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Doctor-Doctor by SomeOne

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi, I am 21 yrs old guy and this is recent incident. There was a girl, Rosy living in our house. She was mainly the house keeper of our house and was of exactly my size. She was very fond of me. Tough every 1 treated her like a servant but I had a real soft corner for Rosy. She was dumb but very good looking and quite aware of her body language and curves. She was in our house for over an year. At first I didn’t notice her beauty. But 1 day when I had a look at her fluffy breasts while she was working I realized wat she had inside. From that day onwards I used to look for oppurtunity to watch her beauty. She was not very sexy, had a fluffy body but was little short in height(that doesn’t matter at all) She was fair enough. She always used to wear typical Indian type dress like shalwar kameez. At home she rarely wore a churni or orna. She was a typical village girl with a cool body.

At first she didn’t even used bra and she never used panties. One day I took a chance to visit the servants toilet and there I had a look of wat things she had. I used to observe her somehow every day and this way several months went but still I didn’t get to touch or see her inside. Later One day while I was home alone with only her I found that she was little unhappy. That time summer vacation was going on so except for me and Diti no body was at home. I went to her and asked her y she was upset. She said me that she is feeling bored doing the household works. I told her that lets play something so that u don’t fell bored any more. She suddenly got cheered up and told me that “What game to play?”. I had a list of games name in my mind and asked her to choose one from the options. The options were Any Board Games, Baby Baby, House House and Doctor Doctor. Tough she didn’t no about any of the games she asked me to play Doctor Doctor with her. I explained her the rules that 1 will become the doctor and other 1 will be the patient .

We will continue the game in three rounds each for half an hour and after each round the doctor will be the patient and the patient will be the doctor. Oh also we selected some diseases which the patients will hav. Some of them were fever, headache, backache, skin problem & burnt skin and some type of operation in the stomach. At the first round I became the doctor . As my parents are doctor so I had almost all the real instruments a doctor needs in a chamber. I had one plastic syringe/injection too into which I inserted a pin. We first set up my room as the chamber. And asked her to knock the door and come in. She was ready. She came and sat on a chair in front of mine as per my instructions and complained about high fever. I put my hands on her forehead, chest(for the 1st time) as if I was holding a stethoscope and checked. I put the thermometer under her armpit and tried to measure the temperature. I said that it was very high and she had to take injection. She was not knowing anything what I was going to do. She said OK. I asked her to roll over her sleeves up and I gave her an injection between shoulder and elbow. I gave her few tablets and said that she should come tomorrow.

She stood up and walked away few steps and returned back and sat on the chair as if it was a second day. I asked about her health and she said she was not feeling well. I did everything I did before. I said that the temperature was gone upto high figure and she had to take an injection again but this time on her back also I need to check some parts of her body. I asked her to lay on the bed. I could see that she was very eager to know what I was going to do. I inserted injection pin on her small rounded buttuck portion through dress. I continued pushing injection until she complained about pinching. I asked her to get up. I gave few tablets and she left. On her third visit I asked about her health and I checked the temperature and said that it was not under control. I asked her to lie down in the bed and I need to check her heart beats and stuffs. I started checking her. She was on her dress still then. After some moment of touching her boobs I said that I can’t hear her hear- beats properly and so I need to check over empty skin. She said me to take my hand through the neck of the dress and check . I did that and this time I found that she wasn’t wearing any bras and I touched her nipples and bare breasts. Then I took my hands out and said that nothing to fear about. This way half an hour crossed and it was now my turn to be the patient. I went out of the room and then came again as if a new patient has arrived at the doctor’s chamber.

The doctor that is Rosy asked me what was the problem with me and I said that some hot tea fell in my body and I have pain there. She asked me which part of the body had pain and I pointed at my groin. She asked me to lie down on the bed and told me show the burnt part. I removed my shorts and underwear so that she can see my tool easily. I said her that I have pain at those places. She was little amazed and was staring at my treasure. I guess it was her first time she saw a matured tool. She said that some ointments need to be put at those places. She found out a Vaseline bottle and asked me to put it there. I said to her that real doctors do not ask patients to do anything. So she took some vesaline in her hands and started massaging my places. The feeling was great. She hold my tool and started massaging it allover. I was enjoying every bit of it and was about to lose something from that place. And I cummed in her hand.

She asked me wat was that I said that it was natural for a boy. Then we realized that it was time again for her to be the patient. So we took a little break from the game. By that mean time I cleaned my self and again set for the game. This time she came as a patient with some stomach pain. I welcomed her to the bed and asked her to raise her dress a little so that I can see her belly. She did that. I started touching her stomach and feeling it as if I was checking for some diseases. After doing that I asked that she needs to have an operation. I asked her not to panic and started gathering some tools for the operating such as some pencils and markers as if they were the scissors and needles. Then I asked her that she needs to takes of her dresses so that I can operate her nicely. She first hesitated but then undressed completely. I was very happy to see her that way because it was my first time when I saw a girl in nude.

She had never been sooooooooooo sexy before. I took my tools and sat beside the bed. I rubbed her with my hand first and then took a marker started drawing over her body. She was moaning a little. I draw several things over her stomach, breasts touched her nipples and hairy pussy. And she enjoyed it very much. Then I brought my mouth near her breasts and started sucking them Oh wat a moment. Her nipples were standing upward. I rubbed more speedily on my favorite part of a female body. I pressed them and fondled and she screamed again. When I rubbed upward she complained that tits were aching. I rubbed my hand on her stomach just for few seconds because I was not much interested. I quickly moved to her waist and thighs. I observed that curves were very much perfect and she was nicely molded down the waist. She started moving her body from right to left and left to right because her pussy was wet by the time. I completed front side and asked her to turn. I started from lower part of her head and quickly finished her back and moved to her buttocks. I started rubbing with my hands. She said that she was feeling good. I took her permission to do something more and interesting. I widened her legs and inserted pencil into her urinary hole and then into heavenly area.

I took pencil back and inserted my fingers and thumb also. I also rubbed my fingers over her tits and then I hold one of them and started licking. I licked her breasts and sucked nipples. Now she screaming”. onhhh….ouch……..uff …aaaah…..oh god save me ….oh u r so Kind. She took her lower lip between her teeth so many times. After I completed I asked her to put on everything but she denied and sticked to her demand of rubbing her for some more times. I said that it was her turn to be a doctor to treat me, she got up and started putting up all the things and concealing beautiful sight. I observed her while she dressed up. She dressed up and asked me to get naked so that she can play with me. And at that time the actual part happened. To know about that please email me and if any girls in khi want to share a relationship with me she can also mail me it will all kept confidentional so dont worry about that and mail me my mail id is

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