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Dream Come True With Stella

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello am Mahesh,23.I want to share my sex experience with my Teacher Stella Mam (Lived with her husband and son). It happened after my school days while I was doing college. From my 9th class i was very much attracted towards her and wished to have sex with her. Her black mole on her chin was my weakness. I was always fascinate her lips, eyes, boobs, ass and my favorite black mole..I used to walk beside her whenever i see her in school and try to see her navel, but newer got a chance to see it but i liked her stomach which was seen outside her sari.

After my classes i often go to her bus stop just to see her. One day I found her carrying a huge cover full of books for correction. I followed her, after a while i said “Good evening mam, do u remember me??May i help you carry this cover to your house.” With a bit hesitation and under my constant pressure she gave it to me. All of a sudden it started to rain, she opened her umbrella and we both were under the same umbrella. I walked closed to her so that’s the books are not wet .I knowingly started to rub my elbow on her stomach, wow so soft it was. We reached home,(her son had special class)she opened the door and asked me to stay there. She came to me with juice.

I drank it and was about to leave. Before leaving I asked her,”Mam I have carried books for so long, so instead can I ask u something.”She replied yes without any delay. I asked her “Mam, can you show me your navel please.”She was shocked to hear it, I told her everything, how she was to me, what all I did in my school etc. I even told her that i used to masturbate thinking of her. I don’t know what happened to her, she was ready, she began to spell her sari from her stomach aside and the her navels started becoming visible to me.

Now I got shocked to see a small black mole on her navel ans i said ,”mam u have got a black mole there also”( I had already told her that I simply loved her black mole on her chin).She asked me in a sexy voice,” Mahesh,do you want to taste it?” She came closer to me. I was sitting in the sofa and she was standing. She offered me her navel to kiss, I grabbed her all around her waist and started licking her navel. Sweet .. i cant express its sweetness in words. She closed her eyes as i started sucking it, I could hear her small moaning and enjoying it.

She allowed me to lick and suck it for 10min.Then she said, Mahesh its now time for my husband to return.. so. I stopped it and was about to leave. She called me,”Mahesh wait, don’t you want to taste this( she pointed towards her mole on the chïn).I didn’t expect any question like this from her, but without wasting any time I licked it and kissed it. It was a dream come true. I had to leave soon before her husband comes; she asked my mobile number before leaving.
She called me 3 times at late night, and we shared lighter moments, I told her about my college and hostel life. Third time we had a small sex chat also.

One month passed, one morning she called me while i was getting ready to college on Monday. She called me knowingly that i was at home for Sunday and invited me to her house, she told me that her husband was on a business tour and son had gone for a 5 day camp and she is on leave and waiting to give some surprise to me. I left my house as if going to college. I went to her house. She was waiting for me eagerly and was wearing a black transparent sari. She was looking damn sexy. She pulled me inside without anyone noticing.

She asked me to sit and she went to kitchen. I could not control myself. I went to the kitchen and suddenly held her from back and put my finger on her navel and kissed her back (area without bloude covering) and her neck.After kissing her for some time and slowly my fingers encircling her navel I whispered in her ears “Can I have my surprise now?” She closed her eyes offer the stove and took my hands to her round boobs and replied “take your surprise, do whatever u want to do with me, do anything, do everything, lick me, suck me, fuck me, am yours slave today.”

Hearing those word i lost all my control, my penis was getting ready. I turned her towards me, pulled her close with one arm and other arm squeezing and pressing her breast i started to have French kiss with her. I was kissing her so deep that and for long that her saliva started to flow along her chin to her cleavage. I licked all those saliva into my mouth especially from her mole on chin. I slowly pulled her sari to make the cleavage visible, pulling her blouse down i kissed her cleavage. She forwarded me to her bed room which she told that it was arranged by her for me to enjoy her.

I pushed her on to the bed and putting my hands in her waist i started to have French again this time sucking her tongue also. While having French with her i slowly began to unhook her blouse. I kissed her boobs protruding out of her bra. I unhooked her bra. Beautiful really beautiful… round fleshy and with a brownish nipple.”Mahesh, eat my nipples have my boobs for breakfast”‘ I held her right boob in my hand and rubbed it all over my face and started licking round and also was sucking it. I started chewing her nipple”‘Mahesh ,get me to the extremes of pain, bite my nipple eat it.”

I started biting her nipple and was pulling it with my teeth she was moaning loud, pull Mahesh pull…pull as much as u can. I enjoyed her nipples and her breast it was covered with my saliva. I took her hand unzipped my pant and put her hand into my underwear and said “feel it mam feel my cock its all yours” As i continued enjoying her boobs when i pains to her she holds my cock more tightly and moans ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhh.. this makes me more violent to make her hold by cock more tight. She removed my shirt she now started licking my chest, after enjoying her licking i undressed her completely and also myself.

A nude teacher in front of me.. i cant believe… she is not teacher ..she is an angel….fair body with smoothness of honey, Her pussy was shaved, I started licking it, i began pulling her clitoris by holding it in my teath.aaaah ouchhhhhh. The smell of her pussy was superb..She spread the skin with her hands to lick me more deep. I wanted her to enjoy me too.. so we had 69 position and was enjoying each other’s cock and pussy..Mahesh its time for me to have more pain… common fuck me. I made her sit on my lap facing me and she introduced my penis into her vagina holding it with her hands,

I could see her closing her eyes and moaning when it pains. Once it was introduced completely she began to run over my body…i fucked her …. i fucked a teacher…wow i fucked her in different positions she was too tired after fucking for 2 hour continuously…. She asked me to cum outside her vagina and i did it 4 times… even i couldn’t stop fucking….
she asked for a bath together and forwarded to the bathroom she was about to open the shower i stopped her” Stella feel my oil message” I opened the oil bottle in the bathroom and took oil in my hands and rubbed. Asked her to turn and from backside i started my work from her breast…. she enjoyed it and responded mu moaning and asking me to continue… I squeezed her boobs…. her slippery boobs jumped out of my hand while i squeezed it but was enjoying doing it. she also applied oil over me and oiled my cock by rubbing in her cleavage by pressing her boobs against it.

We soaped each other and had a sexy filled bath. licked her body drank the water running over her breast, dropping from her pussy. after bath i came out with a towel and her also with the same it was noon we had the food she prepared in the morning after food we went to the bed she asked me to lay besides her and asked me to close my eyes she put her breast outside from her towel and introduced into my mouth for me to suck….I sucked it she pushed in more and more into my mouth and we slept like that till 6 pm with myself holding her pussy and she

Holding my cock and my mouth sucking her boobs, she ordered parcel for night, we watched TV together for some time at ten she held my cock and said”‘its not enough for me””we had deep sex all over the night till 2 am I did all dirty things i can and she enjoyed me more than any women would have enjoyed her man. i was too tired in the morning but she dressed up for leaving school and asked me to leave the house only after her and put the key in the flower pot. Before her leaving i asked for her navels .. she showed me

I kissed it deep, she was trying to get out .i pulled her onto the sofa and continued kissing… she took the phone and made a call… i began to lick….she called and said””I am Stella, am not feeling well today also, so i cant come.”Hearing that and keeping phone back i French kissed her. she removed her blouse and bra and asked me to suck it as much as i want. How can i leave u Mahesh without completely satisfying me, take me, satisfy me till, give me a child .””
Once again I lost my control did everything to satisfy our self, I cum in her vagina for the first time now I m shifted 2 Nasik, so if any female is interested in having sex then contact me on my id

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