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Encounter With Elderly Lady

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi friends your friend ravish is back with another sexual encounter. Before that I want to thank all of u for your valuable feedback for my previous story. I m really happy that u guys like my experience that I shared with u. but please don’t ask me about partner details as I m never going to break commitments.

Let me tell u about myself for those who don’t know me. I’m 22yrs old 6ft tall with muscular body. Today I’m going to share with you my first sexual encounter with my friends mom. This incident took place when i was 18 years old. When I was studying in 12th standard, i had a friend named Tushar. He was a very good friend of mine. Tushar was from a rich family. His dad use to work in muscat and use to come home once in 3 to 4 months to meet his family. Tushar had a sister name heena who had a crush on me. But i never showed interest in tushars sister. Actually i was intrested in tushars mom who was 37years old a sexy woman with large boobs and a nice round shape ass.her name was manisha. She had the perfect figure. She looked like one of a porn actress from Whoever saw tushars mom in our friend circle use to talk dirty abt his mom behind his back. She was the sex goddess for everyone in our friend circle. Tushar was very weak in studies. So i use to go to tushars house regularly to help him in his studies. Actually study was one of the reason to see manisha aunty.

Manisha aunty was very nice to me and she use to treat my like her own kid. Within few months i became very close to their family. Whenever manisha aunty went for bath she use to keep her used clothes on a bucket and came out wearing a new cloth from bathroom. So whenever i used their bathroom after manisha auntys bath i use to smell her used panties kept in the bucket. I smelled her womanhood by smelling her panty. I was really desperate to fuck her like everyone else. To get a 37yr old friends mom in bed u need to be very lucky. But in this world u hav to make ur own luck. I m going to tell u how i made my own luck. So whenever i went to tushars house in afternoon to help him in his studies i observed tht tushars mom use to chat a lot during afternoon on yahoo messanger. I made a plan. One day i asked her yahoo id . I told her tht as she uses internet a lot i would love to send her funny emails tht i hav in my inbox. She happily gave me her yahoo id. Now lets get to the main part. It was during my 12th vacation. I signed in to yahoo messanger from my home in afternoon around 2pm. I knew manisha aunty use to chat at tht time. I made a fake id on yahoo messanger and signed in. Then through tht fake yahoo id i send manisha aunty a private message. I said hi. Manisha aunty replied after few minutes saying hi. She asked me my asl. I said 40f from delhi. Then i asked her asl and she replied as 37f from mumbai. Then we started having normal chats as woman to woman. She asked me wht do i do and i said i m a housewife. After chattting for a while and talking abt each others hobbies i asked her wht her husband does. She replied to me tht her hubby is in muscat. She was talking freely to me thinking tht she was talking with a woman of same age. She asked me abt my hubbys work and i said he is a bussinesman who is always on businnes tours and comes rarely to home.

Then i asked her how does she satisfy her sexual urge when her hubby is in muscat. She replied tht she fingers herself and sometimes go through porn sites on internet. I asked her hav u tried anyone else . She said no i m really scared to hav relationship with anybody else. Its very risky. She asked me wht abt u? How do u satisfy ur sexual urge. I said tht i hav sex with my sons friend. She got shocked and said wht r u talking abt. I dont beleive this. How could u hav sex with ur sons friend. Does ur son know abt it. I said obviously not its our secret relation. She said how did u get ur sons friend. How did u seduce him, i made up a story and told her. While i was telling her my story she seemed more and more intrested asking me more in detail. After telling my experince she said u made me wet dear by telling ur experience. Then she asked me was ur son friends able to satisfy u. I said yess he was great. Young guys r really horny. Then she told me tht i think my sons friend shows some interest in me. But i m not sure he might be intrested in older women bec my son says tht many girls in college r after him. I immediately understood tht she was talking abt me. I told her tht young guys love older women. Why dont u try to seduce ur sons friend and see his reaction. She asked me do u think i should give it a try. I said ofcourse go ahead a young guy will follow all ur intructions as they r curious to learn and will satisfy all ur urge. She said i will try to seduce him when i find him alone. Then i said i hav to go now bec my sons friend is going to come and fuck me now. I told her i will chat with her later and added her in my friends list in tht fake id. She said bye in reply and said hav fun. Then i signed out. Then the same night tushar called me and said tht next day he and his sister is going to his uncles house for few hours. Tushar asked me would u like to come with us. I said no to tushar. I thought this might be the golden oppurtunity to check tht my plan has worked or not.

