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Ek Lund Aur Doo Choot

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I would like to share with you all, the incident that changed my whole life; I mean that took me to adulthood from adolescence. The year was 2000 when I passed the 12 Std. There was both the feeling of joy and sorrow, I guess you all know that, anyways let me be more clear; joy because I passed the 12 exams, and sorrow because Sandhya my longed desired school friend won?t be there in college. She was leaving for Mumbai as her father got transferred there. It was nearly a week before she was about to leave, and I really wanted to give her something which she will cherish all her life. I thought of a plan and called her next day at 5:30 saying that I have organized a small farewell party for her. 

The party was good and all of our friends enjoyed it, after the party I asked Sandhya and her friend Sonali to stay back, asking them to clean the mess we have created in my house cause if my parents see all that, they are going to kill me. The sweet girls readily agreed unaware of the trap I laid for them (Guess What? my parents were out on a Honeymoon trip). After the girls were busy cleaning the house, I turned on the Tee wee, where they were airing an show on monkeys, in that they showed how they mate, when they mate and how they care for their children and all that stuff. Then when I turned, I saw the girls laughing and chuckling and as soon as I saw that I knew the iron was hot and I just need to hammer it. 

Then for a moment I hesitated but gathered the courage and said ?I wished I were a monkey?, then Sonali looked at me passionately and said ? You don?t have to?. I looked at Sandhya and said ? You sure?, she smiled and said ?Absolutely?, that words made me realize that Sharafath ki Deewar ab gir chuki hai and the real party was about to begin. I went to Sandhya and took her by her arms and kissed her passionately, and Sonali was busy undressing me. I put my tongue in her mouth and can taste the sweet cake she had in the party, by that time Sonali took off my shirt and was biting my one nipple and scratching the other with her nails and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I slowly started undressing Sandhya, first the top and then the skirt, and then the pink laced bra went off and I was amazed to see such a feminine beauty, imagine two completely full grown luscious boobs with dark brown erect nipples . I took Sonali by her long black hairs and said her ?Now it is your turn?, she said ? my pleasure?, she stood before me and in one neat swing I pulled the chain of her jeans and with another jerk took off her T-Shirt and to my surprise she did not wear any bra. I was still in my Cargo pants and my rod was cursing me for keeping him in such a tight situation. 

I asked the girls if they wanted some music and they nodded ?yes?, we went to my parent?s room, within seconds the music system was playing ?Titanic?. Then I took my pants out and then my Jockie, and the girls were amazed at the 8 inches monster, which pointed towards them (thanks to the Penis Development Program). Then I slowly climbed the bed and asked Sandhya to please lubricate, she understood what I desired and took my member in her mouth sucked it like a candy, then she put some saliva on jumbo and did a wonderful hand job; her hands went up and down so frequently that I wished I cummed on it but I controlled. Then she took it again in her mouth and this time she bit my lund near the excess skin and I cooed in pleasure, then she rubbed her front teeth against my Momkel (that?s penis in Bengali) so fiercely that I thought she is gonna eat my penis, but I still enjoyed it. Then I rested my back on the bed and said to Sonali ? pussy please? she took her panty out and rested her choot (vagina) right on my face, and I smelled something which is considered to be the best aroma in the world, the smell of a virgin pussy. At first I bit the skin of her pussy and then slowly and slowly I entered my tongue in her pussy and she screamed ? AAHHHH?.? 

That gave me some encouragement and then I started licking her choot like a hungry dog, believe me this position with Sandhya on my cock, and I licking Sonali?s pussy was better than the 69 position, we enjoyed this position for about 10 minutes. Then I took out a packet of Kama Sutra Condoms and covered my 8 inches manhood with a pink dotted condom. 

Then I grabbed Sandhya by her navel and turned her so that her hole could be seen below her ass and then I slowly and slowly entered the clean shaved hole, which is the desire of every man. Then I slowly began the rail engine, and Sandhya started fingering Sonali?s hole, and as I gained momentum I fucked her hard and hard and she said ? slowly my love or else you are gonna break my vaginal walls? but I did not listen to her and continued my way, her screams were constant ? Aahh ooooohhhhh oooucccchh?? and then as I was about to cum I asked her ? want some man Juice? she said I am dying to taste it, then I took my cock out of her hole, took off the condom and then inserted it in her mouth and then shot my whole load in her mouth, the quantity was so large that some of it spilled out her mouth but she quickly licked it with her fingers and looked satisfied and also some what exhausted, I asked her ? did u enjoy? and she said ? Thank you honey?. By this time Sandhya was furious and pinched me in my arms and said ? What about me?, now this is the second part of the story, and I?ll post it in a while. I want readers to comment on my story, so interested people can mail me at Bye and happy fucking

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