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Dream Come True With Santhi Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi readers, this is Kumar from Coimbatore. I am a regular reader of stories. I want to share my most awaited sexual experience with a 39 year old neighbor. It happened almost 7 years before, when I am doing my masters degree. That time I am doing my masters degree at Chennai. I use to come to kovai for every college vacation and festivals. I use to have my own room in my house just at entrance of my house. From my room window u can watch the road and the opposite houses. There is a family in front of my house, staying there for almost 4 years. The family consists of a couple (55 yr old man and 39 yrs old women) and their two daughters (24 yrs and 20 yrs). Both are studying in trichy, so the couple stays alone.

Her name is Santhi. She is so attractive and gorgeous. She never looks like 39 yrs old lady. She has a tight body and she maintains her physique by doing hard works. But still u can some flesh near her hip and on her ass. Her figure is 38-34-36. Everyone in my place use to call her as “silk” aunty, because she looks like actress silk smitha. I have crush on her for last 8 yrs from my school days onwards. During my school days, I use to secretly watch her body from my room. Since her house is opposite to my window I can see her bedroom with attached bathroom. I use to get up early in the mrng and keep waiting to watch her. She will come out in nighty (some time in saree) around 6.00 am to draw kolam before her house.

I really get hard by watching her boob cleaves and her sexy hips (in saree). Sometime I use to masturbate near my window on seeing her. I became mad on her and waited for a chance to fuck her. I thought of expressing my feelings to her, but I have no guts to do that. I waited for almost 8 yrs to fuck her. During my first semester study holidays I came to kovai to prepare for my exams. I am not able to concentrate in my studies. Every time I use to look through my window and peep in to her bed room. But I never use to find her near the window. I had study holidays only for 2 weeks and I passed almost 10 days thinking about her. One day in the morning around 10.00 am, I heard that some one knocking my door. When I opened, I got shock it is Shanthi aunty in a black saree. I can see her body shape clearly in her tight dress. She is still looking gorgeous in her age and more beautiful than before. I smiled at her and invited her in to my house. She smiled at me and asked for my mother. I said that she is in kitchen and asked her to go towards kitchen. She asked me that when I came from Chennai. I replied that I came before 10 days for my study holidays and going back after 3 days. She said that she has not seen me out for last 10 days. I said that I am busy in my reading. Then she went to meet my mother. Immediately I went inside my room and started to masturbate. On the same day night around 9.00pm I have seen that her husband going for night shift. So she is all alone in her house. It was about 11.00 pm, I am not getting sleep and I am lying down in my bed, holding my rod and thinking about her. Her nice ass and boobs comes to my mind I thought of masturbating. Suddenly I thought of opening my window and peep in to her window. I know she will be sleeping, but still my dog mind encouraged me to make a try. So I slowly opened my window little bit (not fully), I peeped in to her window. I have seen that her room lights are ON. I got happy after seeing the lights in her room. I don’t know what she is doing. I almost waited for 20 mins.

Suddenly I was shocked after seeing Shanthi aunty coming out of her bathroom with petticoat and towel rolled over her body. Since my room lights are off, she cannot see me from her window. I don’t know why she is bathing at 11.00pm, but its my luck to watch her for the first time in semi nude. She came inside her bedroom. Then she started to wipe her head with a white towel. She is wearing a black bra and red petticoat. She looked damn georgeous and I am shocked after seeing her cleaves and her big boobs. I felt like squeezing it and sucking it. Then slowly she lifted her leg and put on the bed. She wiped her legs and her shoulders. She looked sexy with little bit water in her body and wet hairs. Also I can see that nipples that are pointing in her wet petticoat. Her legs looked sexy with little bit of black hairs. I waited to see her naked, but she closed her window. I got disappointed. That night I slept after masturbating for 4 times. I waited to see her for next day. But she went with her husband for shopping. The day came for me to leave to Chennai. I can’t control myself, I want to fuck her. I want to express my feelings to her. It is around 8.30 am and my parents went to attend a marriage. My train is to Chennai is at 1.00 pm. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly I heard that some body is knocking my door. When I opened my door it good to see Shanthi at door dressed in a dark blue saree. I don’t know what to do. She smiled at me and asked for my mother. I am tensed and replied to her that she went for a marriage. She said that she will come and meet her later. When she turned away I called her Shanthi akka. She asked me what. I asked her to come inside. She smiled, came inside and asked me what? I said that akka I am leaving to Chennai today and I want to talk to an important thing. She asked me why I am looking tensed. I holded her hands and said that “I have seen you yes’day night in petticoat and I am really a true fan of you for 8 yrs and I want to fuck you”. She got angry, pulled her hand and went off from the place. I got tensed and got scared that she will tell to my parents. I slept in my bed in tension. After few hours around 12.30 pm I heard that some body knocking my door. I thought that my parents came and I went in shorts to open the door. When I opened I am shocked to see shanthi aunty once again. I cannot believe myself and also I got tension on seeing her face. She came inside my room and asked me to close the door. I thought she is going to bang me about my behavior.

