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Dream Came True With Mami

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  • November 5, 2015

You can’t push down the lust, you must feel it and end it and get back to your life..!

Yeah I know.. Now you are not pushing it and instead in very good mood to pull it out..!!


Its Madan (Maddu) here and I assure you in the beginning that ‘I WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU’

It’s a story of me and my maami, the beautiful lady with loads of beauty and hotness.

I will brief about myself in the beginning. I am Madan 24 years and I have done my MBA in top college and doing job in B’lore. I am from village background and completed my 12th with distinction in same village. So I moved to city for my B COM. My mother’s only younger brother stays in city and he was the option for me to be with. As I had good marks I got good college and I moved to city. I am bit egoistic so dint stay at their house but stayed in the terrace of them. It was a hall and a room with attached toilet n bathroom. In short, I used to stay in terrace of my mamas house and dependent on them for only food. And I am fare looking with normal toned body with 5.6 Ft height.

I don’t want to impress by telling my penis is 12 inch, which is not possible for asian. My penis is 6 inch. And LOL, I don’t fuck continuously for hours as other narrators say. Because its limited in minutes for all men. But I will make sure that you reach your peak level, your pussy ooze love juice, nipples become rock hard and a casual rub will lead to orgasm..!
Story begins..!

Maami..! Her name is Kusuma and still I wonder how my mama got such a beautiful wife. She looks like kareena. She was like good friend to me and talkative. My mama was 36 and she was 32 when I was in degree. They had a son of 8 years who is cute like his mother. So there family was of 3 people i.e, Mama Maami and their son. I was the fourth and my age was 18 that time. Mama was businessman and morning he used to go to shop and used to return at 9 in the evening.

But task was not as easy as my maami is not so cheap and getting chances was also limited.

As I joined my college, everything was new. New friends, new place, new routine. Only mamas family I knew. So used to feel good when I spend time with them. Mama was busy from morning 9 to evenin 9. Sumith (Mama son) was also busy in his school. So left is my maami and I used to spend time with her.

My college was 8 AM to 12AM and even I used to bunk classes from that. Days moved and my focus was accelerated towards my sweet Maami.

After finishing the college around 12, I used to go to maami house and used to tell what happened in college. As she was alone I am good time pass for her. When I reach her house, that was her clothes washing time and I used to catch the best moments of that day.

She usually wears saree. Ohh saree is the best thing. I used to see her boobs on her blouse from side. Her navel and bit fatty stomach. Her beautiful Back. Maami never used to be careless but while working she was bit careless. Especially when I will be with her. As she has seen me from my childhood she was bit careless in her dresses. That was the luck of me and used to check her each body part.

That day I came from college early at 11 and freshen up in my room which was on terrace and came down to maami house. Greeted her and she said smilingly ‘so early? Oh you are bunking classes too much dear. Will tell to your mother wait’. I said ‘No maami, last period was cancelled. So came early’. She said ok and asked abt breakfast and I said I had in canteen. So she said “then you watch tv and I will wipe the floor”. I started watching tv and she started cleaning floor. Ohhh she took her saree up and tied til her knees. Pallu became small and came between her boobs. She was doing her work and I started doing my work. Her legs are as white as milk. Her boobs are so perfect and dancing by her movement. I couldn’t resist myself from seeing her and simultaneously talking to her about casual things.

She asked “Why class was cancelled?”

Reason was different and I just wanted to make the situation hot so said “Maami, lecturer got married recently and she always cancel class and go to her house”

Maami smiled and said “Acchha. Newly married na.. Let her Go”

I said “She will be having marks on her cheeks, neck and lips always”

Maami was bit shocked and smilingly said “you are observing her more uh?”

I smiled and said “Not much. She is the topic of discussion in our college now maami”

Maami said “Don’t discuss more and focus on studies” and went inside as she finished her work.

I was like “oh I talked this much to her and she responded properly”.

She came out with bucket full of clothes and asked whether I want to watch tv. I said No.

Then she said then come on terrace. I will wash cloths there.

I was happy and said Fine.. Took bucket though she was refusing to give and went to terrace.

As my room was beside in terrace, I opened the room and went inside. She started washing clothes.

Again she took her saree up and this time it was more. Her half thighs were visible. I saw her from my room window and stunned. Great view it was. My penis became rock hard and all dirty thoughts started coming to my mind. She was sitting and washing clothes and her boobs are just dancing. What a view. I started rubbing my penis. And thought I will stand in front of her and observe more. Changed pant to shorts and started talking some casual thing. But eyes were on her perfect boobs and milky thighs.

