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Door Ke Bhai ne Ki Chudai

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi,my name is Reena. I am a 23yrs old horny housewife who is really bored married six months back . the intention for writing my story is to make some frnds who read the story & have the same intrst as mine-“sex”. i am from ernakulam in Kerala. My husb works in blore & comes every weekend so my sexual life is limited to weekends. I don’t have a lot of sexual exp. but the ones i had changed my life. i will tell u all bout myself. we were 2 daughters I elder. my mom died when i 12yrs(1992). i had to live with my uncle’s family as dad couldn’t take care of both of us as he had a job with constant travel. so my sister stayed with him. my uncle took care of me. he consider me like his own daughter. he had a son whom i shall call “X” whom i considered like my own brother. he was 8 yrs older to me. I grew up at my uncle’s house when uncle died in 1998 cousin(X) took his place. I was good in studies i took up BSc & completed it most interest taken by X in my welfare.8 months back when my aunt, dad told i shud get married X found out a groom for me fixed marriage to which i gave full consent. I always considered X to be like big brother & a support. we 2 were very close we shared same room , i didn’t have any secrets tht i didn’t tell him. i trusted him so much, but 2 week bfore marriage he destroyed it all. my dad, aunt had gone out to invite people for my marriage so I, X was alone at house.

Since i wasn’t used to wearing saree he told me i ought to learn before marriage & sent me to room to try out one. I didn’t close door & went to change in room . he said he wud wait in front room. but after i finished putting on blouse ,underskirt he walked into room . i thought he walked in accidentally & covered myself with saree expecting him to go out. Instead he came and stood around me over back-i though he playing some jokes & pushed him aside softly, laughing. But he put his arms around me from back & held each boob over the blouse & said my husb very lucky to have these mangoes. He continued to talk really dirty bout me being sexy, fleshy bout boobs etc. I pushed him aside in disgust. I was completely shocked. I felt like slapping him. He grabbed me by arm & said he wud never let me go. he was too strong for me & we fought. He pinned me to the bed & jumped on top of me. I was now in blouse,underskirt. He tore opened the font portion of my blouse. I was wearing bra inside he cudn’t tear it open as the hook was tight & on the back, so he bit on my bar hard that I struglled in pain. He then with one hand pulled up my underskirt , caught my panty & yanked it down. His whole weight was on me so I cud’t even move. He tried to open his pants but cudn’t in that position. He got up to open the pants ,I took that chance & tried to run to door. He caught me from back. He removed his pant with free hand then lifted me up & pulled the knot of underskirt that it dropped on the ground. He put his hand under the torn blouse & opened my bra hook. He didn’t remove it. He pushed me on bed & jumped on me like a beast. Now both of us were naked on our lower half.

He pulled of my 38c bra. With both his hand he grabbed my boobs & squeezed them & sucked them alternatively. all this time I was weeping, howling & crying for help. Tears were flowing down from my cheek & he didn’t even notice them. After thoroughly sucking my boobs he sat up on top of me. He enjoyed watching me cry. He showed me his dick . he spat on his hand & applied the saliva on his dick. He thought I was a virgin & told me he was going to inaugurate me. I’ve had sex with 3 men before but his was the thickest dick I’ve ever seen. He pulled me under him & pushed his dick on my pussy. The pain of such a big dick tore through whole body. He pushed it deeper & I gave out a loud scream.he went in & out. When he fully got in the small energy that was left in me resulted in my orgasm & i pulled his hair.. I couldn’t move nor feel my legs. I thought I was going to die with pain. Even some blood came because of the rough sex. I was lying like a dead body while he thumped on me & came inside me.

He then fucked me again when he was about to cum he took his dick out & pushed into my mouth. I had taken 3 dicks before but not such a big one so I chocked. But this didn’t stop him. He got angry & took out & cummed on my face, body. He rubbed the cum on my boobs & apllied it on my hair like a shampoo. He raped me bitterly by fucking me ruthlessly as if he was some beast. he went to toilet he came back with a big smile as if he won a prize. He climbed on bed & said he wanted to show me something. He went to shelf & from down below he brought a small album. He sat on bed while I was lying naked & motionless & what he told me shattered me more. He said he was lusting for me even when I 12 & I a young girl. He said he utilized my innocence to feel me everywhere. Later on since I considered him like own bro he cud hug me kiss me anytime since I never mistook him.

He said there wasn’t a single day during last 11yrs that he didn’t masturbate thinking bout me. He used to smell my used undergarments & masturbate on them. He said I was stupid enough to trust him since i even used to change dress(till 18yrs old) in front of him(in bra, panty not nude).he was crazy bout my thighs. he said i was the biggest sleeper & he used this to maximum. We shared same room, joined bed. He said he felt me everywhere including rubbing my clit almost everyday. I usually wear skirt or simply petticoat at night. He said after i sleep he took of his pants then lift my skirt rub my clit over or inside my panty then rub his dick on my ass or pubic over panty. The album had pics taken from when i 12 yrs old showing my thighs, panty, pubic, bra taken when I asleep. he said at times he gave me sleeping pills but soon realized I didn’t need that since i deep sleeper. there were almost 70pics from 12-23yrs old of mine .most pics taken by him while some 30 taken by timer as he came in frame to lift my skirt or to point on something or for some dirty posses.

There was 7 pics which he took with his friend’s help showing his friend examining me sleeping on the sofa. He said he had given me sleeping pills in lunch for that shoot(i was 15 then & those were the most exposing pics taken with his friends help). After all this dirty talk i hated him .he licked my body & i couldn’t stop him as i physically, mentally destroyed. Dad, aunt came at 8pm & i didn’t say a thing. i slept with aunt at night. but again he got 2 chances before marriage when he raped me(one when i was taking bath another times when dad, aunt gone out again).i got married on oct 23’rd 2002.on the day of marriage just before leaving to the temple he called me into a room as if to bless me, he closed door & kissed me. i tried to push him away but he said the more i resist the more worse it is going to get.i started sobing which didn’t affect him instead he talked dirty to me,he moved my pallu rubbed my boobs over blouse saying he wud miss those & then bit my breast over the blouse& kissed my face,clevage,navel etc.when i cameout of room seeing the tears everyone thought i was crying because i will miss my bro(X).

But i soon realized that the fuck that X gave me was the best as my husb is a torture lover.1 month after marriage X came to house to visit me Knowing husb was out of station. I stay with a female servant whom he asked to go home & then he forcibly fucked me. i didn’t want to stop him but i didn’t want him to know i liked it so I resisted but he easily fucked me thrice. after he left I enjoyed it but i was feeling guilty. That was last exp. with X 5months back .I really want him but can’t call as that wud make him use me , i still really hate him for betraying my trust. Anyway i have given u a full confession bout me. i don’t know what u think bout me. i am hoping for a friendship through email(no physical plz) I also want a person to exchange pics(porn, dirty, pref:rape, actress etc). Do mail me ur reply along with some porn pics(frm anywhere u can get) as a sign of our friendship. after getting ur reply I’ll send a Normal pic of mine. also i will tell about my 3 exp before this one. Bye reena

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