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  • September 9, 2015

I was 20 years old at that time After partying at my friends house I reached home and entered the house via the back door and in through the kitchen I noticed that there was still a light in the front room as I walked into the hall and that the radio was playing. This told me that my mom was still up. My mother Hemavathy was 44 with hair down to her shoulder blade and

My dad Janakiraman was 48 and 6 foot tall just like me. My sister Janaki was 21 years old and also 6 foot tall with long hair down to her fine looking butt with long sexy slender legs that looked great . She is 38D in the bra department until now as she was 8 months pregnant and her tits had swollen to at least the same size as moms. She had split from her husband and was now living on her own.

My parents were drifting further and further apart due to the fact that my dad couldn’t think about anything else but his work almost 24/7. On a regular bases my father would be out of town for either short or long periods depending if he was traveling abroad or not. He had a great job in the multi-national he worked for .My fathers trips away from home had made my mom Hemavathy feel really lonely so much so that she and me slowly grew closer to each other in more than just the mother and son relationship.

As I walked walked into the living room I was greeted by a surprising view of my mom that I never dreamed possible. She lay with her head on the back of the sofa while her buttocks were at the edge of the cushion. Her Saree & skirt was raised and she had parted legs. Very slowly I moved behind the big arm chair for a better look.By now I was already on my feet and looked at my mom, and she looked as if she were in a drunken sleep.

I lowered myself onto the floor by her side and now had an even better view. I didn’t know where I got the courage, but suddenly I moved forward until my face was next to her panty clad pussy. She opened her legs still further . I had placed my hands on her legs and was softly massaging them and running his hands up and down her legs. I now noticed her cunt juices soaking through her panties and covering the tops of her bare thighs.

I was shocked to realize that when I looked up a little and felt like I was struck by lightening as I noticed that my mother was looking straight into my eyes. I sat there motionless my hands still caressed her legs and he didn’t know what to do next. She slowly took my face into her hands “Ohh Shailu.” She said.You gave me a such a lovely feeling.” She said with a smile looking at me. You shouldn’t feel so guilty about what was happening between us, if I had not enjoyed it I would have told you to stop.”

This will have to be our little secret so I would appreciate it if you keep this to yourself.”Sorry mom.” I said.It wasn’t my intention to do this to you, I still don’t understand how this happened.” I said ashamedly.No, son, what happened here may not have been right, but you gave me such warm feeling inside, something that has been missing for too long. No, you certainly didn’t disappoint me by what happened. It may be strange for you hearing me say this, but I’m happy you did try.” She said with a smile.

She leaned forward and gave me a hug and a quick kiss full on the lips.
Close your eyes Shailu and try to imagine that you’re talking to someone else, someone with who you share your secrets with.”Sit back a little Shailu.” my mom asked.She looked straight into my eyes with a smile on her face. Once she was standing she let her clothing’s fall around her ankles. Her bra and panties followed shortly after and she stood there with her hands on her hips allowing me to openly stare at her body.

She sat down on the edge of the sofa and put her head against the back of it and opened her legs as if presenting herself on platter.I leaned forward and touched my lips against her hot pussy. Mom was again turned on as her nipples began to go erect and her pussy began to flow again. I began working with my tongue making little circles over her pussy lips as i pushed my tongue between them in order to catch her sweet nectar before swallowing it.

Mom said that even dad in his best days hadn’t succeeded in giving her such a feeling down there. She was shaking like a leaf and started to focus more and more on having an orgasm.I took her clit tenderly in my mouth and circled my tongue around it before I began to start sucking on it. As I began to increase my speed more and more Mom let a long moan escape from her mouth. I began sucking in earnest until Mom gave a loud yell and started cumming.

Her body was shivering and shaking. One orgasm after the other ripped through Mom’s body as I now began sucking my moms clit in slow long strokes until finally she was totally exhausted and her body went limp and she passed out from the sheer pleasure her son gave her. I then released her clit from my mouth and took again the opportunity to gaze over her body.

