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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am back again. last year I had gone to mumbai for one of my relative’s marriage. The morning I had reached there I found that I was the only boy there. What I mean is that all the others were either too elderly or too young. Just then I noticed a girl named Preeti who was a family friend of mine. She was about 2 yrs younger than me or so. That after noon all the people who had come for the marriage had gone to visit the plantations and were not going to return before night. I was all alone and was sure to get bored in the house. I decided to go to the main hall to watch TV as I entered I saw Preeti sitting in the hall watching T.V. Now let me tell you about Preeti. She was a sexy looking girl and she had BIG tits. She was wearing a single piece mini skirt. She also had smooth sexy legs. Well I decided to talk to her as I noticed even she was getting bored.

We started off on the usual matters. While in the conversation I couldn’t help staring at her outstanding tits. And I think she got a doubt that I was staring. So I immediately turned my face towards the TV then to my surprise she asked me: “Do you want to suck it?”. I got the shock of my life. Before I could say anything she got up in front of me and soon she was seated on my lap face to face, her legs crossed around my waste. I was so turned on. I opened the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled the dress of her shoulders to reveal her bra Then I unbuckled her bra and took it of her shoulders. Then I saw the biggest perfect hemispherical thing on earth. Immediately I started sucking them turn by turn. I licked and licked as she started to moan.

I carried her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed when she got up and unzipped my pants and took them off, took my underpants off gave my cock a hand job at a speed of about 300 strokes per min. It was heavenly. Then she took it in to her mouth and sucked tenderly. The feeling too good. I fell helplessly on the bed when she sat on my chest and continued to suck. Just in a few min I had cum right up her mouth. She didn’t stop and kept liking and sucking all the cum and drank it

greedily. I had been finished completely. She stood infront of me with cum dripping from her mouth. Then she started stroking my cock till it was erect again. She squeezed it in between her breasts and stroked it again but this time before I could cum, I got up caught hold of her and tied her arms to the railings of the bed with nylon ropes available nearby. Then I took off her skirt and then her panties and tied her legs wide open to the railings. I knelt down and started sucking her pussie she couldn’t even move and she moaned real loud. I flicked my tongue so fast at her pussie that she came right over my face. I wasn’t done yet I got up and pushed my dick in to her hole and started fucking her real bad .She didn’t stop moaning. Just then the door bell rang. We had to stop I quickly untied her and both of us dressed and ran for the door. Our parents were back.

On my return back to Delhi both Preeti and me were on the same flight. Our parents were not returning with us. I couldn’t stop thinking about the wonderful time we had. Just then I saw her walk up to the toilet. Before entering the toilet she looked at me and signaled at me and she entered. I made sure no one was looking and went up to the toilet door, it was unlocked. I opened it and entered she was standing there wearing a top and a skirt. We started kissing badly. I sucked on her tongue while she sucked on mine. I put my hand under her skirt and she wasn’t wearing panties unzipped my pants and

Pushed my shaft into the cave of wonders and we fucked. While fucking I raised her top to notice she also had no bra on. I sucked and fucked loosing all self control when I came into her. She bent down and licked all the extra cum off my cock and I did the same to her pussie. We kissed for one last time and exited the toilet one by one and took our places.


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