After 10 minutes I could not resist and said to aunt that I will sleep for an hour and come later for launch and went inside my room. From window I started seeing her body and rubbing penis hardly.! Was telling in my mind ‘Kusuma maami, Kusuma maami..! Ahhh mmm Love you.. Fuck you..!’ in 2 minute my ghee came out and sprinkled over the wall. I just lied on bed n slept off.

After 2 hours

Phone was ringing. It was Kusuma Maami. I understood that I slept more and cut the call and went down. She was waiting for me. Welcomed with smile and said “How much you sleep. Night you won’t get sleep.. ok sit”

We started having food and her dress was perfect now.. Finished lunch and I went to kitchen and came back. She was lying on just floor and watching tv. She asked “its hot. Isnt it?” I said yaa. Again her pallu became small and boobs are coming out. Wow round boobs. Perfect size. Her navel is visible. Her thighs on her saree is provoking me. One kannada movie was played of Ravichandran. He is romatic star in kannada film industry. Maami asked “Have you watched this movie?” I said yes.. its Pandu ranga vittala..

She wanted to watch that. It was in my computer so I said whenever you want to watch you let me know and I will show it in my computer. She agreed and continued watching that song.

I said “Its romantic movie and he romance with 3 heroines”

Maami said “Ya.. He is good in that and smiled”

I said you like him? She was like ya he is good actor.

While talking she turned and lied on her shoulder. Oh her pallu fell down n she dint even took it up. Her boobs are covered by only blouse. Song made her nipples hard and she doesn’t wear bra at house.

Again I went out of my control. Wanted to make the situation hot and touch my sweet maami. So asked about her new mobile. She was not much aware about mobile options so she said “No.. I am unable to get the options from that. I was glad from inside and jumped beside her with her mobile.

She was shocked and took her pallu and covered boobs. I started asking what you want to learn from me about mobile? She asked how to send messages.

So I started showing her, open messages.. text message.. type message.. send to contact.. that’s it.

She took mobile and started practicing. I moved towards her head to watch the mobile screen and touching her hand. My penis again started becoming hard. She asked what to type? And I started dictating “I love you” she said what??? I said type it and send to mama. She laughed and said no no. I forced to type for practice and she typed. She asked what next. I asked to send that.

By mistake she selected my number and sent. I started laughing and she was bit embarrassed . I convinced her and said Its ok maami.. I ll delete it and deleted. She smiled and said ok. I insisted her to text me as you have 100 messages free every day. She was happy that I am teaching her good things. But I was happy because I am lying beside her and touching her.

She said “Ok I will sleep now for an hour” So I said I will go to my room and came up.

Another habit I had is smelling the clothes of my sweet maami. Took her saree, blouse, petticoat, bra and panty and came to my room. Arranged them on bed and lied. Was feeling like I am lying on my maami. Took the saree and threw down. Kissing blouse and took that also out. Pressing bra cups and feeling her boobs. Now only left is her panty. I used to smell it.. kiss it.. suck it.. I was remembering how she was lying down and started rubbing my penis hardly. I kept on telling ‘Maami .. Maaami’ and leaked sperm again. Took her clothes and placed where there were before.

Days were like this. I had complete lust on her but dint have clue about her lust.

After some days she got urgent work and wanted to go to her parents place and that is a village.

So mama asked me to accompany maami as it was Saturday morning. Mama said he will pick sumith from school and take him to shop. You both go to native and come back on Sunday evening.

I was happy that I got chance to travel with maami. Saturday afternoon 12 we left house and went to bus stand. Her village was very small so buses were less. Waited for 30 minutes and a bus came. It was completely rush and somehow we entered the bus. Bag was with me and I was exactly behind maami. She said “Its very rush. Are you ok?” I said “I am fine maami” She asked to adjust for some time and we reach in 2 hours.

As it was village road, it was completely mud road. I felt like its my luck to touch my maami and started touching as bus moves. I am standing exactly behind her where my dick is near her ass crack and my nose is near her hairs. Road became worst and I was falling on maami. She said “Maddu, village roads are like this only. Please adjust for me” I dint say that I am enjoying roads and said “Aree its ok maami. I know”

Now I have full permission to touch her and put blame on roads. Her hair smell made my penis hard. I was bit afraid that what will happen if she knows all this. But mind said its full rush. Don’t worry and move on.

So started feeling her beautiful hips. Touched from side when driver put the break. Said sorry and maami said its ok dear. So I was happy and kept it there only. Hotness and rush made us to sweat. Maamis sweat and fair cream smell made me mad. I thoroughly enjoyed the situation and rubbed penis on her ass soo many times. At one point when driver applied break, I just hugged her from back and hold her right boob and happiness reached its point and leaked in my pant itself. Maami was shocked but she was unable to help as every passenger was facing the road problem

At 3 we reached their house in village. Maamis father was in his field and her mother went to purchase something so house was locked. Took key from neighbor and we entered house. House was small and old. Both were tired so I sat in hall and aunt went to freshen up. She was peeing and sound was coming sssshhh from her pussy. As no one at their house its easily audible. She came out and said “Maddu, I am completely tired.. even you.. so you too get fresh up. Mom will come soon and we can have food and take rest” I said “Ok maami” and went to toilet.

