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Dream Came True Of Neighbor Aunty

  • desipapa
  • November 25, 2015

Myself am working guy aged thirty three from hubli with average body but would interact with eyes very much.

Coming to the story it happened two years back was very much obsessed from my childhood with my neighbor aunty Rani(name changed ) now aged fifty she had moved to different area who was a doll faced woman with huge boobs and nice face always on her face ,any guy would say yes to her

Once I saw in my area coming to the shop.While returning I smiled to her she to smiled back and I greeted her asking her how are ?She also replied fine asked about my family how are they ?I said everybody are fine and asked regarding her family and she smiled and moved away , after few days she met me I asked where is her house now I wanna give wedding card of mine she told her address after few days I went to give wedding card .

When I went there I gave my number and asked her to call if needed help as her husband would come once in week he worked in a different place and he was black guy were as aunty was so fair that her husband should wash hands hundred times and touch her I just could not imagine how she used to sleep with her husband who was a fat guy with having the habits of drinks

After two days I received a call from her asking me that why I gave number to her I said if need any help.She again insisted then I said to her I like talking to her after few talks she asked me again I said I love her , first she said how come woman of her age love young aged guy after explaining to her my lust, curiosity and my intentions she was blushed and asked me to come home in the evening for cup of coffee and I agreed I went to her house with casual dressing she was very happy for me

We talked few things she gave me a cup of coffee and I said bye to her and returned back and called her in the evening and proposed her, she replied with same curiosity that she loved me because nature then talk started

One day I went to her home she showed me her home and gave me coffee and in discussion she showed all her assets one by one standing side of the door, as the door was open and I showed mine which is 6 inch long and hard she came near me touched it squeezed it for 3-4 minutes .I came back

After few days she invited me to her home in the night so that her daughter had tour and she will not be coming today I went with condom packet she welcomed me with a kiss we sat for few minutes then we started our work went in the room she slowly stared to remove my dress she was wearing saree I insisted her not remove it I took the saree up to her thighs sucked and squeezed her big melons for almost 10-15 minutes removed her blouse started to licking her back she started to moan heavily caught my dick started caressing it and I started finger fucking her pussy she started to breathe heavily asked me insert dick in her cunt,

She started to moan heavily saying fuck me hard hard harder squeeze my boobs I lick my pussy bite me and I was almost in heaven for 20 minutes I fucked her for 15 minutes laid in the bed and got up after 20 minutes had some fruits in the bed ,second round she jumped on me fucked for 15-20 sitting on me she rode on me like a horse minutes slept in the bed 4 am and got up and went to my home

Next day she called me and informed me that she had most entertaining and excited fuck of her life and me to my dream came true later I also gave her few xxx cds she insisted to bring she used to she and call me and discuss regarding the scenes in the movie,how they used to suck cock and fuck with full noise,how the mother in law used to fuck their son in law and step mothers used to fuck their sons or neighbor cougar and all such stuff and ask me that does that really happen in America or is it a movie I would say her based on true story movies are maid but they fuck real

Everyday we would talk at least for four to five times and I would go to her home for few minutes squeeze her boobs and she would play with my dick for few minutes and lick my dick and have coffee snacks and come back she used to call me show her boobs and ask me to show the cock removing my pant zip and come hold it caress it for few minutes and lick the top of cock and ask me to close it anybody would enter into the house and give me juice or coffee whichever I prefer and kiss me and say good bye this was regular programme whenever we met because she wanted to introduce me to her friend but all of a sudden they moved from here

She call me once or twice in a year ask me about fuck and my dick her voice get me aroused even she get aroused by our talks and get finger fuck her pussy whenever she calls me and always remember of my cocks thickness and says that would love to hold it in her hand always her son got job in Bangalore now she moved to Bangalore,

Any family old ladies interested and around hubli dharwad who wanna keep the relationship utmost secret can contact me on this email.Id

Dream Came True Of Neighbor Aunty

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