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Ek Sexy Kahani Kuch Purani

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

My name is (hmmm) . I am 20 years old I lived in Karachi. I have a cousin named Meera who is 24. She resides with us for her education . This incident happened 3 years back. Our parents had gone out of town for 3 days and my cousin was having a slumber party with four of her friends, nadia, Nenaka, Friya and rabila. I was told to stay out till nightfall and come back only to stay in my room. I returned home at 10pm and went to the loo in my room.

Obviously Meera’s friends had used my bathroom for changing clothes. I saw a pair of clothes along with the underwear hanging from the hook. There was a black silk bra hanging from one while a similar white lacy one from the other. I imagined them dancing to the music and jiggling their free boobs. I started masturbating thinking about them. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t closed the door. My cousin suddenly barged in and caught me in the act. “Well, what do you think you are doing, little brother?” I turned around and she got a glimpse of my rod. She exclaimed,” Well, not so little, are you ?”
She then caught me by my dick and took me to her room.

“Girls, let me introduce you to my big cousin.” She told them about my masturbating in the bathroom. The girls went Ooooooh. They decided to have some fun. Nadia came over to me and asked,”So were you thinking about us while jacking off?” I said yes. She removed her night-shirt over her shoulders exposing her pretty breasts. She jiggled them in front of me. Behind her everybody got out of their night clothes. I got a raging hard-on. nadia pushed me on the bed and took my dick in her warm mouth. I squirmed with pleasure. The other girls bought out some rope and tied me to the bed post spread-eagled. nenaka then came and sat on my face. I hungrily started sucking on her cunt. I forced my tongue deep inside her and moaned with pleasure. I so badly wanted to fondle her luscious breasts but I was helpless with my hands tied. I felt one more tongue joining shruti’s down there. I bent down to see friya sucking on my balls.

By this time, Meera had gotten into a 69 and were devouring each others cunnies. I didn’t know Meera was into lesbianism but this sure got me very excited. Nenaka started forcing her cunt into my face. I guessed that she was cumming and licked her cunt with large strokes of my tongue. Soon her juices started flowing which I drank up lavishly. The pressure in my balls was growing too. All of us were moaning out so loudly that we wondered whether our neighbours would hear it. But none of us was least bothered. I begged them to let me free. But they told me to wait. meera went into the kitchen and brought out a bucket of ice-cream. I wondered what that is for.

I came to know when she poured a scoop around my penis. I gasped from the cold feeling around my dick and balls. Now all of them wanted a lick of my dick. They fought over it and soon I had five tongues licking and sucking my groin. It sure was a great feeling. Now they set me free. I grabbed friya, the cutest one, and pushed her onto the bed. I started sucking her cunt hungrily. I teased her clitoris and she went into raptures of moans. the others got on the floor with their legs wide open for me to suck. I was in cunt heaven, devouring cunny after cunny and lapping up their sweet nectar. My dick then got ready for satisfying them. It became a plunger tool, going in cunt after cunt, making them cum. I hesitated on reaching meera’s but she guided me into her slit and I thought What the heck.

After all, now she is just another female. well, her cunt was the best as it was the tightest. I soon felt myself ready to cum. I took my dick out and starmade all of them cum once more. Finally, tired we all dozed off with our naked bodies intermingled with one another. Now, I am a sex-toy for all of them. I service them whenever they ask for me.

meera also gets me to screw her whenever she pleases. So do everyone else. In return, I get small gifts and plenty of kisses. I also don’t masturbate anymore as I have a cunt or ass or mouth waiting to service me right in the next room. I am thoroughly enjoying my sex life. I shall come back as I have lot many incidents to tell you. Any gall aunty want to b fuked mail me

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