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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

Hello friends well this really nice to exchange the best experience with all who love sex and are always ready for it. I m Samir from Hyderabad and this is story about Mrs. Patel and me. Let me tell u about myself I M 23 a nicely built guy with fair color and looks nice, good not fantastic.

And Mrs. Patel she is 37 very good looking with the nice figure. She is like typical Indian women with always sari on and having nice big round ass, really sweet oranges and beautiful sexy plump tummy. Well friends story starts here: I stay in Hyderabad and is one of the most pouch society in the city, she also stays in same society, and this all begin at the start of this Navratri. Me with few of my friends do organize Navratri Festival in our society and Mrs. Patel being one of few gujju’s is really working member of our association. I must one say thing about her is that she always wear sari and I love to see the exposed tummy in between upper and lower end of sari. I always wait for the opportunity to see the flashy portion of her body and always use to stare there and quit often she observes me but never did she mind about that and this all was going for almost from the beginning.

One day in evening about 4:30. We met on Road and after just hello I observe that today she was wearing sari in different style and it was tied a bit lower than usual and her blouse was also a bit upper that than usual and due to this her tummy was exposed to the extend at which it could be and I really found myself horney at looking at this and the male member inside me was getting exited and due to this I forgot that I was standing in front of her all alone and staring continuously at her treasure. When I got to seances I found her laughing and I was bit hesitant and was feeling nervous then she asked me about collections and I said the collection was good but we short of Rs. 5000. Then she asked what are you doing after an hour. So I sad nothing she said she has arranged for some funds from her friend and I can come to her home to collect the fund after an hour I said ok and left at once. After an hour about 5:30 when I reached at her building I found her daughter moving out from the lift. She said bye to me ran away I went to her floor, opened the gate of lift, and was standing in front of her door. I rang the bell and with in a minute she opened the door she welcomed me in and asks me to sit on sofa. When I entered, I found that the room has some changes and all the windows were closed and some sexy tune was playing in system. As I sat on sofa she was just standing in front of me and my eyes directly focused on her exposed flashy tummy and I again started to stare over there. Then she asked for water and I found that I was all alone in her house as her daughter has gone for garba practice. Then she tuned around and started to move toward kitchen.

When she came back from I found her sari was bit out of order and her left boob was exposed and sari was only covering right boob and now I was really mad about her.she offered me the glass of water and sat down in front of me I trying to look at her boobs and flashy tummy it was really looking great and I was enjoying every movement and was thinking that today is my chance to fuck this beauty and due to this my land starter to grow and was making tent on my trouser. We sat there for few minutes without talking any thing and I was just staring at her. After 5 mins of this, she again asked for Tea or Coffee. I said nothing coz I just wanted to look at her and don’t want her to move from the place but she again asked me and I said any thing would do. So she again stands up and turned toward kitchen and as she tuned I found that her sari from the back was stuck in between her buttocks and making her buttocks look really sexy.

As she was in kitchen I was thinking of her and how to fuck her she is really making me feel very horney and I was thinking suddenly she cam back from the kitchen and I found this time she has arranged her sari in such a manner that both the boobs of exposed and the pallu was just in the center and this made me really exited and was not able to see anything other that her boobs she came close to me ask to take cup from try and while she was bending to offer me cup her pallu fell down from her shoulder and I was directly watching the valley which was created between hers boobs and due to this I got instant hard on and was not able to control myself and with the cup of tea in my hand I could not keep it constant and tea fell from the cup on to trouser as tea was hot it directly fell on me land and she just kept the try on table and took one end of her pallu in her hand and started wiping it off and as u know my tool was standing in 90 degree angel I tried to stop her from doing that in this my hand unintentionally touched her left boobs. and…………………..

The story continues and but in second part so if u people like this then do mail me and tell your reactions about it .I love mature women and if any one from Hyderabad or any part of India is interested then she can write to me at Bye 4 now. Samir.

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