Mom slowly regained consciousness aware of the fact that what she experienced was totally new to her. She looked at me with a loving smile on her face as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips tasting herself on my mouth. No place in the mouth was untouched as we French kissed. We had to eventually break our kiss in order to catch their breath.

Thank you Shailu, I must confess that I have never came so much even with your father” . “It was like being in heaven, but for god’s sake you have to tell me how you learned to please a woman like that?I have no idea mom,” I replied. “You are the first woman that I have ever done this to.”
Ok I have watched some porno movies and read erotic stories online

And out of magazines but no one ever taught me how to pleasure a woman.” I answered with a shy smile.Mom again leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips and thanked me. “I do understand how you felt about what we just did, but if we are going to be more than mom and son then I want you to call me by my name”

Mom motioned me to stand. Mom stood in front of me and began to undress me as she began unbuttoning my shirt, then unbelted my belt and pulled them down and my boxers were last to come off. A little yelp escaped her lips when she saw the hard on in all its glory. She bent her head and licked the pre cum that oozed out of the slit at the top of my cock. She took my cock in one hand and her other on

My big balls while she took as much as she could of my 8″ monster into her mouth. It was my turn to moan, as I had never experienced such a warm and wet mouth on my cock before. Mom took hold of my cock at the base in one hand as she gripped my hips with her free hand and held me like that so she was able to move my cock in and out of her mouth without the fear of me chocking her.

I began to moan as my balls started to tighten and i knew that I would be able to last much longer before I came.” I’m going to cum mom.” I said with short breaths.Mom already had sensed that her son was about to explode, but instead of taking his cock out of her mouth she kept on sucking. “Oh Fuck, I’m cumming” was all that I could say as I began to shoot my load into my moms throat. Mom swallowed as much as she could . After she swallowed the remaining cum she took the entire shaft back into her throat and let her tongue swirl around my shaft.

When Mom finally let me slip out her mouth with a plop as I dropped to the floor to recover. As we lay there Mom fondled my semi hard cock and in no time I was fully hard and ready to go again. “Thank you Mom err Hemavathy, that was amazing to see you swallow my cum. It is something I dreamt about but thought would never happen. What happened here between us is something that will treasure forever” I said.

So young man you think that it is over already?” came a voice from the door behind them.Janaki my sister had watched from the hallway .”I know I am 8 months pregnant but I still need a good fucking you know.” She said with a wicked grin on her face.I looked at Mom in disbelief. We had been caught red handed by a lonely and horny Janaki, who had came round to stay the night at her mom’s as she was only a month from giving birth and didn’t want to be on her own when the time came.

Janaki dropped her saree by the door and then took off her blouse and maternity bra. Her bump stood out proud and was slowly being covered in her breast milk. She then unzipped the front of her skirt and let it fall to her ankles. Now she stood there in only a skimpy pair of white cotton panties.
I stood up and helped my sister to sit on the sofa as i openly stared at the big breasts in front of me. Mom began smiling when she saw my hypnotic gaze and what was happening to me.

She could however not ignore what was happening between her own legs as her own juices were dripping out of her love channel.I placed my hands on my sister’s breasts. Very tenderly I cupped them and started a massage the large orbs. Although they sagged a little due to all the milk inside and felt soft they were still on the firm side. I bent forward and took her lactating nipples alternately in my mouth as my sis threw her head back and moaned out in sheer delight.

Shailu could have sucked on Janaki’s milk filled tits like this for hours but he let go of her engorged nipples, of which he could only have dreamt about sucking on before this night.Mom stood up and signaled for me to sit in the big arm chair and then she straddled me. Once she was hovering over my engorged manhood she took me in her hand and guided me to the entrance of her sopping cunt . As we kissed each other on the lips mom began rub cock over her wet pussy and then lowered herself on to my cock.

