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Elder Sister My Sex Teacher

  • desipapa
  • October 29, 2015

Hi to all.

I am sharing my experience with my cousin sister during my school vacation. Every year during vacation I used to go to my aunt’s house and spend time with my cousin brother and sister. Since it was a village we have different experience of climbing hills and taking bath in the stream.

We play with the kids till evening and take bath at the stream(small river). But this year it was different that when I reached my aunt’s home my cousin brother was not there as he got job in military. I was so disappointed as I will be so bored without him. I can only spent time with my sister who is 5 years elder to me and with aunt and uncle. I am sure that I have to spent another 8 days in their home watching movies only.

When I reached there as usual they came to pick me from the bus stop and started to inquire about my studies and about the family. As usual my aunt gave me coffee and snacks , and I changed my dress and sat watching television. But this time I sense that there was some thing unusual that they were hiding from me. My sister was isolated and sees that aunt does not speak with her more.

Later I enquired and understood that there was a issue happened that jancy was in love with a boy and when the family came to know this they stopped her college studies for the past 3 months and was looking proposals for marriage. Since I do not know anything regarding that as usual I tried to speak with all but I become so bored that I had to somehow leave there soon.

At night since my brother was not there, his room was occupied by sister and as usual my aunt prepared bed and asked me to sleep with sister. Since both of us are fat, we had to adjust ourself sleeping on that bed. Jancy is little blackish but have a gorgeous body. She have dangling big boobs and swinging heavy ass compared to other girls. Her stomach is flat. In nighty she looks sexy and will always wear shawl above dress.

I started to talk with her and she shared a few things happened and asked not to share anything to my family. I see that her eyes filled with tears while sharing about her previous experience and I tried to console her by telling that to obey what her parents say. While sharing all these she started to keep her hands on my chest and as she speaks on she hugged me. She started to keep her her face on my face and hugged me tightly and slowly we slept. Later some time I sense her right leg is on my penis and she sensed the size of my penis by rubbing repeatedly. Since I traveled lot I unknowingly slept and wake next morning.

Next day morning I was also involved with my sister in her kitchen activities. She brushed her ass and boobs on me several time as we working in the kitchen. I thought that it might me not intentionally. At afternoon we went for bath at stream and while I was taking bath she started to change dress and wash clothes. she started to reveal her thighs and crack of her wet ass to me. I got erection and it was seen through the towel.

Somehow we completed our bath and came back to home. Her boobs might be 36 and it made me mad. I was totally disturbed and since I was a virgin I have not much knowledge about sex those days. I even do not know how to handle such situation. All I know is that I started to talk thing that were not related just to fill the gap of silence. I do not want to go home but wanted something more that I do not know. I followed her all through the day and finally the night came.

After dinner aunt and uncle spent more time in speaking with me and later I went to sleep. Jancy already started to sleep. I put off the light and it was utter darkness. I do not know to switch the night lamb and hence I woke jancy to put on the light. She woke up and tried something and told that It is not working and no need of that.

Then surprisingly she locked the door which we usually do not. When I was in bed I saw that only one bed sheet was kept for both. She put off the light and started to speak with me in darkness. I again started to speak about the problem just to make her to act as she done in the previous day.

As she continue speak she hugged me strongly in emotion and rubbing her body on me. It was different that previous day as I feel her bare boobs as a heavy ball above my chest. She covered both of us in on bed sheet. She kept her face very close to my face and speaks slowly. One of her boob is above my hand and I feel the weight of that. My rod was in ninety degree as I was wearing a shorts. She started to rub her face on my face which is not really kiss.

Suddenly I felt her thighs above my penis which was In standing position. I felt that she also had not wore her petticoat. No voice comes out of my mouth. She stopped talking and pretends as she unknowingly sleeps like this. I waited for long time to see what will happen. But she slept so. But in the midnight I got up due to some movement and was amazed to see that she holds my long penis and was sucking by sitting near my legs.

I initially shocked but pretended as I was in sleep just if I wake up she may stop sucking. It was initial excited moment in my life in which I sweat under the fan. She got lost herself and was giving a wonderful blowjob to me. It continued for almost 20 minutes and then she came close to me to check am I wake to know this. She put her bare thighs above my penis and slowly inch by inch move her love hole close to my penis.

She lifted her nighty above her waist and almost her entire body was above me. I felt that my penis started to go inside a lubricated hole tightly. It was different experience added with pain in the foreskin and exited stage. I hear some moaning and noises from her and she is almost above me. I hope she understood that I am not sleeping and is enjoying this.

Slowly she climbed over me by keeping her one leg another side and started to slowly move her ass to and fro without keeping much weight on me. She lost her conscious and increased her speed. When I opened my eyes I see she was fully naked and her boobs were much bigger which jumps. I could see that through moonlight from window. She increased her phase and I was almost in the edge of cumming. I had to move myself and she understood that and using her hand I ejaculated everything above her face.

She slept over me and started to kiss my entire face. She rubbed her booby above my body. She made me fully naked. she hugged me so strong and started to roll in the bed. She made me suck her boobs and also her pussy. We had fucked more than three times that night till 4.00 am and spent much time in fore playing. We fucked in different positions. She taught to finger pussy and suck boobs. Since it was 4 in the morning she got up and cleaned the bed, cleaned our dress and body, put on the lamp, and unlocked the door.

She took another bed sheet and started to sleep as if nothing happened. This continued for the next eight days as I was there. She have given extra care for me by giving milk and eggs . I felt so sad to leave my sister and I was really in love with her even though she was elder to me. I went home and explained the problem they faced in the village and brought her to my home.

She stayed with me till her marriage since I was doing my second year of college studies. We never missed fucking other than her period days even though we had separate rooms. I am from KL, I completed my studies and is working in a mnc in cbe now.I submit this as a piece of gratitude to my loving sex tutor who gave me wonderful unforgettable experience in my life. Expecting your feedback to

Elder Sister My Sex Teacher

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