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Doctor Patient Maza

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Here is the biggest mistake I made in my life. I slept with a patient. That is due to the second biggest mistake in my life. I am a doctor.

Of course, there is a story involved. Here goes.

As a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. But not to people. I wanted to be a vet. That didn’t work out. My old man pointed at medical school. I loved my dog, and my dog died, and soon, I found my dream dead. I was a people doctor. I studied my ass off, read as much as I could and finally made it to medical school. On merit, by the way. Its been an interesting journey since then.

Six months ago, I graduated medical school (college) with a basic MBBS. Sounds cool, but unless you want to be curing coughs and colds as a career, you need a Masters. I was aiming for the best and soon found myself a job as an intern with a little Doctor before my name, a degree after it, and a stethoscope around my neck.

The first couple of months, I did what was essentially a nurse’s job. Give injections, take patients to surgery- you know the drill. Then, one morning, I pissed the dean off and got assigned to night duty. That meant working, studying and sleeping rolling around the clock. Sometimes, I forget to shave or bathe. Sometimes I even forget what day it is.

So, as a part of my hospital internship, I sat up one night reading some new study in some university that I wanted to about some drug that extended an old fart’s lifetime by six months. How exciting.

Soon, I switched to Porno on my computer. I had not been laid in months. My ex-girlfriend- another doctor, some other hospital now- was one of the most boring women in bed. She would simply strip and get into bed and wait for me to fuck, no foreplay, no blowjobs, and would generally look relieved when we were done. I would probably have more fun fucking a cadaver. So, I switched to porno.

Anyone who lives in a hostel and has a libido needs porno. The people around me were taking weird stuff and watching weirder porno. But I was a bit different. I liked the ‘Amateur’ videos a lot. Your average porno has a very large man fucking a woman with enough silicone on her to stop bullets and yet, somehow the damn thing lasts for hours. Amateur is more fun. Its realistic.

Either way, I sat on my ward, a bit off the nurses’ station reading porno. It was good. I was in the corner of the lobby when I saw someone move in front of me and I looked up. A patient seemed to be making her way towards the coffee machine on my left. I quickly shut the lid of my laptop and got up to ask the woman to go back to bed.

“Excuse me, miss. You’re out of your room. You’re not allowed here.”

The patient turned and looked at me in defiance. She was about 5’3 with short black hair and fair skin. A bit on the heavier side, a could spy a good cleavage thanks to the hospital gown that momentarily distracted me. Of course, you’re not supposed to sleep with your patients. Nothing wrong in ogling at their cleavage though.

“I was looking for a cup of coffee.”

“Order up. The café works 24/7.” I said.

“Except, that they are asleep at this point.”

“Ask your relative to get it for you.”

“I don’t have a relative with me. I don’t need one. What I need, is a cup of coffee. You mind.”

“I do. As your doctor…”

“You’re the doctor on duty.” She corrected me. “My doctor is Dr. Thakur, and in case you don’t want to piss him off, you should get out of my way.”

“I doubt Dr. Thakur is going to have a problem with me stopping you from leaving your room. Also, he put me in charge.”

“He left you in charge to watch porn?” she said.

I was shocked. How could she know?

“That is a completely unfounded…”

“I saw the reflection in your glasses. What was it, guy on girl? Or something nasty?”


“Look, all I want is some coffee. I won’t rat on you, if you don’t rat on me.”

“OK. Go back to your room. I’ll have a nurse get you some.”

“I also need a bit of your medical advice. Could you bring it? I wouldn’t mind the company…”

She left and I picked up a couple of cups of coffee and went to her room after clearing out the History on my web browser. God, I didn’t want to get caught.

I walked into her room and took the usual chair for visitors. She was a high end customer, a big fat room to herself and yet was alone at night.

I went through her file. Patient, Sarah, female, 22 and working in some finance company. She had just fallen off the bike and had been advised to stay in the hospital for the night for observation. Routine procedure.

I sat down and we began to talk about life in general; apparently her company’s boss, who was a bit like an uncle to her had had gotten worried sick and managed all the medical attention. Working at night was her thing, so she stayed up and was going over her file. Of course, we flirted in this conversation, but that was the extent of it.

“I need to show you something. I have this little itch or burn where I fell, just check it out.” She said.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“Its on my chest.”


She pointed to her torso, on the left hand side bellow her left breast.

“I might need to look at that.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“I am a doctor. But would you be happier if a nurse was around?”

“No, that’s ok.” she said and began to raise her hospital gown.

