnt said anything.but by loking these models my penis became rock hard,i think the gals saw that and were whispering in each others ears.

Then both of them told me that they want to see my room i took them to my room there by loking at my bed they both said ‘wow kya bister hai yaar ‘ and i offered them to come with me to that bed.first they were loking at me with a gr8 angry look but then that look converted into a sweet smile So i came closer to them and i touched swatis boobs slowly and then she whispered aahhhhhhhhaaaaaaa,after that i kissed vinita and in the meanwhile swati stripped her and mine clothes off,then it was vinitas turn she also became naked soon.then i took both of them to my bed . i was continuously pressing swatis boobs and vinita was liking my 9″lund.the room was filled with a whisper of -h–aa-a-.

After that both of them came on top of me and now my lund was being sucked by both of them .and when i said that it is coming then both of them ate it with a gr8 they said me play with there pussies,so first i played with swatis pussy my whole tounge was inside her pussy and her juice was very tasty.then it was vinitas turn the same thing happend with vinita too. now it was time to fuck,i chosed vinita as she had a good figer so now i was on top of her between her legs and first i inserted 2″of my dick but then she said “aur jor se do please” so i inserted the whole thing and my full 9″was lost inside her hole.and she was whispering “aur jor se do vinay puss it harder ,puss it harder” .then after doing so it was swatis turn i didnt fucked her but offered her ass fuck .

She agreed to it and we went to the bathroom there she bend on her knees and said “vinay jaldi karo mei tumhare lund ko apne andar lene ke liye bekarar hoon” and without thinking anything i again inserted my dick in her i was njoying the best moment of my life After evrything we worn our clothes and while doing so agin both of took my lund in their mouth and ate evry bit of my strength. That the end of my story folks and u have any sugesstions or if u want to take any sugesstions on how to fool two sisters do mail me at

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