Finally, the head of my cock was just inside her opening. Very slowly she lowered herself onto my hard-on more and more until it was deep inside her hot cunt, and I was completely in her pussy. Mom bent forward with her mouth opened wide at the sheer size of her son’s cock. Mom raised herself a little until only the head of my cock was still inside her then she bore down on me again slowly. we were now both moaning as I bent forward and took one of her nipples into my mouth and I began to suck.

Meanwhile Janaki was sitting there watching on as her mom began to ride her brother’s cock. Her hands were massaging her large orbs as Mom began her assault on her son’s cock; bobbing up and down faster as she got more aroused by her son fucking her in and out of her love channel as our moans became louder and louder.

As my cock penetrated her cunt faster and faster provoking yet more and more moans and screams, shocks went through her body caused by me sucking on her nipples as I massaged the teats with my mouth and tongue. There was no place in her pussy that wasn’t being touched by my monster of a dick. She felt her climax building as she fucked faster and deeper up and down on my giant member.

I was also feeling my cum starting to boil in my balls as I began moaning on her left nipple, which began to send my mom nearer and nearer her orgasm. As I looked over at my sister who was now lifting herself off the sofa and moving towards us. As she stood beside us she lifted her leg up onto the low arm of the chair so that I could slide my fingers into her now sopping cunt as she held on to her mom for support.

Perhaps it would be better if we joined you on the sofa.” I said between breaths.As mom saw my fingers thrust up into her daughter’s pregnant cunt she knew it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm ripped through her.Oh fuck yes, I am almost there. Keep fucking her cunt with your fingers Shailu!” She hissed as her orgasm was imminent.

A few more deep thrusts and mom began to go rigid and began to arch her back as her orgasm ripped through her. Seeing this and feeling my fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt Janaki too began to have her orgasm as she held on tight to her mom. I could hold on no longer and began to spurt as I shot load after load into it finally moments later as we bathed in the afterglow we decided to move over to the sofa for the sake of Janaki’s safety.

As we lay there on the sofa with me in the middle . I began stroking my sisters clit which gave her several electric shocks throughout her body. Janaki opened her legs wider to give me complete access to her pussy.
Oh good yes that feels so damned good!” Janaki said between breaths.
Meanwhile mom wasn’t wanting to be left out of the action and began to stroke my erect cock again.

As She got up on her knees and took her son’s cock back into her mouth and began to suck on it like a lollipop. Janaki looked up at the sight of her mom sucking her brother’s cock as he ate her pussy and that sent her over the edge again into another shattering orgasm.While Janaki rested mom sucked on my cock and kneaded my balls as I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of her hot mouth around my big dick.

I could feel the sap rising again in my balls and pushed my mom off my cock and turned to my sister as she lay there with her legs still parted. I moved off the sofa and she moved her butt to the edge of the seat as I got between her legs and lifted them over my arms before plunging my hard-on into my sister’s cunt in one thrust.

As I began to thrust my cock in and out of her slick pussy mom got her body behind her daughter’s and cupped her breasts from behind and massaged them while I began to fuck Janaki in earnest. Both mom and daughter lay in each other’s arms and watched as I fucked Janaki with long slow strokes.
Oh I’m almost there, keep on fucking me brother!” Cried Janaki.
Yes, yes!” I yelled as I felt my cum rising from my balls into my shaft and on up into my sister.

I now felt my sister’s pussy milking my cock as her orgasm again tore threw her, and made me shoot with stronger spurts again and again until finally my balls were empty; I fell onto my back on the floor as my cock came out of my sister’s cunt with a plopping sound. Mom looked at me with love in her eyes as she held her daughter in her arms and her milk laden tits cupped in her hands. As Janaki flopped down onto the sofa mom managed to get off and bend forward towards me on the floor.

Mom sucked and licked her son’s cock clean tasting her daughter and son’s cum together. As she moved up my young body our lips met and we began to French kiss. I was able to taste my cum and Janaki’s love juices off my moms lips as we kissed with a passion. When they finally broke the kiss we looked into each others’ eyes and both knew that what happened was a unique event, but it was something they would hopefully be repeated after my sister had her baby in a few weeks time. Mail ur comments to

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