Next day i went to tushars house in the morning. Aunty opened the door and told me to come in. She told me to have a seat. I sat on the sofa. Then she said tushar has gone with his sister to his uncles house and he will be back after 4 to 5 hours. I said ohh i completely forgot abt it. She said never mind u can chat with me as i m feeling bored alone at home. You sit and watch tv till i get u cold drinks and cook something to eat.. I said its ok aunty no need to take trouble. She said dont feel shy be comfortable.i said aunty no need to cook anything my stomach is full. Cold drinks will be fine. She went to kitchen to get get cold drinks from refrigerator. I was sitting on sofa watching tv. She came with a glass of coke. While serving the glass she bent a little and her saree pallu went down and i started staring at her boobs. She looked at me and gave me a sexy smile. I looked down in shame. Then she said beta i m goin to take a bath now and i will be back within few mins meanwhile u watch tv. She went to bathroom. I took a sip of coke from the glass and kept the glass on the table, i was watching tv while she was taking bath. Many thoughts was coming in my mind like wht will happen next? Is she going to seduce me? After 25 mins she came back from the the bathroom. She entered the hall. When i saw her entering the hall i was shocked. She was only wearing a black low cut blouse and a black petticoat. Her hair was open and it was wet. Drops of water was dripping down from her wet hair to her neck and slowly entering her blouse. Her blouse was half wet making her bra visible from the blouse. I couldnt stop staring at her. She was looking like a sex goddess. She walked and came near the sofa and sat very close to me. I was feeling very anxious and nervous. I knew it was my plan but it was my first time with a mature women. There was an instant bulge in my pant which was easily visible.

She put her right hand on my thigh over my pant and started careesing it moving up and down. While doing tht she started talking in a sexy voice. She asked so beta how is ur vacation goin on. I said its going great. Then she asked do u hav any gf. I said no aunty. She said shut up naughty boy my son says tht u hav many gf. I said no aunty they r just friends. While talking she was caressing my thighs and i was shivering. She sad then ravish u might be intrested in mature women rather than young girls. I kept quiet. Then she said ravish dont feel scared, i m not going to bite u. She slowly moved her hand up and touch the bulge in my pants. She said it seems like u r having a monster hiding under ur pant. She said come on naughty boy come with me to the bedroom. She hold my hand and started walking to the bedroom. When we reached the bedroom, she switch on the air conditoin with remote and closed the bedroom door. Then she said now hold me tightly ravish. I hold her tightly with my hands by wrapping it around her. She also hold me tightly and our body crushed against each other. Her soft boobs crushed against my hard chest. The bulge in my pant was pressed against her soft stomach and i planted a kiss on her cheeks. Then i put my tounge out and started licking her lips soft lips tempting her. She hold my hair and planted a kiss on my lips and we started smooching. My toungue rolled in her soft warm lips entering her mouth. We were exploring each others mouth by kissing madly. While standing near the bed we kissed madly for atleast 5 mins. Then i bent a little and started kissing her neck and licking her neck. While licking her neck i came near her navel. I started licking her navel. She closed her eyes was moaning in pleasure saying ohhhhhhhhhhh ravishyy u r so naughty. Then i asked her aunty can i remove my blouse. She said don’t ask me idiot, just do it. I slowly opened the hook of her blouse and removed her blouse. I saw her big boobs in black bra which was trying to get free. I moved my hand behind her and removed the hook of bra and removed it.

She was now topless. I hold one of her boobs in my hand and started sucking it madly. Then i started pressing her boobs madly and sucking each boobs one by one. I was biting her boobs biting her neck becoming more rough. She was standing and her eyes were closed. She was moaning in pleasure. While i was biting she was making sound like ouchhh. Then i asked aunty is it hurting u. She said pls dont stop asshole do whatever u want and dont call me aunty call me manisha. I was licking her neck sucking her boobs madly. Then i kneel down on my knees and she was still standing. I started licking her stomach and biting her stomach. She was caressing my hair while i was licking her body. Then i reached her toes slowly i started licking her legs. While licking her legs i was lifting her petticoat. While licking her i slowly reached her knees moving up.she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. After reaching her knees i lifted her petticoat above her waist holding the petttiocat at her lower back by wrapping my hand on her. I said manisha u hav very sexy legs and i started licking her thighs madly moving up near her black panty. She was moaning saying ohhhh ravish u r making me mad and wild. While slowly licking her thighs i reached near her panty and i planted a kiss on her pussy over her panty. Then i left the petticoat from her lower back and grabbed both of her ass cheeks with my hands wrapped around her madly kissing her pussy over her wet panty. It was looking like i was hiding under her petticoat. Aunty was not able to control herself with my face burried between her legs. She hold my hairs and pulled my head up and i stood up. The she removed my shirt tearing all the buttons and pushed me on the bed. I fell on the bed. She was standing near the bed while i was lying on the bed. She removed the strings of petticoat and it fell down. Then she removed her panty and became fully naked. I was looking at her sexy naked body while lying one the bed. She said its my time to return u favour. And she came over me. She kissed me on the lips biting my lips.

