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Do Not Disturb

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

*This is a work of fiction. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

I always thought there was something remotely erotic about hotel rooms. It might be because whenever my ex-girlfriend and I got it on, it was always in a hotel room. But apart from that, a hotel room has its own anonymity. You might have a dozen couples move in and out of a room, but as long as it is clean, no one will know. The hotel room has its dim, subdued lighting that makes you want to sit closer to each other, making it nearly as good as a candlelit dinner. There are the pristine white sheets, with the slight mustard or brown blankets that make you want to snuggle up when the too-powerful AC blasts away. The small TV in the corner that you can leave on to cover up any loud moans you make.

The shower that washes away the scent of sex from your body. The lift in which you can grab, kiss and cop a feel for the last time and in the December of 2010, I was sitting in a hotel room in Goa thinking about these things while being impossibly alone and single. My girlfriend of two years had dumped me because she was going abroad to study and I wasn’t, and had left me broken hearted. My family had a laugh at my expense. I was alone, and thankfully two of my friends, Rishkesh and Sushant decided to drag my ass out of depression.Their cure was simple. A vacation in Goa.So, we planned ours out. My parents had some kind of club membership by which we would get a week off in some four or five star hotel every year, and we got ours in Goa. Because we hadn’t used the damn deal in years, we had nearly a fortnight with two adjoining rooms in some beachside hotel, and I had nothing to do, so I got dragged along.

Rishikesh brought along his car, a Skoda, and we drove down. On the first night itself, however, my friends deserted me, and I didn’t mind.The thing is that although I was the depressed one, they had the right to have fun. So, on the first day we got there, we dressed up and headed to a disco where Sushant and Rishikesh, both expert dancers hit it off with two white chicks and soon disappeared with them, leaving me clutching some overly expensive drink in my hand bitching to some girl about my ex. She too got bored and left me, and I made my way back to the hotel and slept. This vacation is supposed to be the most popular thing amongst most Indians my age, but all I did was go to sleep. It was 11pm.Due to a military upbringing, I woke up early at around 5 am and sat around doing nothing. Both of my friends had disappeared and were probably in the arms of, or on top of some chick, and weren’t expected to return till late afternoon or evening. I sat around for a few minutes and finally decided that what I usually did, back home- take a good, long morning jog, would probably be the best thing to do.I splashed on some aftershave to counter the sweat and after putting on a pair of running shorts, socks and shoes and a t shirt, I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and headed downstairs. The hotel was a beachside hotel, and it was a Saturday morning, so there was practically no body on the beach.As I ran, I promised myself to get over that bitch, my ex, even if it was the last thing I’d do in my life. I was not used to running on sand as I ran on the street or pavement back home and soon got tired. I sat by the beach contemplating my decision and finally decided to grab a bite and walked towards the beachside bar-restaurant and looked for the bartender.

Being morning, the place was deserted. The bartender, with whom Rishikesh had struck up a conversation the previous night, was a young man, still in college and was working here part-time to finance his education. He smiled at me through tired eyes, and I ordered myself a cup of tea, which he did not serve. Settling on a glass of lemonade, I looked around the bar once again.It seemed that the property ran this place in the morning primarily to serve people pick-me-up cocktails. After a night of heavy drinking and partying, it was the least people could expect. It felt odd that the cure to excessive drinking was another drink.As I scanned the bar I saw a girl sitting alone in the corner fiddling with her drink, some kind of orange juice. Less than twenty, she was a bit dark, with pretty eyes and curly black hair. She wore a black party dress which showed off enough cleavage to get any straight man horny. As she moved in her bar stool, I saw her ass- what an ass! She seemed to be lonely and unwilling to move her drink around. I called the bartender and sent her another drink, and waited for her response.The bartender returned and informed me that although she was unwilling to accept a free drink from a perfect stranger, she was ok with being introduced first. I made my way over to her table.I realized that this was the first time I was hitting on a girl properly after being dumped, and by god, I wasn’t dressed for it. My white t shirt which I wore to my jog was sweaty and clung to my body, and my shoes were full of sand. And the girl was quite short compared to me- I’m 6’2, and she seemed to be a lot smaller. My short black crew cut style hair was longer now, and would never pass a parade and was sweaty. My physique- which I had earned over years of grueling boxing and karate training- with broad shoulders, a muscular body and a hairy chest was quite sweaty, and I had stubble from not having shaved that probably felt like sandpaper to anyone who touched it. I was not dressed but hell, you have to start somewhere.

I made my way over and introduced myself. She gave me her name- Shweta.

“What are you doing in a bar so early?” I asked.

“Well, it’s a long story.”

“I have time.”

“My friends and I came down for a week, you know. And basically its four of us, two guys and two girls. My girl friend brought her guy along and I don’t even know where they are. And the other guy- he’s gay. He hit it off last night with this cute Latino guy and they’ve gone back to his place. And I’m here, locked out of my own hotel room, waiting for them to come back.”

“You tried calling them and all?”

“I tried. But they are either not answering or switched off. So, I’m waiting here.”

