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Elayamma Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

My name is Sajan and this is a true life incident I had when I was around 23 years of age. It happened with my elayamma (mother’s younger sister). My mothers had three sisters and youngest one was almost 10 year younger to my mother. I was very close with her from my very young age and I was called elayamma’s boy by everyone in our family. She not very fair but was attractive with very long thick black hairs, round and charming face.

She was tall and had sensual body curves with the mind boggling waist curves. Ever since I was a child I was attached to her but not with any sexual thoughts. But when I entered in to my teens I used to feel sexually attracted to her. initially I felt bad but honestly I could not control my thoughts. Many a times she became the image of my masturbation and afterwards I felt very guilty because I respected and loved as a mother too. When I was in my teens she was already married and had moved to another town and we used to meet very rarely but her memory always was in my mind and when she come for vacation my sexual feelings surged on seeing her. But I knew very well it will never happen as ours was a very conservative family and she was very orthodox and god fearing. She has high moral values and she hardly talked to another men out side our family. But she had a problem, she never conceived because of some gynecological problem and even though we tried every medicine doctors told she can never conceive and because of this she was very sad. Unfortunately when she was around 37 her husband passed away quiet unexpectedly and it was a great shock to her. She refused to remarry in spite of every one forcing her for that after a year. Everyone failed to change her decision and she became very reserved. She then decided to stay with my uncle and family who lived very close to our place.

By this time she had grown a little plumb but not very fat and it had made her more sensual. Her waist and buttocks had broadened and she was really desirable but I felt guilty of thinking like this. I was 23 years by then and again I got the chance of meeting her frequently and with me she was very close and she used to treat me as her son. She was innocent and she used to make a lot of body contacts with me while we are together. I used to help her with the work and many a times I used to brush her breast and buttocks but she felt nothing unusual. I also took utmost care in not she knowing my feelings for her. She had not very large breast but I used to get aroused when I brush it but her buttocks and waist were really sensual. I used to stare at her belly and buttocks without she noticing it and on a couple of occasion I felt she did notice my stare and I felt embarrassed, but she behaved normally with me. As I told she used to live with my uncle and family and grandmother. Granny was very old and was not mobile fully. Every weekend my uncle and family goes to the aunt’s house and then I used to go and stay with my elayamma and granny. This made my desire strong but at the same time I never wanted to hurt her feelings as I loved and respected her. But it became uncontrollable I thought of ways of having sex with her. Her buttocks gave me sleepless nights for me and I masturbated every time I stayed there. Finally I decided to make the move one night. Whole that day I was nervous and she noticed it I told her I am having a head ache.

I was confused how to approach her and if she resists how I will look at her face and the way she will be hurt she may do something drastic, this always bothered me. But I knew she like d me a lot and she will forgive if something backfires. Finally I decided to tell her my feelings and plead her to allow once. But I was afraid. But I felt so much lust for her body I decided to act. I was waiting to become night and my uncle came all of a sudden and told he has to take granny to town that day itself for a cataract operation which was fixed two days later. He told if he takes her today next day morning he can show her to doctor rather than taking her in the morning since he stayed in the town. I was disappointed as I felt my aunt will also go but he told her to stay back with me as he did not want to keep the house locked in the night. I was so delighted because me and aunt will be alone in the night. I thought this is my opportunity. But I became nervous again in the night and I don’t know what to do? My aunt noticed and she came t o apply some balm to my forehead. She came and sat near me and I have to make the move now but I started to sweat. She held my arms and asked what is wrong? I kept quiet, she again and again asked. I told her I want to tell her something but she should not scold me or not to tell anyone. She was confused, I told I have a problem and I want her advise.

