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Double Cross

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi this is Rahul I hope all of u like my story. I m an eeecutive in a  MNC before this job I was worked with an another company where some times I also go for home calls for rectify the problem of computers.

There was a client where mostly I go there are two sisters on elder was doing graduation and another is 11th standard , elder sister age is 20 year and younger sister age around is 16 year . both girl was really so beautiful but younger sister was so smart because having young 16 years age having very small boobs and mostly wear skirt and top some tomes wear jeans and shirt . while elder having 34c 28 32 beautiful figure .

Whenever I go that both was really give god response to me and I was also so enjoy with her . one day she call me for some problem in computer so I go there when I reach there I saw that younger sister Neha was open the door usually I asked h r u and asked for family member she told me that mom and dad went for a marriage party and sister also went with him .that time she wear a very mini skirt and small top which cover only her pussy and boobs . if she small bent her body I can easily her pink panty any way I asked what is the problem in computer she told me that there is no sound in speaker I checked there are no connection with system I just put the speaker connector and working fine . she was sitting with near to my seat then she told that I have a movie CD can u run this CD I say just show me she just give me a video CD when I start that CD that was XXX movie I think that by mistake she give me that CD so whichever I was closing that movie she said to me dont close it please see this movie its really so sexy movie I understand what she want in between she keep her hand in my cock and start rubbing then I also start rubbing her boos upper form her top and kissing her after that I insert my hand in her top there is no Bra when I put my hand in her boobs she was moaning aaaahhh uuuuuhhh and her boobs really so small I can put her both boobs in only one hand but I insrt both hand in her top and rubbing so soft her boobs and she is rubbing my cock meantime she also remove my tools from my pant and rubbing so hard now I remove her top she was really so beautiful I was left my control and start sucking her boobs her total one boobs in my mouth she was moning aaahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh uuuhhh uuuhhhh ssssshhhsh come on and insert my another hand in her skrit and rubbing from upper side of her panty she was trying to suck my cock so I said her that first I remove her skrit when I remove her skirt there was a very little pussy waiting for my tongs she was looking so beautiful in pink panty when I remove her panty I was surprised her pussy has a very little, soft pubic hair in her pussy and small pink pussy which I never seen before this .

I loose my control and just insert my mouth in her pussy and taking taste which is really so sexy and tasty I insert my toung in her pussy I just break her pussy with my hand and insert deep tongs in her pussy she was also loose her control and grip to me so hard and moaning sssssshhhh sssssssshhh ahhhhhh ahhhh aaaaaaahhh come come ssshn come ssshhh we both were in 69 position . now she is sucking my cock which is totally wet and rubbing so hard and moanong plz suck my pussy so fast . then I was sucking so fast and deep . after half hours I come over her both mouth was so red but both want more suck but she was saying come on fuck me I want ur cock in my virgin pussy then I was trying to insert my cock in her pussy because her pussy was virgin and small I told her that if I insert my cock in her pussy then that will be more panning she told me than dont worry u do ur job then I asked do u have any oil she immediate took a hair oil I put much oil in my long and thick cock and some oil insert in her pussy then I give a pillow in her ass . now I was ready to breaking her seel when I insert my cock she cry plz do slowly-2 I give a small push in her pussy now my cock top is hang up in her vagina she was crying plz remove it but I immediate rubbing her boobs and kiss with mouth and slowly insert more cock and moving my hips now she was some relaxed then I was inserting much cock and moving it now she also enjoying it now I give a hard push and insert more then half cock in her small pussy she was again start crying I was not stop and moving fast my cock after some time she also enjoying it ad was moning aaaaajhhh aaahhh aaahh come come come fuck me its really so tasty plz insert more and I insert all cock and fucking so hard and also sucking her boobs also after some time she just moving so fast and then she said please stop bus bus ab mat karo but that time I was not satisfy so I remove my cock and insert in her mouth she just cleaning my cock and sucking my cock so fast after some times I left all cum in her mouth and she suck my all cock and cleaned my all cock she was so happy . and so enjoying but when she saw her bed sheet she was so afraid because there are a big spot of her blood then I give suggestion that just clean it immediate she washed her sheet and remove that spot . after I stay there more then 3 hours and fuck her three times .

After that this was her routine she just call to me some times and fuck her all day when there was nobody in her house after some times she call me one day again then there was her elder sister also present and that day I fuck her virgin also this story I tell u in next time . Any girls, Pretty females of all ages married or unmarried from UPor near toUP,GWALIORand DELHI interested in having sex or phone sex or friendship with me are always welcome. My e-mail id  I will be waiting for your mails

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