“Till what time are you going to wait here?”

“I don’t know, till they come back.”

“Which is?”

“I guess around noon. Then, I’m going to get some sleep.”

“OK. How do you find Goa? And where are you from?”

In general, our conversation was simple and she told me that she was from Mumbai and was studying in a college there. Her friends had come down for the week as a vacation and there was no way she was going to get back into the room. We chatted for a while. I told her I was from Pune and doing my post graduate studies there and that I too was alone, but I had my own room. Soon, we began to flirt. She was hot, and didn’t seem to mind my sweaty appearance. Fortunately, the aftershave was killing off most of the smell.

“So, have you been to the beach yet?” I asked.

“We did walk by it.”

“No, I mean to the beach. Into the sea.”

“No. We might go this evening. If my friends return, that is.”

“Say, let’s go for a swim.”

“No way.”

“Come on, lets take a walk and we t our feet in the water at least.”

“No, my dress will get spoilt. And I don’t have sandals for the sand.”

“Neither do I. Lets go take a wash in the sea. Come on!” I said, and cast off my shoes and socks. My keys were at the reception and I was going to take a wash in the sea.

Shweta capitulated in my favor and took off her shoes and walked to the beach with me. I waded into the shallow water, and as the waves went over her ankles she seemed to want to turn back. I held her hand and coaxed her deeper, and she seemed willing to join me, as long as I went before her.We were in slightly deeper when I began to get really horny thoughts. The water had made her loose dress stick closer to her body, and her ass was being framed out by the water. Her breasts, although not wet, were being touched by the sea spray and were looking hornier. I wanted her, and considering the fact that I had nothing to lose, I did something really risky.Letting go of her hand, I jumped into the water and swam a few meters away. Thankfully, I had been a passable swimmer in school and showed it off.Shweta nearly screamed seeing me take off. I swam deeper, and then using my full height stood or floated in the water and began to shower her with sea water.Shweta didn’t seem to mind it much and playfully began to throw some spray back at me. I had forgotten to take my lenses off before getting in, and the cheap disposable variety that they were, floated away the first moment my face hit the water. I was still able to see, but not so well. I continued to spray water at her, making her come into the water all the same.I liked the way things were going. Shweta’s cleavage was in and out of the water, and her breasts were the kind that make you want to beg for milk. I continued to spray her, but realizing that without my glasses, I was weak, I dove under the water and came up on her left and began splashing water on her again.The game had become tinged with a lot of sexuality now. I cast off my shirt and threw it on the deserted beach, letting my hairy chest mingle in the water. Shweta seemed to be good at adapting. After a particularly harsh bit of water hit my eyes, blinding me for a few seconds, I stood up again, looking for her, and she seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly, water from my right hit me again, and she was there, throwing water at me.

I had enough and I dipped under water like a shark and grabbed her body and rose out of the water. Shweta was now in my arms, my left arm under her knees, my right under her neck and lifted her clean out of it.She laughed loudly and clung to me, and finding no shirt clung to my chest. We looked into each others eyes. Could there be more to this swim in the sea?

“We should go.” She said suddenly, and I understood.

Gently letting her down, we both waded out of the water, completely drenched. Shweta’s hair, earlier shampooed and conditioned and what not was wet and sexy, like the rest of her body, which was framed out thanks to her dress.

We walked back to the restaurant where I signed my name for the drinks. The bartender quickly provided us with towels. I looked at Shweta and wondered how she was going to go anywhere with her body so wet.

“Hey, if your friends are not in, why you don’t come back to my place, I’ll give you something to wear.” I offered. Lets face it, her dress was wet thanks to me.

“No, thanks. I’ll be here.”

“Shweta, you’re wet because of me. And you can’t possibly stay out here in this condition for the next few hours. You’ll catch a cold.”

“Well…” She seemed to contemplate.

“I’ll be a real gentleman, I promise. Come with me.”

Shweta agreed and gathered her stuff from the bartender and came with me. We walked soaking wet through the lobby, all eyes on the hot young thing with me as I picked up my keys from the front desk. We got into the lift and the bellboy smiled and took us to my floor.

We got back to my room and I quickly went through my cupboard looking for something clean for her. All the things that turned me on- the dim lighting the coziness of the room, the fresh, clean bed and blankets, the anonymity- all of it was there. Finally, I gave her a towel and asked her to go wash the sand off her body as I picked something out.

I picked out a pair of shorts and a t shirt, both mine for her. Although she’d look very odd in them, she’d still be in dry clothes and be clothed properly. I went to the bathroom and knocked.

“The door is open, come in.” she said from within.

“I, uh, picked out some clothes for you”, I said, averting my eyes from the shower curtain that hid her body from view but threw a sexy silhouette in the morning sun.

“Leave it on the hook, will you?” she asked.

I left them on the hook. Right now, my dick and my brain were in a serious argument, about what to do. I wanted her bad, but I didn’t know if she was just open minded or inviting me. I wondered if there was electricity between both of us, not just from my side. I couldn’t take another rejection right now, I realized. Also, I had promised to be a gentleman.