I stopped her.

“You need to like, take it off.”

“Um, ok.”

She consciously looked away and undid the knots on her gown and proceeded to take off her gown. As per regulation, she wore nothing underneath.

I had been seeing naked people for a while now. There is nothing exceptional in that. But the way she removed her gown turned me on, ever so slightly. I tore my eyes away from her breasts and spoke.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“Here.” She pointed.

It was a minor bruise. Kids pick these up all the time. I thought about putting on some gloves, but instead sprayed my hand with the chlorine in the room and touched it. The bruise was ok, but tantalizingly close to her breast. I so wanted to cop a feel.

Then I saw something that changed the night for me.

A small tattoo on her hip, with a dragon biting its own tail, in a circle, meaning infinity. But the tattoo didn’t spike my interest because of its design. It perked an interest due to the fact that I had seen it online before.

A part of my porn surfing, I found a website that had people uploading their own nude pictures. There were the usual weirdo circus of dudes who put up their dick pictures, some very odd people who had turned their bedroom into a studio and taken the ‘tasteful’ kind of pictures- with the subdued lights and sculpted bodies and all- and then there was Sarah.

Sarah was one of the women on the site. She uploaded her own pictures, but her pictures weren’t the professional type. She wasn’t thin or bolstered with silicone. Her nudes were in harsh light, or in front of a mirror, and totally turned me on. I had lost count of how many times I had whacked off on those boobs. Her profile showed her to be between 18-25, single and working.

But the tattoo and the boobs… I had seen them so many times that I knew her body. I did.

“Old tattoo?” I asked.

“Yeah. It means infinity.”

“Go online a lot?”

“All the time. Work, you know.”

“I meant apart from that. To relax or get off, you know.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“I think you do, Sarah.”

Sarah visibly shrunk back into the bed, getting away from my touch.

“What did you call me?”

“Sarah. Isn’t that what you call yourself when you upload your pictures on the kinky website?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I think you do. Let me show you.” I said, and went to my computer. Her page was a bookmark on my browser. I showed her the picture. When I turned back, she was covering up her torso with her hospital gown.

“You’re showing me your porno? You sick freak!” she spat at me.

“Oh, I might be sick, but come on; I am not the one uploading the pictures.”

“That’s bullshit. You have no proof.”

“That’s ok. I heard your boss put you here. Lets see how he feels about his closest employee uploading nudes. You think he won’t believe me?”


“The tables have turned, haven’t they? Well, you do something for me, and I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Look, I take pictures. I don’t fuck.”

“Good. You can blow me, then.”

“Hell no. I don’t do that.”

“Sure. By tomorrow evening, you can go find another job, too.”


“You’re out of bargaining chips, love. It’s time to capitulate.”

“I, um.” She tried to say.

“Do it.”

“No, I won’t.”

“You can try to call for help, but let’s face it, I’ll stop you. If you tell anyone tomorrow morning, well, I’ll tell them a bit about your little extracurricular activity.”

It was a fact. I am a big guy- around 6’3, weighing around 90kg, muscular, fair and hairy thanks to years of martial arts training and my Iranian bloodline.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Take off the gown. Slowly.”

Sarah complied. She slowly tugged it off, revealing her large firm breasts. I began to sport a boner.

She stretched out a hand towards my trousers, and began to undo the belt as I took off my doctor’s apron, my shirt and helped her lower my trousers and briefs. I stepped out of them.

“Excuse me. I thought it was a bj only.” She said.

“Well, use your boobs.”

“What do you mean?”

I took off my shoes and got on the high class bed provided by the hospital and sat on top of her. Sarah held my big fat and hard cock in her small hand, wondering what to do.

“I wanna fuck your tits.” I said.

“Oh, ok.”

Sarah held her breasts around my cock as I got on top and began to fuck them. But then, she found it hard to suck at the same time. She had an idea.

She asked me to get to the side as she somehow sat up in bed and made me lay down. Then, she looked into my eyes as she held my cock in between her boobs again and began to suck it gently every once in a while.

I loved the way her breasts held my cock. It was something different from fucking a cunt, it was fun, and she was a damn good cocksucker. She held it in her mouth and gently massaged the sensitive underside with her tongue, all while making sexy sucking sounds that were soon augmented by my moans.

I was going to come soon. But I didn’t want to. I stopped her.

“What?” she asked, her skin flushed.

“I wanna do something else.”

“Hey, we had a deal.”

“Relax.” I said and got off the bed. Then, rolling her on to her back again, I drove one of my knees between her legs. Then a second.

