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  • September 9, 2015

My name is Ali.. I m from islamabad.pakistan.23 years old with a 5.9 height that was mid October and i was in Rawalpindi for my inter university cricket matches. We lost our 3rd match from Punjab university so we came back to our city. When i reached home I find beenish there; sitting next to my mother and have chitchat with her. As she saw me she was blushed and came quickly to me and we have a handshake and i could feel the warmth and excitement in her handshake and in her eyes also. In next few minutes i came to know that beenish came here two days back for shopping with her father but Lubna had monthly tests in her college and so she could not come. Her father dropped her and went back and will come after two days. So i missed the two days and have just two days in my hand. As i told in my previous story that we both have no curtain between us as she had seen me fucking her elder sister lubna and i also saw her masturbating. We both were willing to fuck each other but it was lubna who didn’t want this. So this time no lubna was there and i have not to make any planning to say her to be fucked by me.

At dinner we both have an eye contact and she said to meet me out side the dinning. As we met she said that she would come to my room late this night. As no one was there i just caught her between my arms and kissed her passionately. I took her boobs in my hands but in the mean time i heard the foot steps of my father and so we both went towards the lawn and sit there after some time my parents also joined us we have a chat there and enjoy the cool breeze as the days were still hot but evening were cool and sign of winter was there.

At least at 12 o’clock of night i went to beenish’s room after confirming that my mother and father were asleep. The light was “on” as beenish couldn’t sleep in dark so she don’t turn off the light of her room, and i wanted to fuck her in light as i fucked lubna. She was lying in the bed and reading a digest and as she saw me she jumped out of her bed and in the second jump she was hugging me.

We kissed each other for a long time she said that she was here for shopping of her cousin’s marriage and she was really sad not to find me here as she was waiting for this movement for the last few months. But now i was there and she was very happy. She was wearing a black cotton suit and was looking very beautiful in the black suit. I just couldn’t wait so i lied her down on the bed and took her kameez up and quickly remove her bra and sucked her big (not as big as lubna’s) boobs she had a big red nipple circle and a big teat like her elder sister that i like more than any thing else. I sucked her boobs for a long time that they become little hard and her nipples were erect now. So i decided its time for the second act and i slowly untied the knot of her shalwar and after loosen it i entered my hand in it and rubbed her pussy. She had a jungle of hair there and as i touched her cunt a sound of ccceeeee came out of her mouth. She was smiling and said what are you waiting for. So i removed my clothes and as she saw my fully erect cock she took it in her hand and she was inspecting it from very closely, as (a fact) she never touched a cock before in her life. She said it feels hard and soft at the same time so i said you would only feel hard in few minutes time. I than removed her shalwar and now she was fully naked she is rally sexy pathan girl.

She has really sexy body her thighs were in round shape and looked very sexy and matched her lower part of body. She has a waste of 34 and 38 so her boobs were little small but her hip was as heavy as her elder sister and i am always a heavy hip lover. I rubbed her pussy and slowly entered my finger in to her hole she enjoyed it and as a reaction she took her hip a little high to feel the depth of the finger. After few minutes she widened her legs and said aab mujhay karro. She took a bottle of lubricant (hair oil) under the bed (she was really prepared as she learnt this from my and lubna’s experience) as it was necessary for a tight virgin pussy to be fucked for the first time. She slowly applied the oil on my cock and it was a great pleasure to feel her soft touch on my cock. In the mean time she said you fucked lubna many times but not me and now you will fuck me four times tonight. I smiled and said lets see whose stamina is big. After that she lied down on the bed and i positioned my cock against her pussy and slowly entered the head of my cock in to her pussy but suddenly she cried and have a jerk upward and said (woi marra shuum) oh i am dying and sat down on the pillow and placed her hand on the pussy and said “dard kar rahi hai” “jaal rahi hai”. I said i am sorry but its first time and you will feel little difficulty, as there is difference in your small fingers and a big pathan cock. So after sometime she again came in the position and this time i applied more oil on my cock and also on her pussy. I again slowly entered my cock in to her pussy and this time she cried a little bit so i slept on her and placed my lips on hers and started to jerk back and forth.