Then she started licking my neck and chest slowly coming down. She started licking my abbs. She gave kiss the bulge in my pants madly. While her lips touched the bulge in my pants i cummed in my pants. She removed my pant and saw my underwear fully wet with my sperms. She gave me a naughty smile and said this is how much u love me. I said manisha i can cum as many time u want me to cum. She said lets see how much stamina u hav. She removed my underwear and started licking my dick with my sperms around it. She started sucking my dick wildly. After some time it again became hard. She said u become hard very quickly dear. Then i said i wanna lick ur pussy. I told her to lie on the bed and stretch her legs. She said no i want to sit on ur face. She stood on the bed and i was lying on the bed between her legs. She sat on my face and i was madly licking her pussy. My face was burried in her pussy. My toungue was rolling deep in her pussy. She was holding my hair tightly in pleasure while siting on my face and feeling my toungue.

After few minutes of licking she stood off from my face. She lied on the bed stretching her legs. She said come on now its time for u to fuck me. I came over her body and stretched her legs. Then inserted my 8inch long dick in her pussy slowly moving it in. I inserted my whole dick in her warm pussy with one big jerk. I started moving my dick in and out. I slowly increased my speed. Her soft body was under my hard body. I started fucking her pussy at top speed. While fucking i was pressing her boobs madly and smooching her lips. After few minutes she hold me very tightly and her body became real stiff. She moaned like a wild cat. She reached orgasm. I was still pumping her pussy. As its was the second time i was cummming, i cummed in her pussy few seconds after she reached orgasm. We were both breathing heavily, lying in each other arms. After a while she again positioned herself on the bed like a dog. I again started fucking her pussy doggy style. After a long time i cummed in her pussy. I lied on the bed tired and she lied over my body. After kissing and cuddling with each other for a while we again became horny. We were acting like sex maniacs. This time she said she wants to ride my dick. She sat on my dick moving up and down. I was under her. She was riding my dick. She was moving up and down with her hair open and her boobs bouncing. She was looking real sexy. After a long time i cummed in her pussy but she was still was riding my dick for few seconds more and she reached orgasm too and lied on my body. We were fully exhausted and breathing heavily. Her naked body was over my naked body. I was fully exhausted as i cummed 4 times tht day. After few minutes her landline phone started ringing which was in the hall. She was really feeling tired to go to the hall and pick up the phone. But still she stood up and started walking towards the hall. While she was walking naked towards the hall i started staring at her ass bumps and it made me hard again. I followed her towards the hall. She picked up the receiver and started talking. It was her son on the phone calling from uncles house. While she was talking on phone with her son i was holding her from behind. I started kissing her neck from behind and biting on neck. She talked with her son and put put the receiver down. Then she said my son will be back within 20mins, let me get fresh. But i wanted some more fuck. So i hold her hair roughly from behind and pressed her front body on the wall. She said stop it my son will be back. I said i dont care. With one hand i pressed her front body on the wall and with other hand i tried to insert my dick in her ass in standing position.

She was screaming in pain yaaaaaaaaa allahhhhhhhhh mar gayi. But her screams wer making me more horny. Her asshole was real tight. She was saying pls ravish i m like ur mom have some mercy. Plss i never allowed anyone even my husband to fuck my asshole. I said manisha i m not ur husband nor u r my wife. Now u r only my whore. Slowly my thick dick was moving in with her screams. After few tries it went full in. I started fucking her ass madly at top speed. I was continously fucking her ass. Her soft delicate body was crushed between walls and my hard body. It was taking long time for me to cum bec it was my 5th time in tht day. We both wer sweating badly as there was the ac wa not on in the hall and it was a hot summer. Our sweaty body was getting crushed against each other . I was fucking her ass like wild animal. She was pleading stop it now its been a long time i wont be able to walk. I removed my dick from her ass and she sat on the floor with her back supporting the wall. She was really tired. I was still standing. I hold her hair tightly with my both hands and inserted my dick in her mouth.i inserted my whole dick her mouth choking her. I started fucking her mouth madly moking my dick in and out while she was sitting on the floor. At last i cummed in her mouth and i rubbed the tip of my dick all over her face. My last few drops of sperms came in her mouth. Then i also lied on the floor sitting next to her with my back supporting the wall.she looked in my eyes and said u r an animal and a sex machine. After a while we got fresh and within few minutes her son and daughter came. Tushar saw me and asked since how long u hav been wating for me. I said 20 minutes. He said u look really tired and i said i came directly from gym to his house. Manisha aunty was not able to walk properly. Her daughter heena asked her wht happened to ur legs mom. Manisha aunty gave a naughty smile and said beta it just a cramp. I and tushar went to his room and to hav privacy. Then we started talking abt different stuffs and sexy women. But i was still thinking abt his mom while talking to him. I just couldnt beleive tht i fucked his mom like an animal. After few days i even told manisha aunty tht i was the person on the net who chatted with u tht day. She was really shcoked to hear tht. She said so it was ur plan. U r really a cunning devil boy. We continued having sex for few months till she moved to banglore. We still hav sex when she visits mumbai.

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