I said to her that I am sorry for the thing happened in the mrng and I will never repeat in future. She smiled at me and asked me when my parents will come. I am shocked on seeing her smile and I replied to her that my parents will come by evening around 7pm. Then she hold my hands and took me inside my room. I felt like heaven when she touched my hand. I don’t know what she will do to me. Then she made me to stand near the bed and hugged me tight. God, it’s a great feeling for me to get a hug from her and I thought that my dream is going to come true. Her boobs are touching my chest and she kept her head on my shoulder. I got the green signal to fuck her. I also hugged her tight and holded her face towards me and I said “santhi I love you..i want to fuck you”. She said “I am all yours…take me”. I kissed on her lips and kissed her deep inside her mouth. I sucked her saliva and she also started to bite my lips. She holded my hairs tightly towards her. I put one of my hands on her hip and one on her ass. Her hips are soft like “pilsbury maida” and her asses are round and curvy. She started to moan on my ears and started to lick my ears. I started to squeeze her ass and slowly brought my hands towards her boobs. It’s huge and I squeezed it tight. She said “kumar please eat me”. I licked her ears, and then bit it. She hugged me tight and put her head on my shoulders and biting my hand. She became like an animal and she pulled me towards her. Then I pushed her on my bed. I removed her saree pallu and now she is in her blouse and petticoat. Now I have seen her cleave in close up and remembered the day that I had seen her through my window. I lain on her and kissed her all over her face and neck. She held me tight and she also kissed my face and lips. We carried our kissing session for more than 20 min. then I put my hands on her boobs and started to squeeze it and also I started to lick her naval. Its is so deep and tasted sweet. I kissed and licked her belly and squeezed her boobs hard. I removed her blue blouse. She was wearing the same black bra. I looked at her eyes and said “shanthi..u look damn sexy”. She said “kumar I always to need fuck from young guy like u. my husband had not fucked me for a long time. So u fuck me hard like an animal”. And she holded my shoulders. I licked her cleaves and then removed her bra. I got shock after seeing her boobs. Its round and she had black nipples. I sucked her boobs for long time and bite her nipples. I circled her nipples with my tongue and licked all over her boobs. I smelled her under arm pit. She smelled good like “malligai” flower and made me more erotic. I licked and bite her boobs. She pressed my head towards her boobs and asked me to bite more and more. She shouted “kumar kutty please don’t stop..squeeze hard”. Slowly I removed her petticoat. When I moved her petticoat above her legs I noticed the she is not wearing any panty.

I became excited her pussy with little bit of hairs on it. I removed her petticoat and made her totally naked. God, it’s a long time wish for me to see her naked. Now I got fulfilled with my imaginations but still I want to fuck her. I smelled her pussy, it smelled so good and made me erotic. I asked her “why u r having only few hairs in ur pussy?”..she said “ I have shaved my pussy on last week. I use to shave every month once?”. I asked her “how u will shave ur pussy”..she said “I use my husbands razor to shave my pussy and also I feel erotic when I shave my pussy. Whether u like it?”. I said that I like her pussy and told her that I am going to dig her pussy with my tongue first and then with my rod. She smiled and said that she cannot wait for it. I started to rub her pussy with my fingers and slowly scratched her pussy hairs. She liked it and I rubbed her pussy. She started to moan. I kissed her pussy and split in it. I licked her pussy and started to lick fast. She pressed my head and holded my hairs towards her pussy. I licked fast and fats and buried my face in her pussy. I moved my nose in her pussy. She started to shout “kumar..plz fuck me/..dont stop..lick me fast”.i licked her deep and depp.

Circled with me tongue deep and sides of pussy. It tasted good and I can feel wet inside her pussy. I can see white liquid flowing from her pussy. She reached orgasm and cum outside. She screamed and scrolled over the bed. Then I tried to put my fingers inside her pussy. First I put my one finger inside. Its entered and she shouted a lot. I started to move my finger slowly inside her cunt. Then I put my second finger, its too tight for my second finger and I managed to insert it. She screamed again and started to pull my hair in pleasure. I increased my speed and she also lifted her hip and ass above the bed. After some time she cum once again and I can feel the liquid with my fingers. I tasted it once again and kissed her lips. Then she made me to lie on the bed. She came on my top and removed my banian. She kissed my face and neck. She bite my ears and licked all over my face, neck and chest. She sucked my nipples and naval. She removed my shorts and she got shock on seeing my 7 inch rod. She smiled at me and said “it is too long than her husband”..she squeezed my rod and holded for long time. She started to play with it and kissed on the tip of rod. She sucked my balls and then she put my rod in her mouth. Since its my first time I cannot express how I felt at that time. Santhi aunty sucked my cock for long time. She also bite and chewed my cock in-between like an animal. I felt good and pressed her head towards my rod.

She sucked slowly at first and increased the speed. I cum inside her mouth. She thirsted it completely without spilling even a single drop down. She said it tasted good and she wanted more and more. Then we licked each other in 69 position. Then she came on me and she sat on me. She holded my rod on her hand and tried to insert my rod in to her cunt. She inserted it completely and I felt so good at that moment. I forgot completely about me and I holded her hip. She holded my shoulder for support and started to move up and down. I can feel that my rod is touching her pussy deep inside and I can see her face in excitement. She moved fast and fast, I gave her support by holding her hip and moving my hip to her rhythm. She shouted and shouted “kumar…”…its about 10 mins and I felt like cumming inside her. I cum inside her pussy and she cried in excitement. She laid on me and we hugged and slept for few mins. Then she lied down on bed and she hugged me. She said that she will never forget this fuck and she wants me in place of her husband. She wants me to fuck her daily or atleast once per week. I promised her that I will come to fuck her every week. I made her to lie on the bed and I fucked her once again. I put the ice creams (from my frig) on her boobs, pussy and all over body and licked it. I fucked her at dog style. Then I made to hold my room window and asked to stand. I made to bent and I fucked from back side. It’s amazing for me to fuck my dream lady in all the positions.

We had nice fuck and she left to her house. It’s around 6.00pm and its time for my parents to reach home. My parents came home and I acted as if I am studying for my exam. Days passed on and we use to communicate through our windows. Sometime she invites me to her home when her husband leaves for night shift. I use to go and fuck her in her house and also whenever my parents leave outside I fuck her in my room. I can smell her in my bed. Still we enjoy a lot. Now my next target is her elder daughter. Any aunties interested can mail me to

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