She was feeling pain and she gripped my arms with her hands so tightly that her long nails cut my skin from very places at my arms and my back.. After sometimes she controlled her self and now it looks like as she is enjoying. Her beautiful face become reddish and she was now moaning a little bit. I slowly fasten the speed of my jerks and now i was really enjoying the tightness of a virgin pussy. I said to beenish are u enjoying. She said yes it hurt earlier but now i feel that i am in heaven. Now we both were in full motion and enjoying it very much. She was now moaning fast and taking breath quickly i feel that she had cum and i can feel her juices on my cock. After some while i also cum and i cum in side her pussy. I put out my cock after her tight pussy squeeze my cock. She was still lying on the bed and taking big breaths. After sometime she hugged me and kissed me on all my upper body, we have chitchat and i sucked her boobs and move my hands on her big hip and sexy thighs she was very happy and couldn’t control herself. She was rubbing my penis in her hands and after sometime i was again ready for a second fuck this time i said to her that i will lay down and you will sit on my cock and we will enjoy this position. She tried it but as she was inexperienced we didn’t enjoy it so i laid her down and again started to fuck her. I fuck her thrice that night and as i was ready for the fourth term she said, “no it looks like that i will not be able to walk in the morning”. I was also tired from the travel of lahore so we decide to sleep and be ready for the next night so she went back to her room.

Next day i woke up late and i was still in “saroor”. I saw beenish who was just coming out of bathroom after bath and she was looking like a fresh rose. As i saw her i started to sang “teri subho kaih rahe hai taire raat ka fasana” she smiled and said “chup karro aunty samajh naa jain”. The whole day as we got chance we kissed and hug each other and touched each other sexy organs. I introduced her to world of internet and we decided that this night she will come in to my room and i will show her some sexy pics and websites.

Again this night at least after 12 o’clock she came in to my room. I turned off the light of my room and i was using internet that time. As she came she closed the door behind her and came near me and switch off the computer and said close this fucking thing and lets enjoy. She put off my shirt and after that untied my pent and removed it from my body. She became really horny she untied her shalwar and thrown it on the carpet. Now it was my turn so i quickly removed her kameez off and she wasn’t wearing any thing under it. I sucked her boobs for a while and as we both were horny we didn’t waste time and i started fucking her she cum quickly and after i fucked her hard i told her that i will now show you the world of internet. I switched on my computer and get online she came and sit in my lap. We both were naked she started kissing me. My hands were busy on keyboard but my mouth was engaged in sucking her boobs. I showed her some sexy websites and show her all fucking poses. That was a new thing for her. She said “kamal hai yeh lardkian peechay say kaisay marwaa raheen hain. Aur yeh maani “cum” kaisay pee laiten hain. Meera to dil kharab ho raha hai. I told her that this is not fake and you can see by your own. After that i show and read her some sexy stories. She read them and said “challo angraiz lardkion kee to samajh aati hai magar yeh desi lardkian kaisay jab pehli baar marwati hain too peechay say bhe karwaiten hain aur cum bhi peetain hain mujay too yeh jhoot lagta hai (that’s what i think that how is it possible for a desi girl to do anything and every thing in first fuck experience, but i didn’t told her that may be when i offer her anal sex she is ready).

When she read that boys have 10” and 9” large cocks. She asked me “kia tumhara lund 12-13 inch lamba hai. Than i told her that no my cock is 7” large and that is one of the largest desi pathan lund you will see because a doctor friend of mine told me that if you have 5 1/2 “ or 6” cock you don’t have to worry coz in subcontinent normal girls have 5 or 5 1/2 “ dept of vagina and a cock larger than this really hurt them coz it get up to the upper side of vagina. Also african girls have 8 or 9” of vagina depth and as there men have larger cocks its natural. But she said “tasveeron main too tum say barray lund thay”. Then i told her that no desi cock was big and the foreigner use testiest for their penis enlargement that is unnatural. Any how after that we were ready for another fuck so i said to her that now u see many fuck styles i will apply them on you and she said ok. When i said to her to come in dog style she said “kia tum mujhay peechay say karro gaay, main naheen karwati”. “kia tum gay hoo”. Then i said to her no i just wanna fuck your pussy but in dog style and then she posed the dog action. As i told you i am very fond of big asses and she had really big one and i can never forget that scene. I slowly entered my cock in her pussy and stared to jerk slowly. That is one of my favorite scene in bp films “jaab lardi ko taizee say chooda jatha hai aur uskee hip taizee say irtayaash karti hai. So when i fucked her faster that was a great fun that her extra large hip was really shaking like jelly. She was moaning but i didn’t stop and enjoy this pose completely. That night i fucked her in many posses and we slept at morning prayers time. That morning when i woke up she had gone to her village because her father came and took her back.

So desi friends how did you find my story. I hope you all will like it as before. I promised you that i will tell you the first lesbian sex experience of lubna as she told me so next time i will write that experience of her.

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