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  • August 31, 2015

Hi to all Desipapa fans.Hey this is Prakash again with one of my new experience. Well for new fellows let me first introduce myself. I am Prakash from Orissa, 22, 5’8″ and I am often complimented as handsome by girls and women.I am crazy about young girls with nicely shaped boobs and butts and matures ladies from 25 to 50 with well maintained figure with big shapely boobs and good looking ass.U know I am real crazy about boobs.

This time my experience is with a lady (my neighbour) about whom I used to fantasize. My dream lady is around 37 with a beutiful body with 5’4″ height, nicely shaped boobs and a round protruding ass.I have a habit of peeping into her house at times to see her in as minimum clothes as possible.I often peep into her bathroom to watch her taking her bath.But till the date of my experience I was able to see only her back or like that but i had never seen her real feminine structures. Even i had seen her nice clevage and round butt while she was going to her bathroom. Sometimes she has marked me peeping into her house and watching her.

The incedent happened on my birthday.In the morning at about 10a.m I was in my room upstairs and was moving on my terrace with my new b’day dress on. In that dress I was probably looking good.Suddenly I heard the door opening sound in my neighbour’s terrace.I saw my dream lady there with some wet clothes in her hand and spread them on a rope for drying.Then looking at me she asked me what’s the matter with me I was looking quite nice in my dress.Then I told her that that was my b’day and I had my new b’day dress on.Then she gave a naughty look and smile at me.After that she invited me to her house and told me that she will give me some b’day gift and she left.After a few minutes I went to her house and knocked the door but no response from the house then I found the door open.So I entered the house and found nobody there.When I proceeded more into the house I heard water splashing sound coming from the bathroom.I thought my dream lady must be taking her bath.So I went to the hall waited there.After some time my neighbour came out of the bathroom with a petticoat tied from her chest to a little longer than her asschiks and a towel wrapped on her head. She was looking great and half of her clevage was visible from above her petticoat and her thighs were really nice and healthy.Seeing me she wished happy birthday.Then she complimented me that I was looking great in my new b’day dress.I thanked her for her compliment.

Then the real episode began.She asked me how did she look.I just could not get first what to answer but the word “nice” came from my mouth spontaneously.Then she removed the towel on her head and shook her head and some water drops fell on me.Then she asked me isit really nice.I said yeah.Then she asked me whether I wated my b’day gift.I nodded my head in afirmation and bent down.She came near me raising my head with her hand she put a kiss on my lips.She asked me whether I liked that.I was a bit amaged but gave a little smile.She again kissed me on my lips and this time I responded to her kiss passionately.By that I gathered some courage and kept my hands around her waist and dragged her a bit closer.I was moving my on back and she suddenly disangaged her from me and asked me whether I wanted more.I again smiled in afirmation.Then she untied the nut in her petticoat and left that.The petticoat instantly fell on the ground and I was astonished seeing her voluptuous body.She was haning the nicest boobs I had ever seen with nipples 1cm long and around that a light brown circle of about 1/2 inch radius.Seeing her fullness my dick started aching in my groin.Her cunt was like a fully baked bun with a layer of black bush over that.Her complete nude body about which I was fantasyzing since long drove me crazy and my dck made a tent in my pants.She saw the tent in my pants and asked me whether I liked that.I said yes with sexcitement.

She came to me and told me feel her boobs.I instantly took my hands to her boobs and started fondling them.I crushed the nipples inbetween my thumb and fore fingers.By this time she was getting hotter and started to moan.Then I put my mouth on her left nipple and started sucking that while still crushing her right nipple and sometimes cupping and pressing them real hard.I alternatively played with her both the boobs. Sometimes fondling one and at other times sucking and licking the other.Then I gradually lowered my mouth and kissed her belly and belly button.Then I moved towards her lovepot.By that time her clit had become so hot and big that it was pointing out like a strawberry.I took her clit in my mouth and sucked that hard and at that she moan heavily.Then I parted her cunt lips and inserted my tongue deep into her cunt.With that she screamed.I started to tongue her and her cunt started flowing.Her dark bush got wet with her juices and ever my lips got wet too.I kept on licking and sucking her cunt and clit passionately.She was holding me by my hair and pressing my head hard into her cuntal region.Suddenly she pulled my head holding by my hair and told me “ITS MY TURN NOW”.

She came to my hard on and felt that from over the pants and after that she undid my pant and undi.By that time I myself removed my shirt.She stroked my tool with her hand and the feeling was so good that I thought I would come in a while.Then I asked her had she ever tasted that and she smiled just looking at my eyes and instantly put her lips on my tool tip.She slided her lips and started a to and fro motion over my dick well lubricated with her saliva.Her sucking speed gradually incresed and she was taking my whole 7 inch tool into her mouth.By that I was busy playing with her boobs. She sucked my dick and sometimes my balls also.She was really a good sucker.Then my dick started pulsating in her mouth and she probably knew that I was about to come. So she slowed down her pace and held my dick in such a way that my urge to squirt decresed but still I was having my hard on.Then she asked me whether I was ready for my b’day gift.I instantly nodded my head yes.Then she left me and went to her bedroom.

After 2to3 min. she called me from her bedroom and rushed to her bedroom with my steel rod like tool.There in her bedroom I saw her lying on the bed with her legs wide spread and she was rubbing some cream on her cunt.Seeing that I got her wish and went near her on the bed.Holding her legs apart I inserted my cock into her cunt with wasting anymore time.With a single hard stroke about 3/4th of mf my cock entered her. Then I dragged my tool out a little and again gave a heavy thrust and with that I entered completely into her lovehole.She was real tight, hot and wet inside.The cream and her love juices well lubricated my speed and I gradually increased my pace and she was moaning while responding to my pulls by lfting her butt up.I kept on stroking her for about 15min and was also fondling her boobs.She was shouting sexciting words and responding to my strokes.After some time her cunt lips held my tool and my dick started pulsating in her cunt.That seemed that both of us were reaching the climax.At that point I increased my pace and started almost digging her hole.She was screaming in excitement.Then I suddenly unloaded my gun in her cunt and she just flooded the bed and my tool with her juices.Then I laid aside her in the bed for time and after that we both got off and cleaned eachother in the bathroom.Then I came to the hall and dressed and she came from her bedroom well dressed.She asked me how was her b’day gift and I just said great and put a kiss on her lips and returned.This how I got the best ever gift on my b’day.

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All such relations will be kept purely secrete and confidential.Even sexy mails from any aunty, bhabi, lady or even young girls are well invited.Hope to meet u soon with some new experience…….

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