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Elder Sister Taught Me Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello Friends, this is Nitin, writing for the first time about my wonderful experience with my elder cousin.

I am 24yrs old from Mumbai and a regular reader of ISS. My sister Neha(name changed) is now 29yrs living in US, but she frequently visits home to meet me and have pleasurable time. To describe her, she is very fair, 5.4 ft tall and 34-30-34 in figure.

This story starts when i was 18yrs old and Neha was 23 yrs. Our parents had gone out to Delhi for 2 days. I always loved playing and fighting with my sis. We had a big living room where we used to play football. That day while we were playing, Neha kicked the ball and it hit straight on my penis. It hurt badly and I fell down on the floor. Neha sprinted towards me and made me lie on her lap. I had tears in my eyes. She kissed me on my cheek, and said, “I am sooo sorry baby”. She kept kissing me on my cheeks and my neck.

Then she kissed my lips for just a moment and went back to my ears. Then she touched my penis which was paining. very gently she pulled my shorts down, and placed her hands on my penis and kissed it. Since I was 14yrs old and in severe pain, I did not feel any excitement at that moment. then she kissed my penis. She spitted on it and spread her spit with her tongue all over my dick.

Then she took the whole dick in her mouth and gave a couple of strokes to it. Her breasts were rubbing against my chest and so my dick started getting erect. Her hands went under my t-shirt and she moved it over my chest.

Me : Didi tum kya kar rahi ho?

Neha: malham laga rahi hu.

When Neha realised that her movements have made my dick hard she stopped it and got up. She helped me lie down on the bed and went to prepare food.

At night we had dinner and then I started watching TV. Since my penis was still hurting I was quite and sitting holding that part.

Neha came near me and asked me to remove my shorts. I asked why. She said that she’ll put medicine over it like in the evening. The idea of that special medicine generated heat inside me and I removed my shorts immediately. She pounced on my dick and started licking it. I felt very nice. My pain started diminishing. She licked my dick and my balls. At that time I did not even know the meaning of a blowjob and I was having one.

Neha was very much excited. She never had a bf, never even went too close to boys. This was her first time and she enjoyed it. She licked my tummy and my nipples. It was awesome. My dick(which was not as large as it is now) got erected. She spitted on it and again took it in her mouth. She continuously went to and fro for 10mins while her left hand was rubbing her own pussy.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying her lips licking my penis. Suddenly I felt something coming out of my penis and it went straight into her mouth. She tasted it and for a moment removed her mouth of my dick but later started licking all the cum.

I: Didi ab mujhe bahot accha lag raha hai.

Neha: Mujhe bhi thodi jalan ho rahi hai. Tum mujhe bhi vaisa hi karo jaise mene tumhe kiya.

Saying this she got up and removed her shorts. She had no panty. I was astounded when I saw my sister’s pussy. It was beautiful and clean shaved.

She asked me to sit on my knees while she lay on the couch. She spread her legs and asked me to lick her pussy lips. I did it. I felt it was all wet. I spit on it and spread my spit on her pussy lips I licked her clitoris and dug my tongue deep inside. She was moaning “ahhhh .. go onnnn….”

I continued for some time and she started moaning very loudly. Suddenly a torrent of liquid splashed on my face. I licked it and liked the taste of it. I licked the whole cum of my Sister.

By this time my dick was all tight. Neha asked me to get up and insert it into her pussy. While i was getting up, she removed her top and bra. I saw her boobs and felt the heat rising inside. I touched her boobs. Neha smiled and said “Nitin why dont you taste my nipples”. She herself pulled me on her and put my face between her

boobs. I simply loved it. I bit her nipples and licked them all over. Neha started licking my armpits. I felt a tickling sensation but loved it. She then kissed my lips and moved her tongue inside my mouth. She became very wild and started pressing my ass while licking my lips and mouth. I also put my tongue inside her mouth and licked the saliva in her mouth. She then licked my ear lobe and slowly came to my neck, licking it and biting for almost 10 mins. She was making me feel like heaven.

While doing all that Neha was continuously jerking my dick and then she put it inside her pussy and started moving to and fro. I loved that feeling. I also did the same movement. I could feel my dick going inside and touching something inside. I increased the movement and again Neha started moaning loudly. Soon I could feel the water coming out of her pussy. Almost at the same time I felt that I am also going to cum. Neha told me to remove my dick out and cum on her boobs. She licked all the cum while I licked hers’.

After this I got exhausted and lied on the couch. Neha came near me and kissed me. She kissed my lips, my face , my neck and everywhere. Then she slept near me keeping her boobs on my face so that I could lick them. Although I could not get another hard-on because I was too young, still I was enjoying licking Neha’s boobs.

Since then we always have sex whenever possible. She is now married and in USA. But whenever she comes here we do it all night. Now she brings her friends along and we have a blast.

Thanks for reading my experience with Neha. Send me your feedback on this. You can mail me

I will write more experiences with more ladies soon.

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