Shweta finally came out wearing just her towel. She looked hotter than ever. Although she was a foot shorter than me, around 5’2, the towel strategically blocked off from view all that was needed, turning me on further.

“Your clothes?” I asked.

“Oh, I couldn’t really put them on in the bath without falling. You mind?”

“Not at all. I’ll head in for a bath, excuse me.”

I headed into the shower myself, and stood naked under the water trying to wash away my shame. I was being a wanker, I knew that. Was this was got me dumped?I stood under the shower for a few more seconds and I heard a tap on the bathroom door. I wondered if Shweta had come in to pick up her dress, so I stood quietly behind the shower curtain, waiting for her to leave.The shower curtain moved aside and she looked at me with her sexy eyes.

“You mind if I join you?” she asked.

My jaw fell. I had not been expecting this.She walked into the shower, her towel still wrapped around her body as she stood in front of me, hot water gently falling on her.I bent down as she reached up, and kissed her on her mouth, with a thirst and hunger that had built up in me for days.My tongue made its way into her mouth as water fell in between our faces. Her mouth was warm and tasted remotely of her drink, and she put her hand behind me, into my hair, and I put my right hand down and grabbed her ass.She seemed to moan as I did that. I grabbed her towel and pulled it off, throwing it aside. I cupped one of her breasts in my other hand, and felt it roughly, savoring the softness and firmness of it.As I kissed her down her neck and on her breasts, she grabbed my hard cock and began to jerk it. I moaned, and she pushed me away and got down on her knees and jerked it some more. Then, running her tongue bellow it, she flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue, sending shivers down my spine. I moaned. My ex never went down on me, the bitch.Shweta sucked on it, moving up and down on it whilst maintaining the snug fit in her mouth. Although I was loving it, I had no intention of coming so soon. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and raised her up and kissed her mouth again.Then, putting my hands under her butt, I lifted her off the floor and carried her out of the bathroom into the bedroom, as she easily put her legs around me and kissed me while I took her there.I took her to my bed and threw her on it abruptly, and she gave a little shriek of surprise as I moved towards her on her bed. I held Shweta’s legs and moved towards her cunt, as she tried to playfully stop me.I held my head between her legs and breathed lightly on her cunt. Her back arched. I did it again. Her thighs closed around my head as she welcomed my tongue into her. I have always been a champ at going down on women, and I did my best, and it showed.

I held Shweta’s hands down as I tongued her, and she protested. Finally, I let go of her hands and reached up to cup her breasts as she bucked against my face, harder and harder, making me go deeper and deeper.When I let go, she was flustered and horny, and waiting for more. I kissed her again, as she looked at me expectantly. Thankfully, Rishikesh had bought a large box of condoms and kept some in the cupboard which I quickly found and pulled one out of.With my ex, sex was a rare thing which was a kind of reward, something she hated to do. With Shweta, I was in bed with a woman who liked it as much as I did, and I was enjoying myself.I tried to tear the pack open, but Shweta took it from me. Her hands, being more nimble than mine, easily tore it open, pulled out the condom, and rolled it down my shaft, turning me on even more.I kissed Shweta again and fingered her cunt. She seemed to lose it then, as my finger explored her cunt before my cock would. She thrashed and moaned and begged me to get inside.I obliged.I pushed her leg aside and got between them as she tried to back away from me. Holding her head in place and kissing it, I gently rubbed my cock over her cunt and moved my pelvis back and forth. She moaned.The dry humping was turning her on, as she went wetter and wetter. She begged me again and again, and I finally entered her, giving her time to stretch out to my length and girth.Shweta’s back arched as I entered her and stretched her out, and she moaned louder while her eyes rolled up in her head. Her hands were on my shoulders and arms, and her nails seemed to lightly cut into my skin as I began to shove the last couple of inches in.Finally in, she moaned her approval.I began to move in and out, slowly at first, helping her get used to my size. But she wanted it rougher.I held her hands over her head with force and kissed her, while I rammed repeatedly into her, filling her up. She moaned, and so did I.Her cunt was warm, tight and wet, unlike my ex. Fucking her was fucking heaven. It was awesome, as I rode her harder and harder, and she met my thrusts halfway.”Yes, oh yes, oh god yes!” she moaned as I fucked her harder and harder.

She put her arms around me and her nails dug into my back, scarring 4 lines down on each side as her back arched and she came loudly, grabbing me harder than ever with her cunt. I moaned out loudly and came, my jism flooding into the condom as it was pumped out by my cock.I lay on top of her, still inside as my cock was still unwilling to soften.Finally, I rolled off her and pulled off the condom and put it into the ashtray. Shweta snuggled up close to me and put her head on my shoulder, her hands touching my hairy chest.I touched the bedside table and found the door card. On one side, it read ‘Please clean my room”. I figured we needed it, considering how both of us had made a mess of the bed with our wet bodies and burning passion.I turned it over, and read my favorite part about doing it in a hotel: Do Not Disturb.I smiled looking at it.

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