“Hey, I don’t want that.” She began to say.

I tugged off her hospital pajamas and looked at her pussy. It was warm and wet, with a bit of hair around it. I couldn’t resist. I went down on her.

Sarah’s protests stopped abruptly. Of course, I was as good at giving head as receiving it. My ex-girlfriend always liked it, and when we did enjoy sex, I spent hours eating her out, until my jaw hurt.

Sarah started moaning now, and soon, as I began eating her out with earnest, wrapped her thighs around my head and begged me to go deeper. As I did, she humped my face, grinding back and forth. I reached up to fondle her boobs; she gasped out and began to moan out louder and louder. I was a bit apprehensive about her noise making, so I tried clamping down on her mouth with my left hand. She first bit it slightly, and then began to suck on my finger, driving me crazier.

I finally removed my head from in between her breasts and she gasped, “Put it in. I need it.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. But here was a fact, I didn’t have a condom. Because I’d seen her file before, I knew from the routine blood work that she was HIV negative and a bit Anemic from chumming twice a month, due to some hormonal imbalance.

I began to insert my dick into her. She gasped at the size of the thing and asked me to go slow. Her cunt was wet and wild, and as I sank it lower, her hand, which was on my shoulder, clamped down, sending her nails digging into my skin.

When I finally sank the last inch of my cock into her, she gasped and looked into my eyes. I bent lower and kissed her, and then began to fondle her breasts as I slowly began moving in and out of her. She moaned out and began to wrap her legs around my back, and I realized that this girl needed it rough. I began to hammer her in earnest and she moved in order to help my thrusts.

We were gasping and sweating, and Sarah’s moans became louder. I kissed her to shut her up, and suddenly, she seemed to nip my tongue a bit as I inserted it into her. I pulled away and I felt a clamp down of her cunt around my cock, making me realize that she was having her orgasm. Her back arched and her eyes rolled up into her head. I still hadn’t come.

I waited for a few seconds and continued thrusting, but realized that it wasn’t such a good idea coming inside her, so as to prevent pregnancy. Although I knew it was still unsafe, the chances of conception were minimal. I realized I had to come inside her.

I was nearing my own climax myself, so I pulled out of her. She asked me to come up on the bed, and once again, imprisoned my cock in her now sweaty but still awesome cleavage. I moaned out loudly and came as hard as possible. I gasped, and closed my eyes for a few seconds. Most of the come landed in her open mouth. Some spewed elsewhere. I opened my eyes again and looked down, and saw her slowly picking up the come on her breasts with her finger and licking it off. She caught my eye and smiled. I smiled back and got off the bed.

She smiled at me and slowly made her way to the shower, swinging her fabulous arse. I began to pull on my clothes reluctantly, and sat down in the chair.

She came out of the shower and put on a pair of new pajamas, and then slowly dressed herself.

“How long have you been seeing my pictures?” she asked.

“Two years, I think.”

“This beats pictures, right?”


“I’ve not been boned like that in years. Are you good at photography?”

“I never tried it.”

“You can learn.”

“Cool. I think I better leave before the nurses start getting suspicious wondering what is going on.”

“That’s ok. I’m gonna pass out now.”

I left the room and soon passed out at the nurses station.

The next morning, I dragged myself to the rounds with the Dean. As we reached Sarah’s ward, I began to get a little apprehensive. We reached her room, and Sarah was sitting up in bed, munching her breakfast.

“Good morning.” We all said to the patient.

“Good morning. Can I go home now?”

“Let me see.” Said the Dean. Pointing at me, he said, “Could you give her a basic test?”

I approached her and did the usual, making her follow my finger and all that. Her health was ok. Apart from minor scratches, she was healing fine.

“I think she’s ok, sir.” I said.

“Well, her MRI looks clean, too. I’ll have Dr. Thakur process your discharge, miss. Carry on.” The Dean said, and began to move his procession out of the room. I moved out the last, and watched her slip a piece of paper into my apron’s pocket.

I opened it much later, when I went back to my dorm and had a few minutes to relax. On it was a phone number, an address and a small message.

“I caught our little fun last night on camera. If you don’t want it in your Dean’s hands, get a camera and come over this afternoon to the address. Lets see how good you are at taking pictures.”

I now spend my free afternoons; afternoons that could be spent sleeping or studying or doing chores, taking pictures and fucking Sarah’s brains out. Not that I mind it, of course. Nothing beats fucking the boobs I fantasized about in college.
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