She told I knew her and I can ask anything I want and I told her she should forgive me if I am wrong. I made her promise catching my hand.. but I was not able to tell still and she persuaded me by sitting near to me and holding me without suspecting my intentions. Finally I told her by holding her hand tightly that I am having sexual feelings for her and I am not able to control it. I could not look at her, but I knew she was shocked. She got up from the bed and moved away from me. I told I will not do anything to her against her wish or will not force her to do anything. I told please not hate me but I want to have sex with her. she was not angry but told in a upset tone how can I think like it and if anyone knows what will be our situation. I told none will know if she does not tell anyone as we are alone. She told no and don’t think like that and I requested again and again holding her hands. I knew she was afraid I will do something by force but when again and again I pleaded I felt she is getting comfortable with me as I am not making any advances. I suddenly knelt down and caught her feet an d begged to allow once. She told if my mom knows this she will have to suicide as everyone will blame she has seduced me. I gave assurance that it will be only our secret and no one will know. I confessed everything to her that I used to like her sexually since my teens and I told her if she was living with her husband I might have kept this desire in my mind only. But now since she has decided not to marry and she is such a sexy women why she will not allow me to have her once? Why she is wasting her sexy body like it? I told sex is divine even though it will be incest in this situation I felt is not wrong.

I told she also will have sexual desire and why she want to suppress it? She kept silent and I went on pleading but I told only if she allows with full mind I will do anything. She told she is like mother to me and how can think o fit? I told honestly I feel she is very sexy and I fantasise and masturbate thinking of her. I again told if she still does not want to agree I told I just want to see her naked and I will masturbate looking at her. or else please masturbate me at least with her hand. She asked me I will not feel guilty afterwards? I told I am believing I am also helping her by doing so an d hence I don’t feel guilty. She asked me what I want to do? I was overjoyed after almost 30mts of persuasion she is yielding. I told do whatever she likes and make me ejaculate and I will be satisfied with that. She made me promise not to tell anyone at all and told me to check once again to check all doors and windows are closed and I did it. I came back and without waiting I embraced her with all force kissing her cheeks and licking her neck and face. I was fully erect and I thrusted my penis to her belly and started to undress her. she told to put off the light but I told I want to see her naked. She refused but finally she agreed to light on e candle in the room but light to be off. I agreed and I wasted no time in removing her saree, blouse bra and petty coat and she was not wearing any pante. She was a marvelous sensual beauty and I caressed, kissed, licked all over her body squeezing her breast, thighs and buttocks. I was sucking her lips an d boobs hard and hard but she never responded to anything she just kept her eyes closed and was standing to vent of lust.

I told I wanted her lust and not only body and I want her to remove my cloths and be passionate. She did remove my cloths but was not in her elements. Then I went down to her and she suddenly pushed my head away from her pussy telling it is full of hair, but I forcibly sucked it. It was fully hairy and she had not trimmed in recent past. Hairs went in my mouth but I managed to arouse her. Slowly she started pushing my head to her pussy and gyrated her hips. She started mourning and suddenly she pulled me up and kissed me passionately. She took my mouth to her breast and asked to suck it and knead the other breast and nipple. She then bent down and sucked my erection stroking with her hand. She then pushed me to bed and made me lye on my back and she came on top of me and she pushed mine into her pussy slowly asking it is not paining me. I was shocked by her passion and she started pumping so hard an gyrating her hips mourning loud and kissing and sucking my lips. I gyrated my hips holding her breast. I tried to squeeze her thighs and buttocks but she was pumping as if possessed and I was not getting the hold. Finally she reached orgasm mourning loud and crushing me what ever way she can. She panted and we were drenched in sweat. But I was still hard and I told her to lye on her belly and I thrusted my penis in between her buttocks lobes( not anal) and told her to hold my penis with her hand from bottom, I cupped her breast with my hand and I started pumping by kissing and licking her neck and face, I ejaculated calling ” ente elayammeeeeeee” her buttocks was my fantasy more than her pussy. I asked her when she had so much lust why she argued with me and did not allow for half an hour, she told she was afraid. She confessed a great secret she used to fantasise me for last few months and used to masturbate but was too shy and afraid to make a move thinking I will not like it.

I told her with such a sexy and sensual body like her even her own son would have desired her. she opened up with me after that and we started having sex when ever I stay overnight there. She taught me so many things on sex. If anyone want to correspond please mail me to

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