I closed the door and was thinking before 5 mins maami was peeing here. Penis was getting harder by remembering what all happened in bus but somehow I controlled and freshen up and came out. Maami was in closed room and said “Maddu, bag I took inside. Wait and take the towel which is near chair” I said “Ok maami”. After minutes Maami came out. Ohhh Wow Maami is in nighty. I never saw her in nighty as she never wears in maamas house. I asked “Maami..! Nighty..!”

She smiled and said “Haa.. I used to wear before marriage but your maama doesn’t like so I don’t wear there” As it was her old nighty, it was fit to her body. Her boobs were looking so big and perfect”. I said, “Maami you look too good in nighty” and went near her. She smiled and pinched my hand and said “Acchha, now you too change your dress” I went inside to change my dress. Went inside and latched from inside. Saw maamis saree, petticoat, blouse and bra in the corner. Ohh ho Maami was just on nighty. I took her blouse and her under arm part was wet. I just sniffed it. Aroma of her sweat and deo made me mad.

My hard penis started pushing my pant. I removed my pant and shirt and stood on my underwear. Her bra and blouse was in my hand. Was kissing, sucking and smelling those. Sound came from outside” Aree when did you come kusuma? How are you?” it was maamis mother. They started talking as they met after few months. I kept her clothes in corner as they were before and went to our bag to find my shorts and t shirt.

I took them and in bottom I saw Maamis panty and bra. First of all my dick was hard and I could not control, remembered every minute spent with maami that day and ejaculated in the room itself. Cleaned that with Maamis used petticoat and came out. Maamis mother was happy to see me and asked how I am, and how my parents are. We sat and talked casually for sometime. I was damn tired so had lunch and slept off. Even maami asked me to take rest. I slept at 4 pm.

When I opened my eyes, Maami and their parents were discussing about their field. Maamis father was telling that we should sell 2 acres then only we can pay the old loan as interest is too much. Maami was asking to don’t sell the land. Her father asked “whether you sign on the papers or not, or else we need to sell the gold of your mother”. Maami said “Its ok appa, sell the land” His father was happy and said “Ok beta, Next month I will inform you when we go to registers office” .I was not getting what is happening exactly so again slept for some time.

“Madduu Maddduu” It was maami. Holding my hand and asking me to get up. I got up with smile and she gave return smile. “You slept almost 4 hours”. I said “ Maami I was tired na”.
Maami: But you sleep too much, Kumbakarna and smiled

Me: He he

Maami: Get up.. Have Tea

Even her mother asked called me to have tea. So got up and had tea.

Later I Was talking to her father about college and my native for hours and went for a walk with him.

Came home at 10

Maami welcomed and asked we both to get fresh and have our dinner. I asked about maami and she said she will have with her mom. So we both had food and came out for another walk.

At 11 we returned to home. Bed was ready but in was one stretch bed. I thought everybody will sleep on one bed and of course they make them to sleep beside Maamis father. I was upset and sat on bed near wall. Uncle said “I am going to field as I need to take care of irrigation”

Later I came to know that its common in villages to go to their lands at night. So maamis mother said ok and he left. I was in heaven. First time am going to sleep beside my maami for a night.

It was 11.30 and I was acting like I was asleep. Maami and her mom came after cleaning utensils.

Maamis Mom: Aree Maddu slept again

Maami: Ya he sleeps a lot. Crazy boy

Maamis Mom: Let him sleep bechara. Tired by bus journey and they both laughed

As expected maami slept beside me and her mom slept at last. Her mother got up and lighting a lamp.

Maami: Amma why you lighting lamp. Bulb is there na

Maamis Mom: City lady, Its village. Night 12 to morning 6 No electricity

They both laughed and came on bed. I was damn happy as I came to know that Heaven’s door will be open after 12. Maami was also damn tired and couldn’t take rest in evening. So I was damn sure that she falls asleep in deep. I was getting ready for the thrilling night as I slept nicely in evening.

So it was Jagarana for me..!!

The next part will make you mad. I enjoyed every second and will explain in next part. As it is my first story I need your support, guidance and feedback. (Specially Hot aunts and bold gals). So ping me at

And yeah I have the capacity to satisfy over the chat. Waiting for your mail.

Dream Came True With Mami

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